iOS 7 hits 85% adoption rate

#1 Posted by AppleFan1991 (3111 posts) -

Pretty impressive move since it's been out only about 6 months. This is one thing that Apple does very well and that's rolling out updates across the board.


#2 Posted by musicalmac (23112 posts) -

Pretty impressive? Incredibly impressive. Kit Kat is sitting at a paltry 8% right now I believe. Bad.

#3 Posted by DarthGumballs (194 posts) -

I love iOS 7. Every major iOS update feels like Christmas, I can't wait to update. Heck on update day you'll see thousands of Twitter posts from people excited to update and even Vine videos.

#4 Posted by Davidwilliam06 (124 posts) -

This is pretty cool indeed! Thanks for sharing the link. I personally have full confidence that this figure will only go even further with forthcoming smartphones and other iOS devices. I’ll be upgrading to the 7.1 very soon and I actually cannot wait to see what surprises await this time!