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Hi guys, just would like to show you another mobile free game from my 2 man team . Hope you like it .

Link :

Our webiste :

Some screenshots :

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Here is our new games for android smartphone !

The goal is to sort cells by color faster and faster.

It is free, there is no advise ! Just for fun and the challenge !

You can compare you to your friends and there are a lot of achievement to unlock !

Try it and give me your feed back.

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Hi all!

Peppy's Adventure is an action puzzle adventure game that I developed on my free time during the last 4 months. I really designed the game like the game I always wanted to play on my phone and tablet.

It's also my first game and as I am currently looking for feedback on every aspect of the game (game design, level design, gameplay, etc.) from as many people as possible, it's completely free.

Please give it a try and comment/rate if you like it :)

available on google play:

facebook page :



Many thanks !


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Hi, I've released a new Android game, Debris Cascade. Your mission is to survive as long as possible by dodging the space debris that's flying past you. I hope you like it, and feel free to give feedback and review the game if you want to.

(links don't seem to work in this forum, instead copy and paste the address)

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Hello guys! Glad to represent you my game - Street basketball! Nothing to discuss, just play and have a fun. Of course its free.

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Coins vs Eggs is a simple, addictive arcade coin shooting, prize collection game unlike any others.

Shoot the flying eggs with coins to collect more coins and prizes.

Breaking the eggs are extremely satisfying as each flying egg you break will create an exciting fireworks of coins, bonuses or prizes! To make it even more exhilarating, exploded coins will break more eggs, creating a chain reaction of exploding flying eggs!

As you level up, you will unlock different types of flying eggs and special bonuses to help you break more eggs and have more fun. Coins vs Eggs offers players free coins generously, be it by waiting for the COINS to regenerate, by watching video Ads, and numerous other ways!

Additional game features include the magnet, over 30 prizes to collect and special collection complete bonuses!

With its simple gameplay, Coins vs Eggs can be enjoyed by anyone of all ages.


The game can be downloaded from the Android App Store [B]HERE [/B]: [URL=""][/URL]


Developer website : [url=]Gutsy Games[/url]

App facebook page : [url][/url]

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Auction Wars: Storage King - Price Drop / Update

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to say that we've reduced the price of our game, Auction Wars: Storage King, by over 50% - we also have some great updates coming very shortly.


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@applefan1991: Introducing to you ShadowCreep, A very challenging 2D Archery game for iOS and Android.

ShadowCreep offers you a dynamic and challenging archery experience where you will need skills and speed to win! You won't be shooting apples or targets here, but monsters who are coming at you fullspeed!

Get it for Android Google Play Store Link or for iOS: Apple App Store Link

Check out the gameplay trailer :

I hope you enjoy game. Feel free to send us any feedback!

You can join us on facebook to share your opinions: HERE

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Guysz check my newest game and give me a feedback


Tired of Bird Games?

Me too! ... Let’s Shoot some Birds!

Hunter Birds

> Tap screen to Shoot the Birds

> Blast the Birds!


- Game Center Support

- Catchy Soundtrack

- Simple Controls

- Cool Pixel Bird Please post/email us your comments and feedback/suggestions!

Get it here


Please don't forget to give me a feedback!

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Developer’s Company: TingTong Apps Co., Ltd.
Release Date: May, 1st 2014
Name of Application: The Best Game Ever
iTunes Link: Download NOW!
Google Play link: Download NOW!

Brief Application Description:
Get ready to blast off on an epic journey with The Best Game Ever!
Collect diamonds, discover crazy bonus levels, evade ancient enemies to boost yourself to the edge of the Universe and beyond!
Ohhh and I forgot to mention that speed increases while you play ^ ^

The Best Game Ever has got what you need:
★ Eye-popping HD cartoon graphics and beautiful multi-layered parallax backgrounds on 12 stunning themes
★ Several different bonus levels for huge points, combo boosts and differed gameplay!
★ Enable shield to protect you from rocks, lasers, rockets and others!
★ Reached the final speed? Try the Hardcore mode for an extra challenge!
★ Unlock all kinds of awesome new characters to play with!
★ Hilarious sound effects and a bumping sound track!
★ Dozens of unlockable achievements for maximum game score!
★ Compete with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

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*** NOW FREE ***

We are a two member indie team. We just release our new indie title Doodle Knight!

