GameStop canada: sell iPhone?

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#1 Posted by darkspineslayer (19541 posts) -
So, people may have doubtlessly seen at gamestops in Canada that they are taking trades on its devices. I'm wondering if, or where they sell these devices back. I'm sick of the POS phone I have, and if I can spend $350 for a refurb 3GS then...
#2 Posted by JasonDarksavior (9325 posts) -
Well for Australia they said they are taking the parts out.
#3 Posted by Ratman2050 (1 posts) -
From my experience most of these sites give low prices, the best prices I've seen for websites that resell electronics is it has the highest prices amongst the websites listed above.
#4 Posted by Krigen89 (3907 posts) -
I sold my iphone 3 (no GS) for 80$... ipod touch 2nd gen 16gb they gave me 65$. Or the opposite.. anyways. BTW OP 375$ for a new 3GS unlocked.
#5 Posted by Demonfail (228 posts) -
The ones in my area are saying that only certain stores are currently selling them, even though all are buying.
#6 Posted by x-Uncharted-x (31 posts) -
I wouldn't even try to buy it back from Gamestop. They will just rip you off.