LG G2 Malfunction

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Okay so my dad got a new LG 2 phone 4 months ago.

And he turned it on one day, and turned it on, but it didn't register so he tried tapping the screen again, all of a sudden he heard a so of crack/pop and the screen just cracked or short circuited inside.

He's never dropped it.

So now we've talked to the insurgence company, who then sent us to the manufacturer, and they still want to charge my dad 150 bucks for a new phone.

He doesn't think it's fair to pay anything more for a phone that was broken, it's the fault of the manufacturer.

And the manufacture is implying that we are lying, by saying it was physical damage only. So is there somewhere I can take it to prove it was the faulty phone?

(I've already tried sending it to LG)

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What provider is he with ? I have that same phone and i am with T-Mobile. It has some issues, and especially when i added a 32G memory card for it. T-Mobile keeps telling me i'm fully covered, and if i drop it, or it has issues to bring it back and i get a new one free. I just have to get around to it. If he does not have T-Mobile, I would suggest moving over, cause that sounds plain wrong.