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I’ve developed a brand new reaction concept and my game, REAkT was recently published. It really tests your reflexes but also tricks the brain. It’s easy to play but very difficult to master!

The design is futuristic and retro with nice 8-bit music and sound effects. It includes:

  • Single player mode
  • Two player mode
  • Cross platform Game Play Services with:
    • Lots of Achievements
    • High score lists
    • Quick online match with random opponents
    • Invitation system for your friends
  • High resolution graphics for both phones and tablets

Available for free right now for Android and iOS is coming later.

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Hunters are all over the place.

Bullets are whistling over the poor rabbit.

Keep the rabbit safe!

Eat Red carrots to pass the levels.

Eat Yellow carrots to drop all the bullets that are currently on the screen.

Also tap "Bullet Stopper" button to drop the bullets.

Link to Save The Rabbit on iTunes:

Facebook page:

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Soccer World Cup 2014 is coming in Brazil and every fan wants to participate!

Grand competition between fans on the beginning of the Soccer World Cup in Brazil!

Every in-game win adds point to your team. Main game table shows number of team points and level of support from fans. Bring your country to the Top and conquer!

50 places for Best players are available in overall Top-50.

Daily Top-50 show most active players every day.

* When playing as penalty shooter, click on the screen and shoot the ball into goal directing with red/green arrow,

* When playing as goal-keeper, wait a bit until player do his shoot, and then click on screen, trying to predict ball's destination.

* Really simple controls - just click and play.

Good luck, and see you in Brazil 2014!

Google Play link:

System requirements: Android 2.2

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Turbo Prop - FREE

Collect Bitcoin and evade lightning in this fast paced arcade style mobile game.

How to play:

  • Move your plane by swiping your finger up or down on the screen
  • 4x points for every Bitcoin collected and 1x points for every second endured

Available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle Fire, and BlackBerry.

Google Play -
iTunes -
Windows Phone -
Amazon App Store -
BlackBerry World -

Official Twitter Account

Official Facebook Account

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like 2048, Threes?

Hi! I am really glad to finally be able to talk about my puzzle game "Big Maker"! on the App Store for free. You guys might want to check it out here; ! (a version also be available!( this is cool game!

I would recommend you to try this game! :D

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I've just created a new Android app, Eight Bits, in this game you have to switxh 0 and 1 for have the byte needed.In this Game they have 4 gamemodes :

Arcade, you have to have the same byte as soon as posible, if you don't have the same, you lose.

Classic, you have to have the same byte as fast as you can ten time, you cannot lose.

Rush, the same as Arcade but the speed is more and more faster.

Hacker, the same as Classic but you have 50 secondes for doing a lot of byte and every time you do a byte, you win a second.

You can download the app on Google Play Store :

Don't forgot to like your Facebook page for know when the iOs app will be available :

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Hi! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share games that we really have at heart and also worked hard for, on this fantastic platform. I have been testing a multiplayer asynchronous numbers game called Numbs lately and it was indeed pretty fun and satisfying. The app is now available in the App Store; and those with Android devices can also hunt for it on the store. The title is often compared to Ruzzle; and its gridded game board might also give it a bit of a Sudoku feel. However, Numbs remains original, user friendly and it’s for all the smart folks out there! A trailer and demo videos might soon be uploaded on Stay tuned!

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Hello. I am a beginner girl developer

and I want to present to you its first app. The application is a beautiful 3D timer hourglass. There are different settings: a selection of design, setting beep volume, 60/100 seconds in a minute, and more. To start the timer enough to turn the i-device as a real hourglass. In a new update will be a lot of different decorations as well as new items and not one clock. Thank you very much for your attention)

Yours, Oksana Zvezdilina.

Apps links:

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Please Support our game !!

Naval Front-line

Google Play Store:

Naval Front-Line is a MMO Battleship Simulation game. Naval Front-Line will bring you back to the Word War 2 and enjoy fighting with the enemies. Whether you can join the US Navy, UK Navy, Japan Navy, German Navy, France Navy, USSR Navy and Italy Navy. To create your Navy Fleet within Naval Front-Line. Special Missions are available in the Battle. You can act Battleship and Cruiser or Destroyer to fight in to the wars! Please ENJOY the Battle!

