Mountain Lion Safe to get?

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#1 Posted by skingus (2370 posts) -

Is it now safe to download Mountain Lion to my Macbook pro? I was hearing horrible reports of serious battery depletion. What"s the word now? I really want to get it.


#2 Posted by musicalmac (22851 posts) -
Yeah, that bug was squashed a while ago. I'm loving the integration with my iOS devices, it's pretty fantastic.
#3 Posted by mystic_knight (13801 posts) -

I think most of the problems have been ironed out. My air still gets glitched every now and then.

But just remember this is an iOS board, the pc and mac board is where you should be asking these questions.

#4 Posted by Allicrombie (25122 posts) -
I got it at release and haven't seen any problems.
#5 Posted by skingus (2370 posts) -
Thanks all.