Passbook already has more support than NFC payments

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Anyone else think this is interesting? Passbook has only been out for a month and it already has payment support from the MLB, target, starbucks and walgreens nationwide. No NFC in my local walgreens or target, but full iOS passbook support.
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There's little to no support for it here in Australia. We've got a grand total of one (generic coupon) app for it. However, I'm not too concerned as there's little to no support for NFC here as well. I've read things are expected to ramp up next year, so perhaps we'll see more retailers and devices adopt the technology then.

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Yay for electronic payments :roll:, you know that's pretty much all that passbook is useful for. Where as nfc is used to transmit files, play playlists over nfc compatible systems, change profiles by nfc enabled chips. The iPhone 5's lack of nfc wasn't seen as a downside for no reason you know. Its great that you guys are getting support for it, but it will never truly be to the calibre NFC is.
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It's basicly useless in Canada.
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