Keep my moto X or pay 30$ more and get aan iphone 5s?

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i got a moto x for 45$/MO and i love it. however, because of me being an iphone user for almost 2 years, im so used to them, i really miss using my iphone.. it was so simple ( my iphone 4) i have this urge to switch to an iphone 5 but at the same time i do like my phone... and it would cost me 60$/mo for an iphone 5s... so i dont know :( what do you guys think? what would u do if u were me

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30$ extra for device and 15$ extra monthly btw

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Are you a power user? E.g. do you really need the extra power the 5S provides? Because the Moto X is a pretty strong Android phone and should match the 5S in just about any aspect for pretty much most users.

You can also just set Android to put all the icon apps on the screen so you basically get a very similar experience to iOS, or just get an iOS launcher (like Espier Launcher) for a pretty much identical experience.

So no, I really wouldn't say that you should get an iPhone for that much more money. Basically just try Espier Launcher and if that doesn't work than maybe switch, if Android is not to your liking.

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I like Android because it's an open and great OS, so I tell you to keep your motoX


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It'll feel lightning fast compared to your Moto X. If you have already invested in Apple's ecosystem and miss the feel of an iPhone, picking up a 5s is a pretty easy thing to recommend. It's really up to you, though.

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The 5c will keep its value better if you plan on upgrading again soon.

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gonnna keep my moto x thsnks guys