Get entangled in a shoot/action world when you join the knighthood doodle, in a battle to save your scribble canvas from an army of fierce scribbles and evil doodles! Now pick up the sword and darts then enjoy the fantasy doodle world.

With Doodle Knight, you’ll experience:

• Simple one finger control
• Beautiful hand drawing visuals
• Challenging levels that put your shoot and slash skills to the test
• Enhancive gadgets and items to strengthen you
• Upgradable gears make you stronger, faster, sharper and drive the enemies to fear
• Different enemy types and epic bosses with unique and deadly behaviours
• Turbulent infinity Arcade mode
• Runs smoothly even on the iPod Touch 4th generation
• Designed for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

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Hi there!

DEUS is an exciting block puzzle game, which stands out from the crowd thanks to its clever graphics and new playful elements.

God doesn't roll the dice, he puzzles.

Be a young god and build planet upon planet. Carry out special tasks to prove your perception skills.

* Conversations with God

* 8 landscapes

* Special stones

* Special tasks

* 1 Helperstone each level

* Share on facebook

* 3 planets| 12 stages | 96 level

* New planets and features coming soon

Designed for Android.


Enjoy! :-)

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Hi All,

The Great Big Rock Quiz is out now for all iOS devices running 5.1.1 and above.

App Store Link -

Take part in the biggest rock quiz on the Store. The Great Big Rock Quiz tests your musical knowledge to the limits with a range of questions covering a wide variety of rock topics. With questions ranging in difficulty from easy through to hard there is fun to be had for players of all ages.

The Great Big Rock Quiz is sure to rock your brains out!


◆ 9 Unique Categories

◆ Over 900 Questions

◆ 3 Difficulties

◆ Achievements

◆ Leaderboards

◆ Bonus Items

◆ Player Stats

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Pizza Parlor is a fun and free cooking game for kids and girls who love cooking games and fun games.

Maker your own mouthwatering, delicious pizza, put a lot of veggies like onions, tomatoes, olives, coriander, sauces like tomato and bake and share it with your friends.


-Make and decorate your Pizzas as mouthwatering and yummy with different pizza ingredients like meat, vegetables and sauces.

-Easy tap and drag game play.

-Pizza Parlor is fun and simple game.

-Make a mouthwatering, delicious pizza.

-A fun cooking game for girls and kids.

-Endless fun for everyone!

-Build & Bake function makes pizza maker more than just decorating food!

-Eat your pizza!

-Share your pizza

-Make your own dough.

-Make your own sauce.

-Customize with dozens of toppings ranging from ham, sausage, tomatoes, basil, onions, eggs and much more!.

-Write a message and share your pizza with your friends so they can go cooking crazy!

-Best yet, you can EAT your pizza!

-Continued improvement of this cooking game app, please send us feedback or suggestions.

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How long can you hold and keep the yellow ball on the platform?
[How to play]
- Touch, hold, slide to move the smiling ball
- Keep the ball on the platform as long as possible

- Nice cartoon graphics
- Cute smiling ball
- Physics enhanced interaction
- Addictive and difficult gameplay
- Highscore leaderboard

App Store:
Unity Web Player:

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Fancy Burned Bird

I just made a new game, it's about a bird trying to get through all the challenges. The game is simple but ultimately addictive because it is easy to understand but hard to get a real high score.

You make the bird fly by tapping. Tapping the bird to fly through the fire rings and get as many coins as possible to get highest score and share with everybody all over the world on the leader board.

How to play:

- Touch your finger continuously on the screen to control the bird flying through fire rings

- Avoid to hit the fire rings or pillars, your bird will be burned


Crystal clear graphic

Immerse design

Dynamic motion @60fps

Finally, the link to to download the game free on android:

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BoardRush & Friends

Is a social board game designed to get your brain in a twist in a multitude of boards – wherever you are and whoever you play with. Play it on the go on your smartphone or tablet and challenge random strangers, contacts or play against the Bot.