* Requires 1.2GHz CPU or 1GHz dual core CPU and 768 MB RAM Memory devices or higher.

Naval Front-line offers three different game modes:

1. Normal Mission (Based on the real war map)

2. Tutorials

3. Versus Mode – Players VS Players (Select one ship to join the random battle room, WIFI Connection only)

Game Fatures

- Different of naval ship at your harbour (Including Battleship, Battle Cruisers, Heavy Cruiser, Light Cruisers, Destroyers) and you should deserve it.

- Co-op Game mode & Verus Game Mode (More Game Mode will be added in the future)

- Customizable Ships – You can change your configuration of the ship, such as naval guns, torpedo, ship armor.

- Driving a war-ship with your handheld devices.

- Pursuit and simulation of almost real battle situation.

*Required Network Access when started.

Thank You!!!

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Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards

Everything you love about battle card games with a twist. There is a battleground that brings board game elements with chess like strategy.

Cabals, a game born out of love for card/board games, isn't just available for iPhone or the web like searching Gamespot may make you believe. It is also available on Android, Windows, Mac and Windows Phone 8.

Below is a more detailed description of the game but I'm sure what you'd all rather do is try it. So get playing now at...

Outwit, outplay, and outmaneuver your enemies in this tactical, free-to-play, online multiplayer hybrid between a traditional trading card game and a turn-based strategy game! Take on the role as the leader of one of the battling cabals - secret, eldritch societies committed to exploiting forbidden powers to their own ends. Use ready-made decks or tailor your own deck until you find the right mix, compete head-to-head against other players online, and dominate the game board with your strategic attacks!

- Choose your side! Each faction and hero have their own playing style, what faction suits you best?

- Build your deck from the pool of unique and beautiful cards.

- Battle other players on-line or hone your skills against AI

- Invite your friends to gain extra goodies! Challenge them using our easy matchmaking

- Rule the global Leaderboard and attend exciting tournaments

- Share best gameplay moments via Everplay

Background story trailer:

We'd love to know your thoughts and are always working on improving the game so appreciate all feedback.

Join the Cabals Community today at !

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Here is the great news for fans of good old strategy games. Eltechs has released an update of 'ExaGear Strategies', a PC games emulator for Android, and increased the catalog of supported games. Now gamers who love to play classic PC games on their Android devices can relive HoMM3, Civilization 3 and Disciples 2!

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RabbitRope iOs (iPhone&iPad)

Rabbit jump rope

A small game to play to kill time as well.

Cute graphics

How to play

Click on any of the screen to jump. I was timing it to jump over the comfort.

To share scores on facebook

A ranking World ranking

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DefeatFox (iPhone&iPad)

Requirements: iOS 6.0 or later

Protect Sheep from fox.

Cute beautiful pictures

When you want to relax playing this game

you will sleep good night.

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Tap Star: World Soccer kicks off on iOS & Android, get it now - for FREE!

Football fans around the world, YOUR country needs YOU! Help your team lift the cup! Tap Star: World Soccer, available now on the App Store and Google Play Store, for FREE!

iOS App Store

Android Google Play Store

Tap Star: World Soccer gives you the opportunity to don the colours of your country, and compete in a global online multiplayer tournament, where you and your friends can help YOUR country lift the cup! Don’t delay, join the party now - the Tap Star tournament runs from June the 12th - July the 13th.

Choose your national side, and play with your fellow countrymen to help push your team up the global leaderboards! With a simple tap of the screen you can shoot, pass and save to earn points. The best players who break into their country’s Top 100 can each help their team rise through the ranks. At the climax of the tournament on July the 13th, the number one placed country will be crowned champions, and will win the Tap Star World Soccer Cup! That country’s name and flag will be proudly displayed in the game’s trophy room, and will be seen all around the world!

Four prizes in total are up for grabs. Not only can the top team lift the cup, but the nation with the most fans, the nation who played the most throughout the tournament, and the world’s top eleven players will all be commemorated with flags and names shown in the game forevermore.

Tap Star: World Soccer is challenging and competitive, but it’s also a very simple game to play! Everyone can join the tournament, as each action in the game is performed with a simple tap of the screen. The game is fast and addictive, with lots of opportunity for high score competitions between players, but ultimately between the 32 competing nations from around the globe!

