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Hey guys! I’m the community director at an indie studio called Proletariat that is working on its first major release, World Zombination. Just posting to give everyone here a look at the game (which is still in development). I’d love to hear what people think about not only the game but the goal we built the studio upon: creating great multiplayer team based games.

We’ve been working on World Zombination since spring of last year and we’re steadily heading toward the beta (aiming for March or April). In a nutshell, it’s a faction-based strategy game that pits zombies and humans against each other in battles all over the world. You can play as either side, each with its own unique gameplay.

The game is made up of three main parts: moment-to-moment gameplay, the world map, and unit/army management. Here are the details of each piece:

Moment-to-Moment Gameplay: Infected

Each faction plays differently. The zombie faction, known as the Infected, has a reverse tower defense or real-time strategy feel. Right now we have only a single mission type, which is city invasion, but we plan to have more. The mission is set to last 4 minutes and players must destroy all enemy objective buildings and all human defenders in that time to get the maximum rewards in return. Strategy centers around which units to bring on the mission, which spawn points to choose from (each city has 4-8 locations), how much of the horde to deploy at each spawn point, and when to use special units.

Moment-to-Moment Gameplay: Survivor

The human faction, known as the Survivors, plays like a fixed path tower defense game. Players need to protect their objective buildings for 4 minutes. Humans are smarter than zombies so they have better AI. Players place units into squad points and each unit synergies differently depending on the other units in the squad. For example, if you put several Lumberjacks (melee units) in a squad with Gunfighters (short-range units), the Gunfighters will actually get into formation behind the Lumberjacks so they can be protected. Strategy focuses on which units to take on the mission, which squad points to place the units, which units to place in the squads and which squad points to reinforce once the waves start coming.

Also, players do not play head-to-head in the missions. These are currently always done against a procedurally generated opponent. The competition comes in at the world map level.

World Map

World Zombination is built to be a massively multiplayer game. Everyone, regardless of location or platform, will see the same world map. This map is populated with an array of potential cities currently available. Each battle is won by scoring victory points in the missions. The battles in the game currently come in a variety of flavors:

    • Solo Battle - This battle is always available and effectively works as single player progression
    • Solo Conflict - This is an event that pops up where players work by themselves to win enough missions to win the battle
    • Guild Raid - In this battle a guild officer or leader can start it and the entire guild can work together to win the battle
    • Guild vs. Guild - This is where two guilds compete over a city in an attempt to take control of it getting good rewards and a buff for the entire guild
    • World Conflict - These are the massive events where everyone in the game can participate. The rewards are big and players are ranked individually and by guild

Guilds and players must decide where they want to focus their attention. Each conflict is only open for a limited time and players in the same guild get a boost from working together so it is important to coordinate. This is the key piece we wanted to achieve. We want players to be texting each other telling them to login and go do a mission in Paris because the guild is so close to winning it. We want it to feel like you are working together as a team but you are not stuck waiting to be online at the same time, just in the same timeframe. These Conflicts and Raids will last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Unit and Army Management

At the end of each mission players get a new unit. Players can also get new units as rewards from things like Conflicts on the World Map. These units can be combined to level them up and make them more powerful. Each unit has three ranks where they become vastly better and are given a new perk. Choosing which units to level to match your specific play style is the key piece to this part of the game. We have about 15 base units per faction in the game right now with different varieties of rarity expanding this number greatly.

We are going to release first on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android. We are still figuring out how to release the game on PC (through Steam or something else).

You can see the progress of the game on our Twitch channel. Each Wednesday we do some live development and it varies from art to engineering to design. On Fridays we go through everything new that has been added to the game. You can also check out the Proletariat Inc YouTube channel to see more videos.

We're into transparent development and love to interact with fans and other gamers, so it would be awesome to hear what you think. Also, we have a ton of art and other posts up on our Facebook page:

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Introducing Flying Meat, the incredibly addicting, new game that will keep you captivated for hours. Tap on different meats and guide them through a series of knives avoiding sharp and pointy edges – move as quickly and carefully as you can without getting stabbed!

Flying Meat tests your speed and skill with different meat options and is fun for all ages!

