Doctor Who Legacy - Season 5 Update Recap/Thoughts

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The Season 5 update just came out and it features 60 new levels, 5 new expert levels, and the new Perks system so I thought I'd do a quick recap on those and give my thoughts about it and then tell you the issues with the game and what Tiny Rebel Games (the creators of said game) plan to fix. I also plan on listing every perk along with all the new unlockable characters and costumes.

Season 5:

The story line revolves around the Master and I am still early into it but it features a lot more dialogue that is actually a pretty interesting read, Certainly worthy of any DW episode in my opinion. This is by far the most difficult season in the entire game so before starting it, You'd best max out all your characters not just because of the difficulty of the season overall but because of the perk system as well.

Perk System:

You earn starts by ranking up the characters (maximum of 4 stars for each one). The perks are as follows and each line/group is a different perk you can choose from:

Perk 1 Catagory -

Increase attack, hp, or healing by 5%

Increase (enter gem color name) damage by 5%

(enter gem color name) enemy damage does 10% less

Increase attack, hp, or healing by 5% again

Increase (enter gem color name) damage by 5% again

Perk 2 Catagory -

Resist poison damage by 5%, bomb damage by 20, stun 2 times, or lock once.

Increase Red to Green damage by 50% and Decrease Red to Blue by 25%, Increase Blue to Red damage by 50% and Decrease Blue to Green by 25%, Increase Green to Blue damage by 50% and Decrease Green to Red by 25%, Increase Yellow to Black damage by 50% and Decrease Yellow to everything else by 10%, or Increase Black to Yellow damage by 50% and Decrease Black to everything else by 10%.

Cooldown the Doctor's skill by 30%, The Doctor's skill gets 2 extra charges after at least 1 combo, The Doctor's skill gets 5 chargers after killing an enemy, or the Doctor's skill gets 3 charges after taking damage.

Perk 3 Catagory -

If HP is under 40% then you heal 10% of your HP, If your HP is under 40% then your damage (attack) increases by 10%, If your HP is under 40% then reduce your enemies damage (attack) by 10%.

Increase (enter gem color name) by 10% at the start of each wave.

Ignore (enter gem color name) enemies defense by 25%.

S Perks Catagory - Use crystals to unlock them

All enemies damage decreases by 10%

All color damage increases by 10%

Adds one second to time for moving gems

T shaped, Cross shaped, or Horizontal shaped gem combo damage increased by 5%

T shaped, Cross shaped, or Horizontal shaped gem combo damage increased by 10%

T shaped, Cross shaped, or Horizontal shaped gem combo damage increased by 15%

Auto heals 5% of Max HP after 1 wave, Heals 10% of Max HP when allies use a skill, or Every hit on enemies heal 50 HP

Damage increases 15% when you reach 3 combos, Damage increases 30% when you reach 5 combos, Damage increases 50% when you reach 7 combos, or Damage increases 100% when you reach 10 combos.

Unlockable Characters/Costumes:

This season features a fair share of new characters along with some previously available ones that were either store exclusives or previously available in older promos. I will post the character name and gem color.

K9 - Black

Odd - Yellow and Black

Sarah Jane Smith - Yellow

Stormageddon - Black

War Doctor - Red

First Doctor - Blue

Ninth Doctor - Black

Second Doctor - Green

Vincent Van Gogh - Blue

Silent Priest - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Black (one for each color)

Ianto Jones - Red

Tobias Zed -

Tasha Lam - Black

Metacrisis 10th Doctor - Red

Hawthorne - Black

Father Octavian -

Liz X - Yellow

The TARDIS - Blue

Ankylosaurus - Yellow

Buzzer Ganger - Black


10th Doctor - Pajamas and Old 10th Doctor

11th Doctor - Old 11th Doctor

River Song - Soldier Camo

K9, Odd (yellow), Sarah Jane Smith, Stormageddon, War Doctor, First Doctor, Ninth Doctor, The 10th Doctor PJs, and the River Song costume were all available in the store or via special promo.