RO Ash Vacuum : Clash of Clans

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was rummaging on app store and bumped into RO Ash Vacuum, with very few rating and feedback atm.

haven't tested it myself.. i cant seem to finish downloading. But is this game similar to Clash of Clans? since the screenshots are a giveaway

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Hi there! From the screen shot that you have attached, I barely can say what this really is about! However, I wouldn’t mind guessing and to me it looks like one of those city building/managements games. It’s looking quite dull though, nothing that I your dare to get into!

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HAHA. oh! so its something like Backyard Monster on facebook, and I can't get much info on this game :v

the wikia is fairly empty.

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The game is pretty decent minus the issue with updates before. You'll appreciate the character illustrations.. cute :)