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I'd like to present you Wordfish, underwater letter game made by me and my friends. We're quite noobish in the game development arena, so please bear with us :) Wordfish is a classic letter placement game (like scrabble) on acid, with plenty of power-ups, dynamic gameplay and ephasis on strategy (by letter location and character selection). It's available in almost every language and on almost every platform - iOS version will be published next week. As for now, you can download it from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sh.wordfi or from our webpage, http://apps.aexol.com/wordfish. Please, check it out and tell me your opinions, I want to make sure game works for everyone :) http://youtu.be/FMTXdzG8vjE

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We've managed to fix all the bugs that we could find, game's using device memory better and overall works much faster. Please update the app!
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All the best in 2013!
Any suggestions/reviews which would help us meet your expectation on the game?

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have any1 got time to test it? i'd love to hear your opinion :) thx in advance

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so? :D

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Update coming soon! :D Stay tuned!

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check out latets version!