Greek Memory new iPhone app available on App Store

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Play and learn! Find all pairs and reveal knowledge about ancient and modern Greece! Greek Memory travels you around Greece and lets you visit several famous monuments. Learn about places you've seen in maps and brochures, taste greek food and even learn some greek words to spell! After completing each level you reveal information about greek culture and tradition, sights and monuments, food and habits of Greek people. However, dont suppose your trip will be easy! Unique bonus games will challenge you to overcome obstacles. A cauldron waits to be filled with food, a teacher will test you in spelling greek words and even more surprises. Features: - Two different game modes -Time and Skill - Four different themes of cards for endless memory game experience - Unique bonus games for each of cards - Three different difficulty levels to choose (3x4, 4x4, 5x4 boards) - Full of original Greek folk music and sound effects Have fun, test your memory and learn about Greece! Available on App Store here. Find us on Facebook. ------------------------------------------------------------ Kukarika 2012, Mobile & Web Development