Choose from one of the many boards included or design your own and figure out the best formations that will award you the most points to beat your opponent. Play lightning quick moves or think about the next move overnight – it’s up to you!


• Great colors and graphics

• More than 40 different official boards!

• Hints can be enabled or disabled per game

• Weekly tournaments

• Create your own boards in the board designer

• Social board game, similar to MindFeud, WordFeud and Words with Friends

• Challenge your friends or complete strangers to see who’s better

• Real time game play

• Real time text chat with opponents

• Colorblind mode

• Push Notifications to keep you up to date on game changes, invitations and chat messages

Apple App Store:

Google Play Store:

Facebook Page:


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50 Blocks, 7 Colours, 2 Thumbs, 1 Score... SwitchBlaze!

A new colour-matching game for iOS devices from Buzz Interactive ( )

Hold a block from each side of the screen to Switch.

Connect colours to drop blocks, and go for combos to hit that high score!

Game trailer on YouTube:

Out now on the App Store:

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Hi Guys,

This is George from LW Games and would like to present you my second game i made for Android: Station Defense

Station Defense is a small and silly arcade game that blends tower defense and classic shooting mechanics together in a awesome unique package. In charge of the defense of Space Station 99, you will have to defeat all incoming pirate waves, upgrade the station cannon after each wave and repair the station when needed.


- 10 random waves with 2 big bosses to defeat and challenge (more in development)

- upgrade your main cannon with 3 upgrades after each wave or repair station

- compete for the top spots in the google play leaderboards

- unlock several google play achievements


Get it from:

Google Play Store

Amazon app store

Feedback and suggestions are always appreciated!

Have fun!

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Crate Run

"This game is the best!" -my friend

This game is a REAL CHALLENGE! Prepare your senses!

  • JUMP and CROUCH as fast as you can!
  • Get the highest score possible and new NEW SKINS for your hero!
  • Log in to Google Play Games or Facebook and Challenge your friends! Be the first on the leaderboards!
  • Your highscore gets SAVED on your Google Play account!

Available On Google Play

Follow us on Facebook

Follow us on Twitter

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Two games I developed for android that are simple but fun to use:



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Hi guys,

I come from RedPlay game studio.

Today, i want to introduce to you my games.

1# CLIMB OVER BAD HILL - a new hill climb racing game 2014

Recently, Redplay game studio has released new game call "Climb Over Bad Hill".

It's a car racing game on the hill leading addictive physics-based .

Jimmy is carrying agricultural products crossed the hills to sell . Extremely difficult path of obstacles can flip the car or take the fall agricultural products. Will he be able to pass ?

Come join and play the guy Jimmy gold handlebars .

After each trip you will receive the money based on the number of agricultural products left on the car . You can use the money to buy a new car , you also have the chance to reach the top of the richest and most ingenious .

To try to test the ingenuity of your driving skills .


- There are a lot of exciting gameplays with the difficult maps to overcome

- Use your vitual money to change the screen unlock cars and other fun

- Share your scores on the social network

- You 'll be in the top of the best players and if you are skillful enough effortIf you like this game please take a moment to rate it.


Goolgle Play:


2# NINJA INVINCIBLE - addictive puzzle ninja game


If you are a ninja fan, the game "Ninja Invincible" is a wonderful gift for you.

Casting is a black ninja, you'll go conquer the game level by killing the orange ninja. You must use the skills of deft hands, the accurate calculation of distance space, time of the top player to pass 20 levels.

How to play

- Drag and slide the black ninja to orange ninja location of enemies to kill.

- You can only slide 3 times in each level. Take advantage of the 3 slashes accurate and the most intelligent to conquer the increasingly difficult challenges in the game.

Note: The game is not for sissies, or the fool who lack patience. Let's go with "Ninja Invincible" and become invincible and the world's No. 1 ninja.

If you like this game please take a moment to rate it.

We look forward to receiving the support and your comments.


Download Ninja invincible game on Google Play:

RedPlay game studio would like to receive your comments about Ninja Invincible and Climb Over Bad Hill game.

Thanks and regards

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[GAME][FREE] Water Drip - Retro Game

Retro Games are back! We know that you have an age and miss those old games and those legendary arcade machines. Drip Water will delight all who yearn for 80-90 years and their legendary games. If you want to relive a second youth please download and play Water Drip! If you are Young... experience as we had fun in our time.

