My Apple Prediction for the next few weeks

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So I was just thinking a little bit ago and I just thought of the craziest predictions! Let's say that rumors are true that the iPad 3 is coming in a couple weeks and that it will have quad core processing and quad core graphics, that would make the iPad perfect for gaming. I'm hoping so much that Apple releases a game controller and makes gaming a priority. Imagine gaming on the go and docking at home. Also, if rumors are true that the new Apple TV is coming, it could also sport the A6 (or A5X or whatever it will be) and play games with the same controller and all for $199. You can do it Apple!! I have faith in your ability to make gamers happy!
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I doubt it but yea it would be pretty cool for apple to have a console, maybe next gen? but I doubt it :\

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My risky prediction is that we'll see a 4k iMac with a quad-core Ivy Bridge processor by the end of the year, possibly even by summer.
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I doubt it'll be quad core, the battery life will be really bad. But there's always a chance.