Google has broken the play store

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What was Google thinking when they decided updating over internet pass though should not be allowed? Trying to update through cable just ends up in it sitting there with waiting for network and the dam app keeps updating if I go and install the old one that works perfect. Not everyone has wifi you know Google.

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Not sure what your OP meant but my phone works over 3g for apps, and ive downloaded 200mb files on the play store over 3g/4g without any problems on the One XL.
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Yes I'm sure it does but here in New Zealand the phone companies don't like giving us much data so I install apps through the usb cable but that no longer works in the latest version but worked fine in the old version. (3.5 something) Internet connection is fine for everything else.
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Ohhhh! you are trying to update your apps via USB cable!

Wow i've never tried it that way!

Is there a way to make your pc a wifi hotspot and leech from it that way? Check this out

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I'd say spend the $$$ and get a router for Wifi.