Nexus 4 not audio playback outside of OS?

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So here's this issue I woke up to this morning...

I went to casually watch youtube videos on my phone, and I came across the discovery my phone has no audio playback today.

I can't watch youtube videos, listen to music, or can't use any sort of audio. There is one exception; I can listen to audio when changing my ringtone in the "Sound" area in my Nexus 4.

I can also listen to sound when changing the volume via the volume rocker, but besides that it's mute.

Anyone ever have this issue?

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I can send and receive calls without a problem too. Noticed it's all media; media can't play - I think the phone think there's headphones plugged in because I noticed when I plugged in my headphones it plays music, and when I unplug the media doesn't pause it it normally should.

Lame google OS glitch.

I took some compressed air, and that fixed the problem. Pretty crappy if a simply dust particle stops it from working.