iPhone 6 Sapphire Glass Durability Test -- VIDEO

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It's not confirmed, necessarily, that this front panel really is sapphire glass. But if this is a new version of gorilla glass, it's darn impressive. He stabs it for crying out loud.

Again, if this is sapphire crystal, it's important to note its durability and ability to bend and flex (read: iWatch). It's also important to note that Apple has the market on (affordable) sapphire crystal cornered for the next few years (according to other sources).

High quality parts breed a high quality experience. It'll be tough for other manufacturers to match this sort of complex innovation.

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Most phones are scratched by a grain of sand/dirt in a pocket or on a hand.

So unless you're a butcher that leaves your phone laying around in your work area, these knife stabbing tests that youtubers like to post are pretty pointless.

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@topgunmv: You should have checked YouTube for those scratch tests, too.

Apple is the only one with a reasonable means to product it on a truly mass scale at an affordable price. If that really is sapphire crystal, and Apple has perfected its implementation for smartphones and other devices, it'll likely be a significant hardware advantage that will have companies like Samsung floundering for parity.

How about that sweet fingerprint recognition hardware you got on your new Galaxy, Samsung?..... (Pretty bad...)

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Is this for the new iPhone coming out?

The one thing I hated about my Samsung phones were how easy they scratched and shattered. After my first two breaks, I've made it a rule to pay top dollar for warranty.

How much more durable are the screens on the current iPhones? I'm currently using a hand-me-down iPhone 4S that I'm borrowing until I can buy the next iPhone this year

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@mister-man: I hope so. Current iPhone screens just utilize the industry standard Gorilla Glass.

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Look at the bending!!! I'd be scared in case it snapped and shot a shard into my neck or my eye.

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It would be great to see if it will blend, actually! Crystal Sapphire sheet versus metal blades spinning at "over 9000" RPM

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You have shared great video about iphone.

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Looks like our YouTube friend isn't as sharp as I had hoped. The part is not sapphire crystal glass as it can indeed be scratched by sandpaper. I had more faith that he had done his homework.

Actually makes me question now the legitimacy of the part as well.