Dungeon Keeper Mobile....

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This is why mobile gaming can't be taken seriously...Ugh, anyone who pays for that is an idiot for supporting such a ridiculous business model.

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I've tried the game and in all seriousness I just cant fathom why people would be this stupid to spend cash on those kind of games. Every basic action is behind a paywall.

f2p/p2w and early access is the worst invention in modern gaming.

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Dungeon Keeper is looking pretty awesome on mobile but this is surely not the casual game you are looking for your train journey. It’s rather intricate and will require some concentration compared to most mindless titles out there. However, it’s an all-round strategy game and was obviously made for those into that genre of games.

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my dad tried it for 30 mins and deleted it.... feck that we have proper dk 1 and 2 on our pc's.

20 odd hours to dig out a block thats dug out in seconds in the real dk games lmao

the next game will be magic carpet with micro transactions for how much mana you want.

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Whether you're a fan of Dungeon Keeper or not, we can only advise you to flee this reboot is simply outrageous, both because of its simplistic gameplay mechanics and extremely slow only because of its economic system can not is more difficult. To be honest, it is almost impossible to play without paying. Add to that a very strong pay-to-win, worries stability, and you hold a title to avoid side costs. Damage, the series deserves better!


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The sad thing is, this game is making money. How in God's name can anyone spend that much? The pricing is so ludicrous you'd be paying $100+ for a few rooms. It's insane!

EA is everything that is wrong with gaming.

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@MirkoS77 said:

The sad thing is, this game is making money. How in God's name can anyone spend that much? The pricing is so ludicrous you'd be paying $100+ for a few rooms. It's insane!

EA is everything that is wrong with gaming.

Yup, HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of dollars! Who, other than rich people, can possibly afford to play this monstrosity?

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DK 1 and DK 2 on PC is quite amazing game, but mobile version of DK lays too much emphasize on business interests, ignoring player's game experience. EA is a huge company , but it' s not a quite ideal one for game players.

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@MirkoS77 said:

The sad thing is, this game is making money.

And there lies the problem. People spend insane amounts of money for all kinds of crap. Do you think it honestly costs Starbucks $8 for your coffee? There are people that buy a cup every. single. day. The problem is that as long as people are willing to spend it, why would a business not take advantage of it?

The problem with this industry as a whole in my opinion, is the lack of care and education of "gamers" now-a-days when it comes to the gaming *industry*. If we were all a bunch of conscious, educated consumers, the industry would be very different right now. But of course that's not the case. Everyone and their grandmother plays games now. What do they care if a business practice isn't good for the industry? They don't, and as long as that continues business practices will suffer.

All this being said, this is NOT just limited to mobile gaming as is suggested. All through gaming, we are typically paying more for less than we did even a few short years ago.

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Dungeon Keeper is a great game, but the one big turn-off with it is in-app purchases/microtransactions. At some point or another, the game gets so slow and boring that your only solution is to pay to speed things up! I mean this is clearly a fierce monetisation strategy adopted to cash in and it’s all wrong.

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Pay to progress, pay to win, pay to pay. PAY PAY PAY PAY PAY.

No thanks. They're selling demos for $30,

They're eliminating single player and what it really is is DRM in disguise...garden warefare...titanfall...killer instinct.

And then people have the nerve to bash Nintendo, when at least they have kept gaming the closest to what it's always been and always should be.