Easy to learn, hard to stop! Guide Chicken, Steak, Bacon and Turkey through knives without them getting stabbed and cut apart! Watch out for the curves of the knives as you glide your meat through both the top and bottom knives. Go as far as you can and establish a challenging high score. You have to be fast and accurate.

  • Tap your way through a sequence of knives for endless hours of play.
  • Check the Leaderboard to see how you’re doing against other players. Compete with your friends and work your way up the board as you face off against tougher players.

Other Features

  • Great performance! Flying Meat is fast-moving and tests your coordination.
  • Easy controls. Super-sensitive controls let you to tap and move the meats effortlessly through the knives.
  • Cool graphics. Flying Meat contains a wild assortment of meats and is optimized for retina display.

Lead your meat to victory and enjoy this addicting game! COMING OUT SOON!

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I'm an Independent Developer and I just released new free iOS game designed specifically for 1 year old toddlers - TapThePic:

Here is the video where my daughter plays TapThePic at home:

I made this game together with my daughter. I was watching her play on iPhone and iPad, I've seen what she likes and what she does not like and designed game to be interesting to her personally.

She loves it. And as it turned out - other children and even parents love it too.The game is very nice looking and extremely simple - exactly what toddlers want.

1 year old children don't need too much interaction, they don't need scores, they don't need menu etc - they just want beautiful pictures, animations, sounds and nice music. So, TapThePic is all about that.

But at the same time I added special mode for parents where they can add own images and sounds, so they can turn this game into anything they want!

For instance, They can create educational app for child just by adding letters and numbers and recording pronunciation- here you go, ready app to learn alphabet. Or add flags and record country names and kids can learn how flags look like for different countries.

Endless possibility for changes, basically.

I'm not sure if TapThePic will be interesting for 3 year old children but 1 year old toddlers like it. :)

If you read it to the end, here is a bonus: TapThePic Premium -

Just ask me for promo codes and I will give it to you for free!

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This is a new game available only for Android and it's the biggest new thing. It's the funniest thing ever even though it has a big truth in it. It's about Leonardo vs The Oscars. every movie fan should check it!

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Check out Demolition Lander, inspired by the Atari classic: Lunar Lander!

We're bringing it directly to you in the hopes of getting your thoughts and feedback on our concept.

Once our campaign is fully funded, the game will hit the iOS platform in April 2014 with expansions to Android, Windows, Ouya, PC, and Mac in October 2014 then further expanding to Linux in December 2014.

Let us know you think, no matter if you hate it or love it!

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I'm Pietro Nifosì, game developer and creator of a new RPG Series entitled Evhacon, a LASTGEN RPG designed for the iOS platforms.



It features several episodes in which an unknown hero joins a group of Aecherian soldiers investigating a series of unusual events which are connected to a strange inexplicable mist descended from the highest peaks of Mount Komdur, in the northern lands of Antadamah.

This is the first episode of the series taking place in between the Outskirts and Capital City of Rhontir, in the western continent of Adamah.


Episode I - offers serveral hours of solid gameplay for both main questline and side quests. After that the player is given the opportunity to continue exploring the levels gathering gear and mats for the next episode.

You can get gear to outfit your hero from fallen enemies, traders, crates, chests. Although some containers as well as doors will require you to play the lockpicking minigame.

There is a strong assortment of swords, axes, maces, bows in the weapons category, along with suits of armor and shields.

The character progression is handled through attribute points and talents distribution.

The leveling system ties into this by letting you shape your character to better suit your play style.

There are two different interfaces for handling controls, one for exploration and the other for combat mode, both fairly intuitive.


The graphics are very well detailed for both architectures and characters.

This is one of the few iOS games featuring audio dialogues for every toon in the game.



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Zim to Neptune -

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Hi Guys,

My name's Luke, I'm a one-man Indie Dev just launching my first game on iOS and Android! It's been over a year in development, and is entirely self-funded.

The last son of Loomeria is launched from the planet moments before its destruction... Now he’s left all alone, hurtling through space!

Save Looma is a tile-based puzzle game featuring a cute, orphaned alien! Players must navigate Looma past a variety of hazards to reach safety, diverting his course using the gravity of Asteroids and other space objects. As the game progresses, Looma can collect stars to unlock other Galaxies! Each Galaxy introduces new mechanics, challenges and dangers… Can you Save Looma?