Not let to fall a drop of water on the floor! Do not dawdle, the speed will up...

Play in three modes:

Mode A: clear drops with increasing speed!

Mode B: clear drops and black drops that pollute and no score if you empty the tank!

Mode C: clear drops, and black drops ... with backward!

Publish your accomplishments on Facebook and challenge your friends to beat your score. Game insured hours!

You're a Pro Gamer? You're a Legend? You've seen the level Skull? Leave your mark on posterity with a puntuation of scandal!

Water Drip on Google Play


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Juggle the falling eggs with the nest.

The eggs are hatched with each bounce flying higher to the sky.

Destroy the blocks with the hatched birds.

The more you bounce the more the birds.

But it’s not easy. If the blocks are left undestroyed, enenmy birds appear.

Stop with the annoying background music and heal your mind with the sound of nature.

The better the nest the easier it gets!

Collect all the 9 birds.

Each birds have unique powers.

iOS (Appstore) :

Android (Google Play) :

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Polygun is our new retro style shoot 'em up for iOS (free and ad-free).

There are six exciting missions with six bosses to fight!

And furthermore:
The game features an Original Soundtrack by Clay Spoerri. It is available as a full album on the stores.


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Just uploaded a new fun & addictive game called "Tap The Fox" to the app store today, would love to hear your reviews.

Basically, it's just about hand-eye coordination and catching foxes in time as they pop up.

Think you can beat my record of 678? Give it a try:

I've attached some screenshots:

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Splashy Slime

a free, addictive, fast-paced arcade platformer


Splashy Slime is a fast paced arcade platformer that requires particular attention and will challenge your reflexes the hard way.

Your ultimate goal is to lead your slime to the end of each level with a single button. Sounds simple? It's not!

Google Play Store:




★ Dodge sawblades, spikes and all kinds of deadly traps and obstacles on your way.

★ Time your jumps right and use exciting abilities like wall jumps and springboards to your advantage.

★ Master 30 impossible levels spread over 3 awesome worlds.

★ New worlds and levels are added regularly.

★ Mindblowing chiptune soundtrack

★ Easy to learn, hard to master addictive one button gameplay.

Assets by

Music: Spazzmatica Polka - Kevin MacLeod (

★ Simple Controls

★ Impossible Challenges

★ Addicting Gameplay

★ Beat your friends

What are you waiting for? GET IT NOW!

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Marbles Madness 2 - the Adventure

Marbles Madness 2 - the Adventure (iOS game)

If you love games like candy crush or puzzle & dragon, then you will love this puzzle game.

Travel and explore many beautiful areas. Complete different challenges to collect all the marbles that were lost around the world.

Play by rearranging marbles to form connected marble strings. As the game progress, player will discover new boss monsters with new abilities to increase the challenge level.


* New adventure mode with many areas to explore

* 8+ characters and pets to help in adventure mode

* 100+ marbles to collect and more to come

* Use marbles collected in your games

* Many additional mini fun games

* Original Music

Download in AppStore for Free Now!!!


Elite Studio:


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Hi Guys!

Im Ed, Digital Marketer for FunGuy Studio Philippines and we recently launched an app titled: Spelltorn Clash of Fates. This is a free-to-play mobile MMORPG.


  • Roleplay in a vibrant world full of camaraderie, intrigue and deception.
  • Three classes and nine subclasses with unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Player versus player multiplayer combat.
  • Discover rare armor, weapons and items to improve your abilities.
  • Attack other players to steal their resources and craft your own weapons and armor.
  • Explore countless dungeons, defend against powerful enemies.
  • Create or join a Guild to take advantage of strength in numbers.
  • In game chat and message system.

Available Countries:

  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • New Zealand
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Canada

Download it on iTunes

Let me know what you guys think!


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Hi All,

Introducing Horris the new game character you and your kids will grow to love.

Flap Horris over the castle towers and watch out for those low flying air balloons.

Simple controls, just tap your finger on the screen to flap his wings and Horris will fly upwards to avoid the Towers.