Try Tap Star: World Soccer today, for FREE! Throughout the tournament we’ll be supporting the game with updates, and will be engaging with fans of the game through our social media pages. Find GameDigits Ltd. on Facebook and Twitter, and check out our coverage of who the best players and teams are as the competition progresses.

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Please try Aqua Bird

iTunes (iPhone/iPad):

Android App on Google Play:

Windows Phone Store:

We created it using Unity3D. Its got amazing graphics and gameplay. I love it and hope people like it more than Flappy Bird.




Ideadam Games

Please try out latest game Aqua Bird:

iTunes (iPhone/iPad):

Android App on Google Play:

Windows Phone Store:

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Rain Escape - Free Android Game

Avoid acid rain falling from the sky, collect coins to gain points, and compete with your friends in the online Google+ leader boards.

Google Play:


-Simple and Addictive

-Good 2D graphics

-Exploding body parts

-Online leaderboards


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Tap to navigate the Spaceship through the blocks and avoid getting hit by enemies... and try to shoot down as many of them as possible!


  • Addictive Gameplay!
  • Unique Graphics with fantastic effects!
  • 3 collectable Power-Ups: Super-Weapon, Shield and Bomb!
  • Randomly generated levels - you will never play the same level!
  • Google Play Leaderboard

Let us know if you like this game or have any suggestions and write a review!



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Hello everybody,

I represent the company TBgames

I would like to present you today :

Monster Wartune is a world where monsters battle against one another. Collect hundreds of monsters and form your dream team through evolution, breeding, and synthesis. You can also team up with other players to duel other players, challenge bosses, and save the world!

★★★★★ The most authentic and exciting monster game out there!

★★★★★ Free download. You can have fun without paying a dime.

★★★★★ Newbie gift packages to make the game more fun.


★Journey through six scenes and hundreds of levels. An epic adventure awaits you!

★Over a hundred monsters can be discovered and captured. Each monster has its unique set of skills from one of 8 elements!

★Manage the advantages and disadvantages of each monster type wisely. Challenge powerful bosses and win excellent prizes!

★Power up and do severe damage to your opponents by mastering your battle tactics!

★Keep leveling up and use evolution tools to make your monsters more powerful!

★Use magic scrolls to synthesize your common monsters into rarer ones!

★Breed powerful baby monsters and bless them with extraordinary power!

★Multiplayer combat! Team up with your friends or do PVP to see who the best player in the game is!

★Participate in the Ladder Tournament and compete with players from all over the world!

You will discover even more cool features along the way!

Monster Wartune will definitely bring you an exciting gameplay experience! Start your adventure now!

Note: Internet connectivity required.

Customer Service E-mail:

Offical Website:

Facebook page:

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We just released our retro style Maze Running game Doggle Run on the App Store :

It is totally free to play. Would be great if you would try it, I think you will like it.

Tell me if you like it !


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The game is Party Leaderboard--a drinking game that harnesses the power of your mobile phone, allowing you to play mini-games, keep track of scores at a party, and of course make your friends drink. It's like Kings and Mario Party had a mutant baby, and that baby got you drunk.

The game gets people off of Facebook at parties and encourages them to meet new people as they battle it out in a multitude of mini-games designed to get harder the more you drink.

Our favorite feature in the prototype has been setting up international parties with our friends over Skype!

We're currently running a Kickstarter campaign to take our prototype to the next level. If you would be so inclined to check it out, let us know what you think, or share it with others, we'd really appreciate it!

I've also enclosed a preview of some of the in-game action, so you can get a quick idea of what we've got going on.Of course if you have any questions, fire away!

Rock on and party hard,

Matthew Barnes

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A new twist on the addictive formula of the 2048 puzzle game, available on Android! Challenge your mind and test your skills, while collecting coins and unlocking new boards and coin types!


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Fish Predator 2048

There is a New 2048 puzzle! Predator 2048 will test your mathematical skills and ability to problem solve, despite its simple design. Your ultimate impossible goal is to continually think about how to add pairs in order to clear more space on the board.

