Is now the right time to get an ipad3 plz help!

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#1 Posted by gedi20 (217 posts) -
I am wanting to get an ipad 3 for xmas do u think they will release the ipad 4 any time soon or should i just stick with getting the ipad 3 thanks
#2 Posted by Gambler_3 (7548 posts) -

No not happeneing anytime soon so you are safe to buy ipad 3.

#3 Posted by mjc (12631 posts) -

Here's a guide on MacRumors that provides product cycles and recommendation on when to buy.

#4 Posted by musicalmac (22936 posts) -
The guide MJC linked is an excellent reference for product cycle releases. The only thing I'd advise you to do is wait only if you prefer a smaller iPad. The mini may be released in October.
#5 Posted by BeErBOnG29 (4387 posts) -
Assuming the next full-size iPad is releasing March 2013, I would wait for it IF you are already waiting until Christmas to get an iPad. That's only a 3 month difference. Now if you were buying today, I would say go for the current gen model.
#6 Posted by Gambler_3 (7548 posts) -

The real advantage of waiting would be that in my opinion the ipad 4 will be the real retina ipad. The current one makes too many sacrifices like gaming performance is disappointing, battery takes forever to charge, does not charge doing something resource intensive and gets hot as hell.