Mobile Forum Suggestions!

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Hey guys!

In addition to the revamp that we have done/are doing on this board. We want to make the Mobile Discussion something that you want to partake in. The best way to do that? Shoot us your suggestions in this thread!

  • We are cracking down on spamming and advertisements - We understand that developers want to promote their games, however, unless done so in the appropriate sticky, it will be deleted.
  • Give us the news and rumors! Want to talk about the latest rumor going around about iOS 8 or Android 5.0? Give it to us as a topic in the board.

We are here to make this a better board centered around Mobile discussion. If you have and questions, suggestions or just want to see an overall improvement we are here to do that for you! Thanks and look we look forward to hearing form the community!

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Reading the mobile discussion 2.0 thread. Does this mean this place is now general mobile discussion as well as 'Mobile wars' as it used to be called?

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As long as the discussion is geared towards the phones, tablets and OS's and NOT users. (i.e. attacking other users) then any and all discussion regarding mobile technology is welcome! :)

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Sounds fine by me.

Hopefully you guys can make it more lively. It was a shame how it declined after the new site creation, the forum was flowing with energy before.

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@mystic_knight: that's the goal. There's definitely a renewed focus on it for sure.

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Ok if we post our game or app in the main thread how will regular users see it ? Its almost anti-indie developer because major companies will be featured throughout gamespot. Can you guys make a mobile games section where developers has at least a slight chance?

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I really like to share my apps and games here, It is really great to have these type of board in this forum. Mobile discussion is a great board for the person who are like to share the information and get information from you.

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What's going on with your mobile website, I'm using the Galaxy S5 with Android Kitkat. If I try to use the menu I either get adds blocking nearly all items on the menu from selection when I'm not logged in and now I'm logged in there is no add but I still can't select most of the items.

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Hey everyone! I would really appreciate it if you could take a second and check out my new game Tantrum 2d! Download it HERE! Here are some screenshots!

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Has anyone heard about this game????

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I am "killing" my time with Laser Beam. It is amazing that i have found tron themed time killer!
I also would suggested LaserBox!

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Hey guys,

I need your feedback about my team first mobile game project, visit and leave some ideas.

Thanks! :)

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hey you can Find more custom & Personalized Cases of skin design for your iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry and HTC phones.

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I need an android user to comment. Aside from basic uses and the usual apps most android or ios users use what even is the difference between user experience on ios and android. I keep hearing android users talk about customization but I haven't the foggiest what they're talking about, so enlighten me

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@tony-_-slark said:

I am "killing" my time with Laser Beam. It is amazing that i have found tron themed time killer!

I also would suggested LaserBox!

LaserBox now in AppStore and GMarket too.

+ 20 new levels and every day new one.

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Hey guys, we are team KOSAS and we present our first mobile game

project for Android platform called "ZuPPa Fly":

Basically in this game will be one main character, dragon fly Zuppa.

Day by day he is cleaning forest from batteries, but before the day

goes end he needs to back home cause it might be dangerous to stay in

forest of many dangerous creatures like bat, frog...

? Share score with friends;

? Change skins;

? Achieve tasks;

? Collect batteries.

Visit our project on Kickstarter and write great feedbacks! It is

important your opinion to us:

<iframe width="480" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"> </iframe>

Also by supporting us, you will get some great caps!

Follow us:

Twitter: @teamkosas

Facebook: Kosas Kosas