Instead of controlling Looma directly, the player must strategically place objects that will interact with him. Tile-based gravity takes complex Astrophysics and boils it down to simple rules that make sense even for children, promoting logical thinking and spatial reasoning in a fun manner for all ages.

Download now for free!


Google Play:

Official Website:


Twitter: @SaveLooma

Any questions or feedback, let me know!

Many thanks,

Luke Thompson

2d6 Games

Twitter: @2d6_Games

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Hi whole new game called Wacky Bird is here.

With addicting game play and lots of fun. You can chalenge your friends and beat there highscores, You can earn medals and enjoy the retro style 16 bit graphics of the game. It is not another Flappy bird clone, it is way more.

The story of the game is featuring around the WACKY inventor bird called Cha-la-ma-dee who invented the birdJet which can make him fly way faster than the other Birds around him. But the problem is that he have to pass them to get to the location where he wanted to go. Help him, and show him a way through the birds.

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We are Education Endeavor, and we just launched our 3D Education game project on Kickstarter. We are building games for Mobile that will provide kids a fun and educational adventure without violence. The topics will cover Language Arts and Mathematics. Please visit our Kickstarter link below to back our project and help spread the word.

Team Education Endeavor

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We are a small team of devoted developers on the iOS market. We have been building iOS apps since Day 1 of the App Store. Presently we’ve launched a new game project on Kickstarter. The game’s name is Overtime Rush. It is an infinite tower defense game for iPad with lots of action, skeletons, trolls, vampires on skates and more.

Overtime Rush was started as a side project we created for fun. We’ve worked on it for 2 years and now it is almost ready for the big time. We have a strong vision of the finished game and know exactly what to do. Everybody who tries the game already enjoys the art and the gameplay a lot.

Please support our project on Kickstarter and help us spread the word. Let us add something new to a tower defense games genre you love!

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From the creators of Papa Sangre 2 and The Nightjar comes the the most action-packed audio game on iOS. Audio Defence: Zombie Arena. Put on your headphones and get ready for an immersive gut-gripping, First Person Shooter like you’ve never played before.

In Audio Defence: Zombie Arena you are the Blind Warrior, a gunslinger fighting your way from anonymity to fame and glory in Dr. Bastard’s Zombie Arena, a deadly live show where the mischievous Dr. Bastard pits his zombie experiments against lone challengers for the bloodthirsty pleasure of the audience.

  • Feel a real threat as zombie hordes swarm 360º around you thanks to our powerful 3D audio engine.
  • Easy, intuitive controls to get right into action. Use Gyroscope controls and physically turn around you to fend off the undead (or use Tilt /Swipe controls if you prefer to sit down!).
  • Expand your arsenal with shotguns, automatic rifles, melee weapons and much more.
  • Two Game Modes to master you skills... and your fears.
  • No graphics. Aim with your ears! There’s no visual feedback about enemy location. Your device is a tool to help you aim and use your weapons.

Like our previous games, Audio Defence. Zombie Arena can be played with your eyes closed. Visually impaired players will find fully implemented accessibility features to navigate menus as well.The game's development is almost done and will be released on iOS on early Summer 2014. We also have a Kickstarter campaign to boost this project and keep us making audio games. You can check it out here: AUDIO DEFENCE KICKSTARTER


We’re looking to spot balancing issues, shoot down bugs and listen to your wise counsel to make Audio Defence: Zombie Arena the best game we can make. There will be prizes for our best testers!

  • High Score: The tester with a highest score in Endless Mode will get a £10 iTunes gift card.
  • Completionist: The first tester to complete all Challenges with 3 Stars each will get a £10 iTunes gift card.
  • Slayer: The tester with the highest kill count at the end of the Beta will get a £10 iTunes gift card.


Just follow this link and fill a brief questionnaire to get access to our Beta: BETA TESTER APPLICATION.

Important information for the Beta test:

  • This game requires earphones to play.
  • You need a Game Center account to be eligible for the above Beta Testing prizes.

Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook

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I am an independent developer. I just released a new game called Pixu Run for Android devices and iOS app is waiting for review from apple. This game is not a fancy game (and it is not a flappy bird clone). It is totally free (not a pay to win game). Please give it a try. It is called Pixu Run.

