Faulty hardware or am i doing something wrong?

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I just recently joined the 21st century and got an android phone :). however it has locked up twice in 5 days and when i get it to restart (by removing the battery and then putting it back in) it carries out a factory reset and wipes out all my data.

the first time it happened it was just booting up and i clicked the icon to see all my apps. the second time a bird was in mid flight in angry birds. the phone doesnt feel hot to the touch or anything.

the phone is a huawei g300 from vodafone running on 2.3.6. i have all the latest updates for the firmware. i havent rooted or used any form of custom firmware or anything.

is there something a user could do to cause this or does it sound like the phone is a lemon?

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Sounds like you have a Should work at getting it replaced.


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Typical of Android devices.
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Talk to whoever your provider is. Ask them if this is a known problem. If its a known problem, you can probably talk them into letting them switch for another phone. If it isn'tm get a replacement. Randomly freezing up is something more commonly seen when you root a device and don't know what you are doing. Given that you are using a stock device...I'm inclined to believe you have a faulty device.

Typical of Android devices.MFDOOM1983

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great thanks everyone. i have had it less than a week and still have the receipt so i dont think there will be any problem getting it replaced. after some digging i saw some other people have the same problem but it was only a very small thread. so hopefully i was just unlucky.