- Easy mode for people new to tap to flap games

- Easy mode gradually increases difficulty

- Hard mode for a serious challenge

- Enhanced character animation

- Beautiful multi-layered scrolling backgrounds

- Unique soundtrack

- Bonus Star multipliers (x2 x4 x6 and x8)

- Game Center support (leaderboards and achievements)

- Great performance, with smooth animations, scrolling and particle effects


Please visit and like our facebook page.

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rSPACE is my new space shooter game made on Unity3D engine.

Fight your way in beautiful space, all you have to do is shoot the enemy down. Compete with your friends for the high score on the Game Center. This is your battle to fight for our space(rSPACE).

Currently it is available for iOS devices.

Please download and try.

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Ryu Kazuhiko (2.5D Zombie Fighting Survival game)

Hey whats up everyone I just released my new game "Ryu Kazuhiko" Zombie Slayer.

Posted: 04:24 PM 6 Hours Ago

It is a 2.5D Fighting Survival Game. I say Fighting cause it is not like other Zombie games that use weapons, you actually Punch and Kick them lol (And Counter)

the game just came out so you may not even see it on the itunes store yet but I have a 100 Promo Codes to anyone who like these types of a game and would like a copy and hopefully give me a good review (But Honest)

Here is the description for the game: (mind you my games are fairly challenging)

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: AND TIPS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Learn the Basic Combos in missions one / Practice: Learn to Counter: Learn to push the zombies when needed: Learn the Dragon Sword Combo.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ENJOY :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Please Contact me for a free code if you like these types of games and want to play

I come from a long line of ancient Japanese demon slayers that have been battling demonic beings since the begging of time...

It is said that my people obtained their abilities through the Dragon Blade.

An ancient and powerful sword, that fell from the cosmos.

It gave us special abilities, like how to channel Electricity and produce Powerful Winds.

Our blood has also developed a genetic immunity to almost all viruses, even those caused from a demon. Which is crucial when battling demonic beings that can turn the average person with a single bite.

My life is dedicated to the hunt of all things unnatural!

I am RYU KAZUHIKO Zombie Slayer!!!


Play As Ryu Kazuhiko “Zombie Slayer” in the Ultimate 2.5D Zombie Survival Fighting Game on the IPAD!

Superior-Quality Graphics powered by UNITY3D bring A mix of realistic graphics with Japanese Animation style ART, making “Ryu Kazuhiko” the most colorful and unique looking zombie game ever made.


Auto-Save feature saves everything you collected automatically.

Play the MANY MODES of “Ryu Kazuhiko” and UNLOCK more and more in the Ultimate 2.5D Zombie Fighter.


Ryu Kazuhiko is bringing back the definition of “OFFLINE CONTENT”.

With MORE than 40 COSTUMES to collect, No other game gives this much collectables for only 99 Cents!!

NO IN APP Purchases – And NO ADS!

Collect over 40 COSTUMES for just 99 CENTS, By actually playing the game and winning in the various MODES.

Ryu Kazuhiko is The ULTIMATE Collectables game, with 3 Leader-boards, 40 PLUS Costumes, 3 Survival Modes, An Arcade Mode with Multiple Missions that than Unlock “Special Survival Modes” that than Allow you to unlock “Special Costumes”... The COLLECTING Goes On and On and ON…


Fast, Stylish and Responsive controls let you battle Zombies at lighting Speeds.

LARGE COMBO LIST with a free flow system that allows you to move from one combo to another.

Ryu Kazuhiko is NOT like other games on the IOS that try to create “Unique Touch” experiences??

Instead it focuses on Basic Game Mechanics like BLOCK, PUNCH, KICK, and SUPER.


Counter your enemies’ attacks with powerful SUPER ATTACKS by pressing Block the Moment an Enemie Attacks you.


Ryu Kazuhiko can create powerful attacks that can kill zombies instantly but at the cost of some of his “POWER METER”.

The DRAGON SWORD COMBO and the ENERGY BALL are good examples of attacks that can kill with one hit.

Also Ryu’s SUPER ATTACKS (Counters) Can kill with one strike.

But in order to use them you must have a certain amount of energy in your “Power Bar” which is right below your Health Bar.

