iOS Gaming is GREAT

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78 games listed with love by MacWorld. Read it, download, profit with fun.

We've collected the 78 most essential, must-play gaming apps for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, from puzzles to roleplaying games. With reviews, videos and download links, read on for the 78 best games ever released for iOS.

Credit MacWorld

I've played a lot of these, but found some surprises inside. Awesome article for any gamer with an iDevice.

Mega linkage

Such goodness in that link.

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Hi! Thanks for posting this amazing listing, it literally holds all the best on iOS and contains links and videos for a complete idea of what the games are really about. I even go to discover various titles through this chart and among these are Walking Mars, Letterpress and Mirror’s Edge. I have really been into these amazing games lately and there are several more to try! Keep posting!

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Thanks, really useful information

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Man... I don't know why I didn't own an iPhone earlier. I'm a little overwhelmed with the game selection in the app-store right now, it's nothing like what's on Android. So far, I've managed to get Infinity Blade, I have a feeling I'm going to get the other two sequels when I'm done. Real Racing runs brilliantly for this 4S being as old as it is. Just got really excited for the iPhone 6, I think the bigger screen and increased horsepower will blow me away all over again.

I just read an article about "Metal," the supposed replacement for OpenGL. If this comes out at the same time I upgrade, I'm going to be very very pleased.

That game list you posted is very useful. Thanks MusicalMac

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@mister-man: My pleasure. Check out Undercroft and QuizUp, too. Knights of Pen and Paper is also a lot of fun. Those are the games I've been playing a lot (along with King of Fighters i-2012 and Street Fighter 4 Volt).

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iOS really is an awesome platform for gaming, and it sucks that more people don't realize it. I think there are some amazing games out there. That was a really great list too, I have many already, but I will definitely search out more of those now that you posted it! Infinity Blade is a lot of fun. As is Asphalt 8.