Control Scheme:

1. Touch top half of the screen to jump.

2. Touch bottom half screen to slide.

Download Here

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How would spies play word games? They’d conduct surveillance, use misdirection, and activate double agents to steal valuable assets. In Wordspionage, you can do all this and more!

- Cover ID: A blank tile to use as any letter.
- Surveillance: Spy on your opponent’s tiles.
- Misdirection: Shuffle the remaining multipliers on the game board.
- Switch: Switch one of your tiles with your opponent’s highest face value tile.
- Flash Bomb: Make the remaining multipliers on the game board invisible and unavailable for your opponent for one turn.
- Sabotage: Take away half of the score of your opponent’s last turn.
- Double Agent: Take away half of the score of your opponent’s last turn and add it to your total score.

“If you’re a fan of multiplayer word games, Wordspionage will give you an alternate take with plenty of new ways to make your friends crazy.” - Phil Hornshaw, Appolicious

“...mess up your opponent in a series of ingenious and frustrating ways...” - Jeremiah Rice, Android Police

- Download for iOS, free:
- Download for Android, free:

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[S.G.T] Smashing Good Time

Check out Smashing Good Time, a whack a mole based game play with a twist! Addictive & Fun for everyone!

The rules are simple, hit as many animals as you can in the limited time. The more you hit the higher your score. There are 12 challenging levels for you to clear. With each level cleared, a new animal with unique abilities is unlocked for you to discover. Activate power-ups such as shield, double points and more through combo hits. Combos are upgradable to help you progress further in your game play. Different combos are made up of various arrangements and number of animals to hit, testing your memory!

As the game progresses, it will become more challenging. With new animals to deal with and combos to remember. Compete with family and friends to see who has the best speed reaction and memory power. Best of all, [S.G.T] Smashing Good Time is Free to Play!


- 11 challenging Animals with special abilities for you to unlock and discover

- 12 levels with survival mode at the end

- Time based game

- Combos with several levels of upgrades

- Facebook enabled ranking with family and friends

- Crazy tapping

- Addictive & Fun!

Gamed for the challenge?

Available on iTunes for iPhones now!

Requirements: iPhone 4 and above iOS 5.0 minimum

iPad and Android versions will be our soon!

Download NOW!

Developed by EPICreationZ

Mobile Game Developers

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We so sorry, Our Project manager is a tinplate head, this is the right topic for the reply...

Hello, Manin Company is a small studio located in Valencia (Spain). We are trying to launch a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo for our video game "Patriot League vs Marauders" based on GPS location technology and augmented reality that we have developed in our studio for 2 years, the video game is a RTSG located in real world and we are confident in the product we are developing.

We want that u take a look on it, tell us if you think that it will be an interesting Video Game and what do you think about the Augmented Reality applied to video games.

Thanks in advance for your answers, the Manin Company developer team.

The link :

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hey guys,

I love cars and i decided a while ago i wanted to create a racing game for the muscle car category.

Check it out while it is FREE for you guys to test and comment Smile

Check it out here: 3D Muscle Car Racing

Would really love to get your comments on this, worked my ass off to make it.

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SEADELPHICA is a groundbreaking, innovative and unique mobile computer game for iOS®, Android™ and Windows Phone™ technologies. It tells the story of spiritual and physical development of the black dolphin ‘Jengu’, in a game that offers a live Tumblr™ newsfeed!

SEADELPHICA is a narrated story of the black dolphin ‘Jengu’ created in a secret scientific laboratory within the project on establishing interspecific communication. Its eyes, smart augmented reality glasses, its body, live online matter connected to the mysterious global electronic network “Oversense”.

Consistently experiencing the stages of spiritual development, the black dolphin learn to master powerful technologies. The dolphin will have to learn to create new elementary particles, light up new stars, create black and white holes, and in the end to re-program the entire Universe. But to achieve all that it will have to face the greatest endurance, to find cosmic love.