Learning to manage your power meter (Which gets filled up whenever you land a Punch/Kick attack) is the only way to climb up the ranks as the ultimate Zombie Slayer.


Play Various MISSION MODES from all around the World.

Gorgeous High-quality 3D environments with stylish 2.5D Japanese Animation action style Gameplay.

Fight All around the world, from a RAVE in the Desert to the Snowy Mountains of Antarctica.

#84 Posted by FDudka (6 posts) -

Hi Everyone!

My name is Fernando,

I want to share with all of you this amazing project I'm working on! I'm developing a new IPAD game called Ant Dominion. I'm using everything I know about ants and putting it in a game. From how a colony is founded, egg development, minus workers, normal size workers, majors, food gathering, predation, mite, etc.

It's been 4 months now that the game is being designed and programed and I have just started a Kickstarter project. The Kickstarter team has accepted the project and now it's on the web page. The game will be in the App store in august and with your help I can implement more features to make it the best thing it can be.

I'm convinced you will all want to play the game!

here is a link to the Kickstarter

Thank you so much for your support

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Hey !

Kiki Rabbit is available on the Play Store, eggs, wolves, holes, two rabbits. Kiki Rabbit, will you be rather agile to cross the world?


#86 Edited by nhim8989 (7 posts) -

Hello Gamespoters! This is our first project, thank you for your attention :)

Bloom Run

Bloom Run is an infinite runner, but with a twist. You need to kill vivid enemies by matching their colors.

Being focused and really quick movements will be necessary to achieve the highest score in world-wide leaderboards. Take yourself to the limit, and beyond!


-Easy to play hard to master

-Face a wide range of cute monsters

-The longer you play, the faster enemies you face

-Fight wicked bosses to level up

-Get the highest score and share your achievements

-With Bloom Run and new content regularly, you'll never run out of things to do

Links to enjoy Bloom Run on 3 most popular platforms:


Google Play (Android):

Facebook (to play on Web):

You may need to install Unity Web player before playing on Facebook.

We really appreciate any comment toward our product. Thank you Gamespoters for offering us such an opportunity to introduce our creativeness


Currently, we offer $300 award for best player in every month, starting from June 2014. Please upload your proof record video to Youtube and send us at We will review videos and notify the winner.

The winner will have a chance to appear on our Facebook front page!

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Hey guys,

We are pleased to announce you MEGAFAST, our first Free Car Game on Android ! We are a small indie team and we love feedbacks of you guys !!!

Feel free to Play, Comment, Rate, Share !

Download :




Tired of Rules ? Forget them ! Do you like DANGER ?ADRENALINE ?

Drive MEGAFAST, BREAK the LIMITS and FEEL real Freedom !

EASY to play, HARD to Master, Megafast is the best Real-Time 4D Traffic Car Game on Mobile!


With Realistic 3d Physics & Graphics, Engine roars and HD Textures, Megafast supports High resolution screens.

Become the KING of Asphalt, rule the HighWay and no one will ever stop you!


Watch out or you will experience spectacular Slow Motion car crashs!


Drive at megafast speed! Slalom between the other vehicles to earn NOS power in order to speed up!


We won't tell you what it is!


Share your experience with all your friends using our Facebook LeaderBoard!


Upgrade your cars stats such as : Acceleration, Handling, Speed Max, Nos Power and Brake Efficiency!


Be Creative & Express Yourself : colors, neon lights, lights, body, etc...[/CENTER]


Music by : TeknoAXE

channel: [url=]teknoaxe - YouTube[/url]

website: [url=]TeknoAXE Royalty Free Music[/url]


If you have a suggestion for the app, don't hesitate to email us!

We Make Free Games for you!!

Like us on Facebook: [url][/url]

Follow us on Twitter: [url][/url]

Subscribe to our YouTube channel: [url][/url]

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Introducing Alien Shootout for Android! Alien Shootout is a fun cartoon runner where you have to avoid rockets coming from everywhere. It's a game about quick reactions!


• Time: Try to survive all the rockets for a minute!

• Endless: Avoid the rockets as the speed increases!

• Endless Random: Like Endless but random!


