Iphone 5 or Iphone 4s

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#1 Posted by Habsrule31 (106 posts) -
I'm looking at purchasing a new phone and not sure which phone would be better. As of now I have the BB Bold 9900.
#2 Posted by TwistedShade (3165 posts) -

I would go with the 5. It's always best to get the newest phone you can, especially on contract since they charge you those expensive contract fee's for an expensive phone.

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Before apple released the most recent update and ruined maps I would've said get a 4s as there's not enough notable difference between that and the 5 to warrant the difference in price but now that they all come loaded with the crap update you may as well go for the most recent edition as the previous poster said.
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I will always suggest you to get iPhone 5 as it offers the best features that its thin, sleek, and very capable.Its having 4 inch retina display which is just perfect. Rest all the features are pretty awesome features that you will love! :roll: :arrow:

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Why not wait ... The iPhone 5 is at it's midlife cycle already. The iPhone 5S or 6 could be around the corner ...
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iPhone 5 which have many new featuresjessicaellen1
A bigger screen,a messy map app and what else?
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[QUOTE="jessicaellen1"]iPhone 5 which have many new featuresMonsieurX
A bigger screen,a messy map app and what else?

New design I guess ... But I'll suggest the OP wait for the 5S or 6.
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Well for Verizon the answer is a 5. 4G is just mandatory at this point. 

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Dat 5
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5 seems to be working fine. there will always be another iPhone around the corner however and the five will see a nice price drop
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I'd go for iphone 5, whatever your choice I recommend you to check the Apple care + program
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Dat necro threaad
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why do you wan to go with an old when the new one is all well available to you having more cutting edge communication and connection features .. rest is up to you
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I prefer iphone 5.
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Iphone 5