How to play Predator 2048:
Swipe to move the fishes left, right, up or down
When the tiles with the same fish touch they merge into one new predator hunter fish
When the ultimate fish is created these fishing games are over

Features Predator 2048 :
Compete with your Facebook friends for the title of the Predator 2048
This fish pro game is translated in over 20 languages
Turn on or off the sounds of funny fish while playing

Google Play link:

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SpeedStar Racers is a fun, fast-paced 2D racing game which puts players behind the wheel of a star-fuelled, high-speed racing car and propels them over a variety of exciting, themed tracks. Skill and judgement are required to outpace and outmanoeuvre a host of determined opponents. Using simple, one-touch controls SpeedStar Racers is easy to pick-up and play and provides a perfect adrenaline shot for gamers of all ages and abilities.

SpeedStar Racers is available on iOS devices for £1.99 in the U.K. and is priced accordingly in other regions. The app is available world-wide from the Apple AppStore.

Please visit for more information, including videos and screenshots of the app.

SpeedStar Racers - iTunes Link - SpeedStar Racers

SpeedStar Racers Lite (free version) - iTunes Link - SpeedStar Racers Lite

Many thanks for your time,

Suminell Studios.

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Top Ringtones 2014 Pro is out on Google Play:

It is an upgraded version of Top Ringtones 2014 app. This latest ringtones collection is tailor-made for those who would like to keep up to date with the ringtones and sounds fashion.

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Hello Everyone,

If you like Super Mario and you like Angry Birds then you will like this Indie Game by Wilmer Studios... "Super Wilmer"

Check it out on Google Play



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Hello Everyone,

If you like Super Mario and you like Angry Birds then you will like this Indie Game by Wilmer Studios… “Super Wilmer

Google Play

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BubbleTT(By Zinitt)Fast enough?Challenge your swiftness now!

Hi guys,

Preview Video Link :

iTunes Connect Link:

Are you fast enough? Challenge your speed & swiftness! Aim and Pop the fast moving bubbles! Save the fishes in bubble trapped by devils! Create your own BubbleTT, decorate it and help your BubbleTT to become hero. Let’s see who will be the next champion! Are you ready to POP?

Enjoy BubbleTT for free today and experience all the fun!

BubbleTT Facebook:

BubbleTT Twitter:

BubbleTT website:

Developer website:

Please feel free to do review and rating in App Store for BubbleTT. ☺

Any feedback and suggestion is most welcome, please go to

Thank you for playing BubbleTT and Special Thanks for Cocos2d!

iTunes Connect Link:


BubbleTT 1.1.0


I'm glad to share with you guys that BubbleTT new version 1.1.0 is available to download now!

What's New in this Version

• Revamped Playing System - No Bubble Life limitation to play game

• Added Inbox system

• Added gift redemption system

• Added new option to link game account with email and password

• Added Score Rank Indicator

• Adjusted score needed to enter Bonus Round

• Optimized app size

• Improved game layout



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Greek app studio Rockstream Devs proudly present their new game “Survive in Tartarus”.We are a new agency from Greece and this is our first app for both ios and android!

Our game is a game about reflexes.We have used the gameplay ot the tap tiles games ,but artwork and user experience is advanced.We will be honoured if you review our app.It is our first app for both ios and android!

itunes link

Play store link

Short description

Can you help our greek ancient hero to Survive in Tartarus?

Tap on the stoned tiles and be careful not to tap on the fir tiles that lead in Tartarus and eternal suffering!!

Your reflexes will be tested against time!How long do you believe that you can keep our greek hero alive?

Tartarus,in ancient Greek mythology, is the deep abyss that is used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and as the prison for the Titans Tartarus is the place where, according to Plato in Gorgias (c. 400 BC), souls were judged after death and where the wicked received punishment. (Source:Wikipedia)

Kind regards

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From Cimarron and Otherworld P.D, comes the newly published game for the Google Play Marketplace, Icarus.

Google Play:

Escape from the Island of Crete with wings of wax in this newly published game for the Google Play Marketplace and soon to be for the Window's Phone Marketplace. Take control of Icarus as he tries to complete his flight from imprisonment, but be prepared for a difficult journey.

Tap the screen to control his flight and keep him safe from migrating birds, but remember, protect his wax wings from the elements of the sun and ocean.

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Hey everyone,

V-Play Game Engine just released a new open-source game.

Squaby is an easy to play - hard to master tower defense game.