• Three game modes

• Always challenging gameplay

• Dynamic retro soundtrack

• Cartoon art style and gameplay

• Google leaderboards

• Share replays of your game via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Email

Check out these images!

So check out Alien Shootout today on the Play Store!


Requirements are Android 2.3 or newer.

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Colorence is IOS 6> game that could potentially be used for brain training. It is based on a concept that our mind perceives colours in a very peculiar way. Many games deal with numbers, but we can't describe a certain colour as we would describe a number. Number 5, for example,may be perceived as one thing multiplied, such as 5 bananas are 1+1+1+1+1 banana. You can't quantify the colour RED. We can feel it though. So this idea that our brain may process colour mixing in different fashion may help us engage parts of our brain not usually involved when processing primary logic and calculations such as numbers. Colorence has one main screen where player arranges color blocks and by overlaying them, other colours are produced . The goal is to create the target color, and attach it to the target color bar. But the best part is that it is fun, it is relatively hard to start with, but once you get going there is no end of it. Perfect companion for long journeys on the metro,tube, bus or train. It doesn't use internet, it is extremely small app that will not eat your storage space, and it is free. We are thinking of introducing add-free version in near future.


#90 Edited by WarWithGoblin (6 posts) -

War with Goblins

The fantasy battle game, of the real time strategy (RTS) type, showing in a dynamic way the clashes of human troops with goblin troops on battlefields. The game has nice, climatic fantasy graphics, ideally portraying the magical world where people coexist with goblins. Complete with equally atmospheric music. Controlling the game is easy and natural, making the most of the touch screen possibilities.

Sixteen different army units take part in the game. The army of Patria, the kingdom of people, is made of the following units: the main character Artemas, the wizard, archers, cavalry, infantry, pikemen, artillery, as well as peasants. Lupitia, the goblin state, counters it with the following troops: goblin chieftains, infantry, archers, wolf riders, chariots, artillery (a ballista), as well as bat riders.

The main character in the game is Artemas, the commander of the human army, whose task is, by the use of the armies subject to him, to expel the goblin troops from the area of the frontiers. Conquering all the military camps of the enemy gives you victory, the death of Artemas means the game is lost.

A very important role in the game belongs to the shooting units, who, without loss on their part, can deal the enemy painful blows. Steering the shooting gives the game a lot of extra dynamics

Some troops have special abilities, due to which they deserve special attention: for example the effect of regeneration in troll troops, or charges done by the goblin chariots. During the fight, there is a range of different parameters affecting the course of the fight, which must be taken into account. They enable you to win in many different ways. The basic ones are: the manpower (number of soldiers) of a unit, the strength with which a unit is fighting at a given moment the strength is changing depending on the kind of terrain on which the unit is in this particular time, on how far the unit is from the commander and whether it is not fighting with more than one enemy unit at the time there is also the fortune factor. The kind of terrain also influences the speed of movement of the troops. All that forces you to use particular strategies in particular battles and makes the game interesting.


- the fantasy battle game,

- real time strategy (RTS),

- unique combat system,

- 16 different army units,

- 38 battlefields,

- natural controlling the game,

- HD graphics (Retina), hand-drawn climatic fantasy illustrations.

Compatible with: Ipad 2 and up, iPhone 4G and up (optimized for Iphone 5), iPod Touch 5G and up.

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Experience new candy crush game and the best bubble shooter! Be a bubble breaker and play this bubble mania! Get this new candy crush saga for Android!

Bubble Shooter Candy Saga 2014 features:

* Over 10 000 levels

* Playing in two different environments

* Play Single Player or choose Single player vs Candyman

* Colorblind mode with special candy

* Select bubble sensitivity

* Turn music and sound effects on/off

This game is available on Google play:


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Hi Gamers,

Check out Soup Jump on the App store - its Free!

Let us know what you think - email us at

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We have just released our FREE game 'Generic Jack' on the AppStore.

It would be pretty damn awesome if you guys could review it and get a bit of publicity out there. It's our first title and we just wanna get the word out :)

So what's it about?

Generic Jack is a man on the move. He's got places to be and you must get him there by jumping and sliding to overcome the many obstacles Jack faces. The game features very easy to use touch controls, 3 unique detailed levels, no microtransactions/adverts. All content including future content is available for free!

