Good stylus based note writer and best tablet for a stylus

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I am wondering if there is a great note taking app for school that works well with a stylus pen. I was thinking the Eee pad slider for the keyboard part that would come in handy, anyone have experience with this tablet?
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speaking from experience, you are best off buying a tablet based around using a pen. The Xyboard, Flyer, I think the Lenovo tablets as well. There is supposed to be a Galaxy Note 10.1 coming along soon, that would be a good bet as well.

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Hmm, wonder if I should wait for windows 8 tablets and onenote for it.
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Not directly, although I have used a lot of tablets. But you can find a review here: Here is an article that I wrote on the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet, if you are looking for a tablet that works well with a stylus. The TPT actually has an active digitizer screen and can be purchased with an accompanying stylus. There are also some notes here on some ink apps that work well in Android: The distance you get with these apps vary when you do not have an active digitizer screen. They work great on the TPT, not so great on other Android devices that only have capacitive screens. this is an article (above) i wrote on some apps for the kindle fire, although the 7" screen might not make it great for school, although Note Everything works great for ink notes on the Kindle Fire with a capacitive stylus for some reason. I recently switched to an Acer W500 which is also capacitive only. But it works well with a capative stylus and has the added benefit of allowing me to work directly in MS Office applications, and it comes with a keyboard (yes, it is windows and not android) I've used both the thinkpad tablet and the w500 for school, and either should work well. if you are going to go with an android tablet without an active digitizer, I would focus on accessories that allow you to use it with a keyboard, because, try as i might, i have not been able to pair an android tablet with an ink app and a capacitive stylus and extract a good, reliable, consistent experience. I like this CyberAcoustics tablet stand i just found at office depot pictured here:!/GearWERKZ/status/170918912098185218/photo/1 ...and grab a good mobile keyboard if you are not going to get the slider or an asus transformer. if you are looking for cheap (the tpt is not), try to catch an htc flyer on sale. I have seen them as low as $199 recently. You have to buy the stylus seperately, but that will still bring you in at under $300. Pair it with some good ink apps. Hope this helps. oh yeah, and android 4.0 supports stylus' natively, so maybe waiting a bit to hear how current tablets perform with stylus' once they get the upgrade would be prudent. if capacitive stylus performance improves under 4.0, then you could get a 2011 tablet that has an official 4.0 upgrade and use that. - v/r z..>>
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Well apparently Asus has a good note program exclusive (i think) to asus products called Supernote and it it works really well from what I can tell. I may try that out.