It has an in-game level editor, where players can create their own levels and publish them across all platforms.

The full source code is available in the V-Play SDK.

Enjoy! :)


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Space Rocks - The Endless Saga

Link :

I just recently started developing games for the iOS as something fun to do during my summer vacation. I decided to make something simple for my first game and I came up with Space Rocks, an endless dodger, arcade game.

The premise is simple: You have gotten stuck in the middle of a never ending asteroid field and now you must maneuver your ship to dodge the Space Rocks.

The controls are easy to master: Tap the left side of screen to move left and tap the right side of the screen to move right.

The goal is simple: Gain a high score by dodging the Space Rocks. Expect many deaths!

I hope I succeeded in creating a simple yet addicting game that people can enjoy. I would appreciate any feedback to improve this game and any future projects. If you like the game I would appreciate if you shared it.


Thank You for checking my first project out

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“El Mathador”

Play “El Mathador” and join the ranks of other mathadors, as mighty saviors of Equos, rescuers of the Vaalo, to fearlessly battle the conniving Moldor with their awesome math solving skills. A superb mathventure game that is sure to challenge you, “El Mathador” is a must play. Try it; see if you can complete the game without falling to the Moldor’s touch. Be sure to click and solve the approaching Moldor to advance to the end!

Features include:

• Smooth fun user-friendly interface

• Stunning 3D scapes with top modern graphics tools

• Autosave on exit

• High score records

• Captivating and engaging learning experience

• Multiple language support - English, Spanish and French

Play it, & Rate it on the app store if you wish. We’d love to get your feedback too!

For Android-

For Fire Phone, Kindle, Android -

#133 Posted by CJ_Development (6 posts) -

hi guys,

i have released my first android game "Crush the Cowbirds" and now its available for FREE on Google Play. Try it out and let me know about what do you feel about this game.

Download link:

Thank you..

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Stop the flappies from reaching the exit point with a proper sniper rifle.

You WILL meet the BOSS BIRD in the fifteen wave. Boss Bird is responsible of knocking off many of the pillars that previously controlled the number of the birds that get through, and - he - must - be - STOPPED!

Rated 17+.

Nice Kill Shot.

This Would Be The Boss.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Stars - Top 5 Popular Game - Opera Mobile Store

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Stars - Highly Recommended and Featured - Mall

WOW! The Legion Mania has been released in United States. You can now lead your legion and alliance to save the “WOW” themed world with swipe of a finger. Legion Mania is a game of tactics and strategy within an epic adventure, which combines strategy and role-playing in a legendary story.

Download in Google Play Store: [url][/url]

Also available from Opera Mobile Store or Dropbox: [url][/url]


  • Start with three distinctive heroes
  • Recruit more formidable forces
  • Countless gear combinations[*]Set up various formations
  • Set up various formations
  • Three different themed worlds with over 25 maps to explore.
  • Forge your own sacred weapon with the materials you collect
  • Join the alliance to fight against giant dragons.

Our Youtube Channel: [url][/url]

Above 9 years of age, fans of casual and strategy games.

Interested in more information?

Please visit Wikia at [url=]Legion Mania Wiki[/url]

Follow us on Twitter at [url][/url]

or like us on Facebook at [url][/url]

to get the newest information about us.

Send email to us [email][/email]

Leave a message if you wanna try this stunning game with a promotion gift

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Bringing awesomeness to the Google Play and App store, Evil Droid Studios presents you Hyper Havoc.

Great spaceships, that you can upgrade them to your heart like, so your experience is different each time around.

Select and use your special power, upgrade your abilities, and become the master of Hyper Havoc.

Complete achievements, destroy mines and asteroids, avoid obstacles, and the real question is... How long can you survive in the Havoc tunnels?

+Shoot down your enemies and obstacles

+Destroy the Big Boss

+Avoid Obstacles

+Control your spacecraft with either accelerometer or touch pad

+Upgrade your spacecraft to have a better change of survival

+Complete your achievements and collect medals

+Compete for the first place in the Global High score board

Hyper Havoc is on!!! Enter the Havoc and admire its true spectacular awesomeness!




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Hi there,

I'd like to present my new game Sticky Blobs for Android and iOS. Hope, those who like puzzles will like my game. It is available for both iOS and Android.