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Hi all!

I would like to announce that we’ve just finished our first IOS board game, called CoinWar.

Our goal was to create a really new, challenging board game.

Our research revealed that lot of people likes some simple and fast games but they want to think as well..

We tried to combine these, and CoinWar has been created. Logic, thinking and a bit luck! Very enjoyable, we suppose.

Coinwar is released in the international store in 01/06/2014.

If someone of you would like to test it before release, I can provide promo codes for you.

We are very interested in your opinion, reviews, or some cross marketing.


-Several game modes

- We offer more than 30 different boards!

-Different strategy on different board style.

-Speciality: disabled fields, passive fields, value multipliers and a lot of things!

-Boards are different size and form

Product Informations

App Name: CoinWar

Website: (still in development)

iTunes link:

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- Addictive!

- Full of Action!

- High Score to share with your friends!

“Want to see why everyone loves to play Frog Vs. Flies? Then, hop and see if you can take this battle to epic proportions.

Our Frogs are ready for battle and are on a mission to eliminate every fly out there. Can you help our frogs get their king? Just make sure to protect him or you lose it all!

Join the frogs as they embark on an epic battle against Fly Army. Don't be fooled by the looks of the flies, they are tricky and will do whatever it takes to send you back to your lily pads. Do you have what it takes to help the frogs on achieving the highest score? If so, hop in and see how fast your fingers are! Easy to play yet challenging to master!

So what are you waiting for?


- "Best Game I've ever played" --- Makes my mind sweat.

- "Addictive" --- Frog Vs. Flies is full of action, I can't stop playing it.

- "Colorful" --- Frog Vs. Flies is awesome for the kids.

[UPDATE] I just want to share the good news that we have reached our 1000 total unique downloads on both platforms iOS and Android!!!

This is a big step for us and i hope you guys keep sharing and reviewing our game!


Google Play:

Thank you

Hungus Bungus Team

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We took major risks. This game features mechanics not used in this way before on a phone/tablet. Includes: Line-pathing w collision, multi-room transitions, unique rendering method, etc.

The gameplay is simply different!.

Embark on an epic journey as Kelso the Koala. You will need to collect feathers to complete levels all while avoiding enemies and defeating bosses. Enlist a sidekick or two to help and save Kelso’s son from his kidnapper.

The task will not be easy though, Kelso must pass through gorgeous yet treacherous lands filled with deadly predators and evil villains! Unlock friendly wombats, avoid enemies, defeat bosses, and save the day in what is sure to be the best puzzle/adventure game of the year!!!

iTunes Link:

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Check out GameHawk

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Hello guys,

Here to introduce a 3D realistic Badminton Mobile Game to you guys! This is fully develop by Unity3D. Hope you guys feel free to comment it and welcome to give out your opinions. Thanks.

Game Title: Jump Smash Legend

Platform: Windows Phone , Appstore (Coming Soon), Google Play Store (Coming Soon)

Genre: 3D Sport Simulation Game

Language: English, Chinese

Modes of play: Exhibition and Tournament

32 Realistic Characters

Player Tags: Worldwide cross platform Championship Ranking (iOS, Android , Windows Phone). Backup saved progress files into server.

JS+: Super Shot, Insurance, Medical Kit, Energy Drink



#100 Posted by Jump_smash (9 posts) -

Hello Guys, here to introduce a 3D Realistic Badminton Mobile Game [ Jump Smash Legend ] to you guys! This is fully develop by Unity3D. Let's check it out, feel free to give your comments to it.

Game Title: Jump Smash Legend

Platform: Windows Phone, Android (coming soon), iOS (coming soon)

Genre: 3D Sport Simulation Game

Language: English, Chinese

Modes of play: Exhibition and Tournament

Realistic Characters: 32 Realistic Characters

Player Tags: Worldwide cross platform championship ranking (iOS, Android , Windows). Backup saved progress files into server.

JS+ : Super Shot, Insurance, Medical Kit, Energy Drink.

Facebook: Click to Discover More

FREE DOWNLOAD: Windows Phone Store