My ex-husband uses my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to spy on me?

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I know this post might sound moot as I have divorced this guy for recently. However, I still have a few odd questions that trouble me. Perhaps I'd better begin from the beginning. My ex bought an Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for me as a Christmas gift about three years ago and paid the bill for it every month. When he gave it to me, it had already been unwrapped, and my ex said he had to do so, thus they (Samsung) could activate it. I believed what he said.

Repeatedly, creepy things happened. When I first left my ex husband, I moved into a woman's shelter. Due to personal safety concerns, I did everything trying to conceal my location from him. However, several days later, my ex drove to this woman's shelter and tried to come in. Could he have somehow used my mobile phone to track my whereabouts? Is it true people can use your GPS information like this?

There is another creepy thing I have to mention. During our initial separation period, my dog got sick and I have to pick up medication for him from our vet. On the day the prescription was ready for pick up, my vet told me my ex had already come by in the morning and picked up the medication. Is it possible that my ex used my cell phone to monitor my calls or emails? I just don't understand how else on earth he could have known about any of this.

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Not sure if serious...but anyways.

When you moved out, its easy to guess where you are, 1st family, 2nd friends, 3rd a shelter, its easy to figure out.

The vet told him your dog was sick or he got notified of the "then family dog"

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I would check your apps for any sort of recovery application. If you are on the same phone plan together, I would get my own plan without him. Some company's have tracking services...aka, for parents and there children

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Most likely, phones these days have ways of tracking a phone down if it's lost or stolen. In which case get you're own phone plan, he can't track what's not on his phone plan and tell the vet it's your dog not his and he is not authorized to pick up your dog or it's meds

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@tuupumpchump: @GTR12: Yeah, I have heard of it and I searched on the Internet found monitoring software like iKeyMonitor, free keylogger all have the function of monitoring. Is it possible he use it to spy on me?

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Hi! Your husband must be some sort of really good detective to be able to get all this information from your phone! I mean it might indeed happen, but it really depends on how good he is at retrieving all these rather protected information. You might want to seek professional help on the matter. All the best!

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Like the person above said get a new phone, new e-mail, and maybe even go with a different cell phone carrier

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@rinbowclub: tracking/hacking someone's cell phone is the easiest thing to do, especially on android phones.

1. When you got the phone and it was already opened he most likely used his info for all of the setup information so it's most likely tied to his Google account which makes it super easy for him to track your phone. If it's tied to his Google account or he knows your Google account info he can push any app he wants to your phone so it would be easy for him to push a tracking app to your phone. Not only that if he used his Google account to set the phone up he gets pretty much every email notification you get.

2. If you have a contract phone all of the major companies like Sprint, Verizon, and Att have family locator apps that make it easy for the account holder to track any phone on their contract. If you are on Att or Tmobile this is an easy fix as you can just go and buy another sim card for $20 and go prepaid, if you are on Sprint or Verizon it's a little bit harder.

3. Last case scenario he is stalking you

If you can't get a new phone at least factory reset your phone then make a new Google account and try to keep your gps off. Also you might get more help here

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@slimdogmilionar: Thank you so much. Does this work? Is it possible that he used some monitoring software to spy me? I will think about your advice.

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@Celsius765: Changing a phone will wpend a lot, but I will change a SIM card and see what it goes.

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@rinbowclub: not necessarily if it's all backed up to gmail or a new gmail account if you're trying to change everything as much as you're able

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@rinbowclub: Yes it's possible but if you are on a contract and he is the primary he pretty much can do whatever he wants. Like I said all of the major phone companies like Att, Verizon, etc have family locator apps, all he has to do is sign up for the service and he has access to your every move. I have my 12 year old daughters phone set so I can get all of her messages, anytime she downloads an app I get an email alert, and I can find out where she is at anytime and I did all of that without going thru ATT and paying for their app.

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It both has advantages and disadvantages. Guys should use it on proper way. I was so freaked out.

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@rinbowclub: Yeah, I think it is possible. Maybe he used some monitoring software. That's terrible.You should be watchful.

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@zarapink: How creepy he is. I hate him.

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@slimdogmilionar: @zarapink: Thank you so much. I have to admit the technology has devoloped so fast.

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If I was you, I would backup photos and videos to something like Google Drive or DropBox, and then just completly reset and wipe the phone clean and then just reinstall your core applications after, after that you should have no worry one bit

Download Google Drive, make a account if you don't have one, and backup all your photos and videos up on there.

factory reset your phone I am telling you, do this, and then there is absolutely nothing to worry about

If you are under his contract plan and under his name with your line, then unfortunetly there isnt much you can do to see your texts and calls because he is the Account Master but he cant track your location though if you take off any possible software/appllication on your phone ,

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@rinbowclub: Yes, you can use iKeyMonitor free Samsung spy app to spy on your ex husband because the software's features are so powerful! Download it for free online.