Sticky Blobs alien colony needs a fuel for their reactor. Surprisingly, this fuel is a raspberry. Help them by spawning new blobs and killing needless blobs. Build pyramids and bridges, construct levers with sticky blobs. 60 challenging puzzles in 4 worlds for those who like famous World of Goo game.

App Store:

Google Play:

Controls are very simple: just pull out one blob from another and tap on needless blobs to remove them.

#138 Posted by madfatcatGames (7 posts) -

Hi there,

I'd like to present my new game Sticky Blobs for Android and iOS. Hope, those who like puzzles will like my game. It is available for both iOS and Android.

Sticky Blobs alien colony needs a fuel for their reactor. Surprisingly, this fuel is a raspberry. Help them by spawning new blobs and killing needless blobs. Build pyramids and bridges, construct levers with sticky blobs. 60 challenging puzzles in 4 worlds for those who like famous World of Goo game.

App Store:

Google Play:

Controls are very simple: just pull out one blob from another and tap on needless blobs to remove them.

#139 Edited by alvaris924 (1 posts) -

Hi everyone, I just released a game named Blue Matter, and you can download it here ( :)

Please allow me to intro the game:

As a player, you will help Blue Matter to escape from Red AntiMatters. What you need to do is simple - just teleport the Blue Matter so it can dodge the falling Red AntiMatters, before they crush it in Dairy Way Galaxy!

Survive for 200 seconds and the Blue Matter will escape successfully, which means you win. However, your muscle reaction and focus will be tested during these time. Let’s see how quick you can react, and how long you can survive!


- Simple and fast, but challenging to master

- Test your focus and muscle reaction

- Leaderboard to show your awesomeness

- Free to play

- Blue Matter will say thank you after you saved it

And here’s a friendly gameplay intro video:

I will love to hear your thoughts and suggestions about Blue Matter.

Above all, THANK YOU for playing the game! :)

#140 Edited by rocktune (6 posts) -


I have recently published a qualified game on Google Play Store called Fun Race.

The link:


Race Fun is a milestone in the genre of endless 2D arcade racing combined with the coins and gems collections. Drive your car through traffic, collect coins and gems, and buy new cars. Try to be one of the best race fun scorers in the global leaderboards.


- Addictive and smooth game flow

- 18 different cars to choose from

- Collecting coins and buying new cars

- Collecting gems getting to have the chance to continue a game after crash

- After a while coin objects starts to give you x2 and x4 more coins in the game

- Competition with yourself and the whole world

- Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements


- Tilt or Touch to steer (Tilt or touch can be selected on the settings screen)

- Tap on the screen to break down


- The faster you go the more scores you get, but do not forget to collect coins

- The more distance you drive the more scores you get

The game will be updated constantly. Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the game.

Please follow us at:

If you like the game plase like and share the facebook page :)

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Game is available at this link:

game has a simple gameplay mechanic of Tetris and Flappy Bird:

- tap to control the brick (like Flappy Bird)

- make a full column to get point (like Tetris)

Hope you are interested with our idea =)

#142 Edited by BoundLogic (6 posts) -

Survive This!

Stranded in an asteroid field, your only option for survival is to stay focused and be quick to avoid the asteroids.

This is an exciting and dynamic game that will have you on your toes from beginning to end.

Survive This! features:

  • Dynamic and fun levels that don't play the same
  • Many asteroid types that look and move differently
  • Asteroid collisions that make the game more challenging and fun
  • Asteroid and ship particle trails
  • Game Center leaderboard
  • Screenshot sharing to Facebook

Survive This! is available now on the app store in two versions:

(Free) Survive This!

(Pro) Survive This! Pro

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Sticky Soccer - awesome arcade soccer puzzle game [iPhone & iPad]

Hi there!

Fast Pixel Games would like you to know that our latest game "StickyBalls Soccer" is now available on the App Store for 99c (69p), and would love you to take a look and if possible review it. You can download the game using the following link:

Sticky Soccer iOS on the App Store

Based on our previous title "StickyBalls Classic" it's a unique arcade puzzle game, but this time with a soccer theme in homage to the World Cup. Not only that but we have 12 new pitches to play on as well as 6 soccer themed classic ones.