SEADELPHICA is divided into 24 levels where each level represents a chapter from the narrated “SEADELPHICA: Black Dolphin Fabula” storyline - Under the process of Jengu’s self development he will meet enemies who are much stronger than he is. For each such boss Jengu has to develop individual strategy to win. There are 8 bosses in the game, and each one is special, each one has unique mechanic of the fight, which differs from the common gameplay’s tasks and runners in the game. After killing each boss Jengu absorb his unique talent. Player can kill some bosses in a few ways.

SEADELPHICA will be available for iOS®, Android™ and Windows Phone™ technologies.

Features of gameplay:

- Gameplay forms by story-driven Runner and FreePlay. FreePlay is a meditative research of the unknown world. Player is born synchronous along with the black dolphin Jengu, and doesn’t know anything about the outside world the same as Jengu. Dangerous and dynamic Runners come afterwards, and in this part of the game Jengu has to prove his strength and speed

- SEADELPHICA can be played in different ways, you can choose a runner or pick the one with the storyline. The history of the world and spiritual growth of the dolphin come to the surface with help of the storyline. However, we are not insisting on the storyline, it is just one of the bonuses, if player wants just to relax and play runner he could easily do it

- There are two different end-pieces in the game

- Player has ability to connect his Tumblr™ blog with the game. Pictures from Tumblr™ are not pointless innovation; they influence the course of the game. As example, there will be boss named Zelig in the game who has the ability to materialize pictures from Tumblr™ in the reality and attack Jengu using these subjects. In its turn, Jengu can choose different ways of Zelig’s annihilation with the help of Tumblr™ pictures. One more example, Jengu will have access to the special seeds, which will transform into subjects from Tumblr™ blogs after sowing. With the help of such seeds you can build your own house or create new bio-synthetical creatures

- Jengu is not defenseless, he can connect with his body different weapons and during self-enrichments he discovers new skills – magic unicorn, wings and “shield”

To create our soundtrack and to record our audio, we have invited our friends from the Moscow creative community RAD. They are well-known producers from Russia and develop the local musical electronic stage. To complete the work on our soundtrack we invited three producers differing in style and mood: 813, Slava and Jenya Gorbunov, part of Stoned Boys band. Each one of them is working on the score for various game mechanics. Audio branding agency Radar is supervising the project.


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Hi Guys!

First of all, we would to introduce ourselves. We are Red Candle Studio, a small indie studio in Spain. We would like to present your our first IOS free2play game: CinemArt ®. (Dont worry Android Guys, we are developing our version! ;)

CinemArt ® offers a challenge to the true movie buffs. Use your knowledge about movies and test your memory to resolve all movie puzzles.

Itunes Link:


∎ Each design is a challenge.

∎ Use the clues to overcome the challenge.

∎ More than 70 designs to unlock.

∎ All genres featured: Horror, Comedy, Drama, Humor, Great Classics, ...

∎ Share your progress on Facebook and invite your friends to play CinemArt.

∎ Do you like a particular design? In our store you can buy posters, t-shirts, phone skins, etc.

∎ New Designs and Challenges very soon!

∎ Play CinemArt with your friends, it's really fun!

We would like to hear a lot of opinions and feedback about the game. Please fell free to send any suggestion through the contact button in the game.

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Join Sherman in his fun adventures. Sherman running through his own exciting world.

Join Sherman on his ultimate adventure across a vast land to find tonnes of fun. Sherman comes across many unforeseen circumstance as he follows a trail of magical fun quest

Help Sherman on this action packed adventure journey, as he leaps from platform to platform, through a challenging maze of obstacles.

This game is loads of fun, So what are you waiting for. Download and play Sherman’s Fun Run


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hey guys,

I love cars and i decided a while ago i wanted to create a racing game for the muscle car category.

Check it out while it is FREE for you guys to test and comment Smile

Check it out here: 3D Muscle Car

Would really love to get your comments on this, worked my ass off to make it.

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Hey, Short Fuse - new Type of puzzle connect the dots game!

The objective in Short fuse is to connect all points by creating the shortest paths possible! Although the rules are simple, the game is quite challenging. I believe people will enjoy it!

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Hi all ! Play it and have fun!

Have you ever had the dream to become a Fireman? Now you can! Play Firefighter Simulator 3D and save citizens from dangerous fires! Make your way to the fire point by driving different fire trucks! Use your siren to aware everyone about the disaster! Pilot the Fire Department Helicopter to put out bigger fires! Increasing your XP Points will give you acces to newer trucks!


