help. i want a game.

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I had a phone in the past, when android wasnt created.

This phone had a game.

The game was a platformer, the character was a animal(i think that could be a bird). This animal trowh bubbles.

I think that i had to get a key.

I want to know the name of this game.

¿can be this game played in android?.

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Bubble Bobble pop?

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@FireEmblem_Man: it wasnt a game like bubble bobble saga, it like to mario or klonoa. It was very colorful.

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What type of phone did you have, do you remember the make of the phone or what kind of phone it was ?

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@thehig1: i dont remeber it but it have 8, or 9 or 10 years old.

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Hi there! I really do not see what game you are trying to describe, there are millions of titles out there these days and it is indeed pretty hard to figure out which one you might be talking about! However, since you are looking for something cool and entertaining, I suggest you try Numbs; , it’s a numbers game and it might well meet your needs! Also check the store if ever you are on Android! One place to look for games of all sorts is, check it out to see if you can find your mystery game!? All the best!