Dungeon Keeper on Mobile Freemium trash or simplified fun

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DK got totally rinsed by the online community for the pressure sales tactics early on in the game, and for its stripped down gamplay that is way inferior to the original.

However this is a mobile game, we dont have a mouse and keyboard just a lumpy finger to poke at it. I ended paying a one of payment of £5.49 and got an extra imp + one free. Since then i havent spent any more and the game gives out plenty of gems.

Are we too hard on the Freemium peddlers?

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This game has rightfully deserved all the vitrol it has received.

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Hi! I actually believe that Dungeon Keeper is a rather good game and it’s been fun playing on iPhone. However, I am not sure about the extent to which the game has been monetised. I would rather go for a lightly monetised and simple title like Numbs. It’s a numbers game; https://itunes.apple.com/app/id674456722 and Android gamers can also find it on the play.google.com store. However, when it comes to Dungeon keeper; http://www.dungonkeeper.com/, I still believe that it’s worth a try, do not rule it out!