- 6 Fire Trucks

- Fire Department Helicopter

- Interior Camera

- Realistic damage

- Cool Locations: city, countryside, mountain, desert and snow

- Lots of Exciting missions

- Tilinting, buttons and steering wheel controls

- Fireman third person control

- Online Achievements and Leaderboards

Trailer -

Download -

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My friend is developing a shoot'em up for iOS due for release in the next couple of months! Here's his trailer and press release! Check out the game's website at! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to PM me! Enjoy!

A shoot'em up with classic gameplay, modern accessibility, and unique multiplayer, Revolution Ace adds to the tried-and-true without diminishing what makes the genre great.

Coming soon to PC and iOS !


Fight a wide variety of air, land, and sea enemies with a customizable loadout of more than 20 weapons. Level up to unlock more weapon slots and perks that add additional passive bonuses like piercing and shield stealing.

Your armor and shielding won't quit on you the first time you get hit so you can concentrate more on destroying enemies and less on evading bullets. You can also upgrade your armor and shields for a stronger defense.

Unique Versus mode features two players competing side by side on their own fields with various ways to affect the other. Send additional enemies, hazards, make ships invisible or invulnerable and more to disrupt your opponent and get the higher score. (On mobile devices Versus is limited to Battle Chains, below)

Play an asynchronous Versus variant with the Battle Chains mode! Each player plays the stage while contending against the extras created by the previous player's turn. Upload your turn globally or send it to a specific friend to compete against. Every link forged in the chain will be tougher than the last!

(PC Exclusive) Local and online two player co-op expands the playable area while adding more enemies and modified patterns.

#427 Posted by iBear1 (7 posts) -
#428 Posted by saurabh_sameer (6 posts) -

Hello all,

Please visit the above link of our game.we ll b launching it soon.

Stay tuned for more game post here.


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LUMBERWHACK: DEFEND THE WILD - Tower & Castle Defense Sidescroller

One of the best tower defence games 2014” —The Android Galaxy
most fun castle defense games I've played...” —Touch Arcade
terrific fun...makes the time pass quickly.” —148Apps

In this action-packed strategy game you help Koko Kornelius, the mad and brave monkey to defend the wildlife from vicious tree-cutters. Team up a wide variety of fierce animals and create the ultimate wall of defense - will you come out on top?

Google Play:

iTunes App Store:


Choose your own path through this seemingly endless game in a quest to become the king of the hill! This addictive game will keep you entertained for hours on end with exciting gameplay and 66 unique levels! If that’s not enough - unlock survival mode!

Discover and upgrade the Smashback Gorilla, Punchbag Panda, Banana Magnet and many more unique characters and skills in this wild adventure. All with there own special abilities!

Battle chainsawers, gunslingers, medics and more. This exhilarating tale isn’t a walk in the park - each lumberjack presents you with a new threat and a challenge to overcome!

- The ultimate strategy and action-defense game, wrapped into one wild package!
- Compete with your friends via Google Play or Game Center Leaderboards!
- Get the ultimate time score on the endless Survival Mode!
- Collect over 40 achievements as you advance through the game! Can you collect them all?
- Stunning graphic and beautiful animations!

“Get ready for one of the most fun Tower Defence game that you could ever play on your android and even iOS device. Here is Lumberwhack Defend the Wild the android game in which you will get to team up with a wide variety of wild animals ready to stand up for their forest homes...” —The Android galaxy

“Lumberwhack is perfect for quick sessions, long playthroughs, or anything in-between…one of the most fun castle defense games I’ve played.” —Touch Arcade

“You will find yourself missing stops on a train trying to fight off the waves of enemies, and not care one bit.” —Developer's Accomplice

“Tower defense fans should certainly give this a try!” —iFanzine

“This is tower-defense gaming evolved: incorporating features of other titles in the genre and refining them into something addictively pure.” —Noobsource

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Most Popular Ringtones

Most Popular Ringtones app will boost you mobile phone with some of the greatest ringtones there are. In this app you will find entertaining, relaxing, techno and exotic sounds. These melodies can also serve you as your text message ringtones, alarm, widget or timer.