The original game itself was much talked about when released in mid 2005 and so we have finally included the unreleased PSP levels which gained much attention from the press at the time. We hope you enjoy it.

Sticky Soccer is published by Fast Pixel Games Ltd 2014.

Thanks for your time, and here are a few screenshots:

#144 Edited by Crichton333 (8 posts) -

App Store Link :

Google Play Link :

• 2048 Numbers Mania •

2048 Numbers Mania will test your mathematical skills and ability to problem solve, despite its simple design.

Your ultimate impossible goal is to continually think about how to add pairs in order to clear more space on the board. Sounds simple? It's not!


- Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles.

- When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.

- When the 2048 tile is created, the player wins! :)

- Work row-by-row or side-by-side, keeping yourself organized.

- It's all about delicate planning and execution.

- Easy to learn, hard to master addictive gameplay.

App Store Link :

Google Play Link :

#145 Edited by Scarletor (9 posts) -

Hello everybody!

Today, i'm glad to announce our new game: Gold miner season 1

Gold miner season 1 – The first adventure to hunt gold and diamond has been started!
Come to join the old man’s adventure to hunt gold and diamond to find the best treasure. Let’s become rich as fast as you can!

In Gold Miner season 1, you have to direct your little crank to take gold in. Every stage will have a goal that you must get. If you collect enough gold, you will move on to the next stage.

There is a gold shop between every stage that you can buy some item to help your adventure. Remember to buy double diamond boost and increase strength item to have a best point. If you hook the big heavy stone and don’t want to pull it up, you should use dynamite item to destroy the stone.

Download Gold Miner season 1 now and get all the treasure over the world!


Game feature:

- More than 100 map to play.

- Stunning graphic.

- New backgrounds and gold.


How to play:

- Tap the screen to release the claw when it swing and aim at valuable target.

- Tap the bomb icon while pulling to throw bomb.

- Get enough money required to complete level.

- Buy necessary item from shop.






Few screenshot:

Link game:

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You can touches white circles in Game of circles !

Have fun ! :D

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Hello everyone,

There is a new casual card matching game called [B]"Hues - Threes/2048 Powered up"[/b] which aims to [i]disrupt[/i] the whole concept created by Threes and 2048.

Download it here!

About Hues

The gameplay is simple, using swipe input to slide the cards around the 4x4 game board (also

works with a gamepad or a touch keyboard, if you have one!). The cards need to matched and

combined with other cards of the same color. For a more intuitive experience, a scheme of color

coded characters was developed, and each character has its own little story! The game has three

modes –infinite, timed, and limited moves. They are complemented with Power ups which can be

unlocked by the in-game currency called “Hues”.

Google Play

Hues is ReFocus’ take on the new popular franchises of card matching games, with power-ups

and an entire new game experience. The adaptive features of the game will simply stun you! The

game adapts its look depending on what color characters you’ve unlocked!

Currently available for Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10 and now Android.

Hues is available for all Android smartphones and tablets on Google Play for free:

About ReFocus Labs

ReFocus Labs is a technology startup working on application, game and web development.

Currently focusing on Augmented Reality technologies, contextual apps and 3D Game

Development. The team consists of designers, music producers and developers to indigenously

create a great user experience with their products.

For more information visit:

Please use this thread for bug reports, suggestions, feedback, etc

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CKS Games Studio is based in Singapore. We've released 23 games on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

Do check out our websites, youtube channel, and some screenshots!

Website: Official Site

iTunes: iTunes

Google Play: Google Play

Youtube: Youtube Channel

These are the posters of our newest games:

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Spermania: a provocative game by a startup Palestinian developer.

Marhaba! (Hello!) everyone.

My name is Muhammad and I am on the small team of Palestine’s first venture-backed startup game developer, PinchPoint. I’m here to tell you about our first major title, Spermania.

Spermania is a fun game that follows the journey of a little sperm cell as it navigates its way through the birth canal. You need to collect sugars and race against competing sperms cells. But be sure to avoid viruses, white blood cells and pools of acid. Winning requires stamina and skill.

We released Spermania on June 15th to celebrate Father's Day. It is available on Google Play and soon to be on the iOS App Store.

Google Play:

Your feedback on Spermania would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to message me directly with any questions or comments.


Spermania website:

PinchPoint website: