Galaxy S5 released in Barcelona today!

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Finally the Galaxy S5 was released a few hours ago in Barcelona. Just like Apples Iphone 5S it has a fingerprint scanner,the interesting thing about it, it is that it can recognize more then just a finger.When you set up your fingerprint sensor,you need to pass an 8 step verification,here you can set up multiple fingers.

It also has an 5.1 inch super amoled display,16 mp rear, and 2mp front camera.Runs a 2.5ghz quad core processor, 2GB of ram and a heartbeat sensor on the back.

About the software, it runs Android KitKat with touchwiz,has an update for Shealth, and a security option called Kids corener,where you have preinstalled apps for your kids,so they can access only what you want them to.A feature called Download Booster is meant to improve download performance,combining the speed of LTE and Wifi, it is said that you can download a full hd movie in about 2-3 minutes.

Check out this video:

What do you think about it guys?It is worth to upgrade from s4?

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I definitely want one. I'm tired of my iPhone as it continuously gives me problems. I like the Galaxy from what I've seen so I'm getting one when my iPhone contract is up this year.