Available Features:

- Set as ringtone, assign to contacts

- Set as alarm and timer sound

- Set as SMS ringtone

- Set as widget

- Share on social networks or email sounds

- App is translated to English, Srpski, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español, Português, Русский, Polski, Svenska, 한국어, عربي, 日本語, Türkçe, ภาษาไทย, Ελληνικά, Bahasa Indonesia.

Most Popular Ringtones app is now available on Google Play Store! Try it out now, it’s free!

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★ We give away new character ‘Sentinel’ to all new users by March 31st! ★

iOS (Apple App Store):
Android (Google Play):

Dungeons & Golf World

Time to tee-off! The number one Japanese golf game is finally available in GLOBAL mode! Take on players from around the world and help put your country where it belongs - at the top of the leader boards!

“I expected to play this for about ten minutes and delete it but instead the game play is superb and the setting is so laughably different that I could not help but fall in love. Dungeons & Golf World goes beyond just innovating arcade golf games, it pushes expectations as far as social gaming goes as a (w)hole…in one.” (App Store Arcade)

Forget all the other golf games you’ve ever played. Forget the players in stuffy golf coats and the safe, green courses. This is a whole different ball game - a raging fantasy world of full-on golf combat, where your adversaries are not just your friends, but the whole golfing world!

Play golf? Hah! Play fantasy!

*Dungeons and Golf has been designed and developed by the lead developer of FINAL FANTASY XI, Mr. Yoshiyuki Miyagawa.

[Official Homepage]

[SNS Link]
Twitter: @Mobblo_global

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donkulous DONKEYS - Unapologetically HARD game for iOS.

We've just released a new free iOS game, donkulous DONKEYS. It's an unapologetically hard but insanely addictive retro arcade game, inspired by Bill Gates' first one-and-only DOS game.

donkulous DONKEYS is free to download. And players can share their gameplay videos on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to showoff their lightning-fast tapping skills.

Check it out and let us know if we should make it harder ;)

donkulous DONKEYS - angry tiny infinite

Gameplay videos of donkulous DONKEYS

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While trying to avoid the arrows, dont fall back down when the island beneath you starts to disapera into dust.

And if you meet the Bird dont trust him, he will grab you and fly away with you!

Ohh, and of course theres a Monkey who sometimes show up just to annoy you.

Get it in the Play Store

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FluffyBird will be available this weekend on iOS :)

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I've created a really cool augmented reality game: Fight of the Castle. Its free to play and available on the google play store!

Also on indieDB:

Download the image required to play from one of the following links. You can print the image in both black 'n white and full color!

download image from download image from

Download the game:

Fight of the Castle is an epic tower defence based augmented reality game. Defend your castle, upgrade your turrets and fight the enemy.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented reality is adding virtual content(like 3D objects) on top of the real world with your camera. With Fight of the Castle you view the image with any supported android device. Then the image becomes interactive. Defend your castle by using your fingers to get rid of the enemy!

Game features:

  • Its completely FREE. There is no paid version. You can play the full version for free
  • After each wave, the game saves automatically(So if the game crashes, you barely lose data)
  • It has augmented reality!
  • Tabled and phone support!
  • Upgradable turrets
  • Upgradable gun
  • Over 40 balanced waves. After that endless mode will occur
  • 4 save slots
  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • a lot of enemies to kill!!
  • Much, much more!

Gameplay trailer:

Cinematic trailer:


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Hello all!

Tankmen 3D is a new video game I have been working on for about a year. I NEED help with funding to hire developers and make it available to the general public. is linked to an Indiegogo project I created explaining it all... Thank you so much!!!

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Check out Weeble Wobble Games first independent iphone game, and let us know what you think and how we can make it better.

Shark Bait

Also follow us on Facebook for updates on the game.


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Zim to Neptune is a classic space themed shoot'em up game. It is cleverly designed to challenge your reflexes and wits. Go on lone assaults through the universe, as you take on relentless alien space crafts and waves of incoming objects. Travel to different planets until you reach to Neptune. You are even able to continue your journey until you arrive to the mysterious planet called Zim. Earn credits as you destroy oncoming enemies and upgrade your ship during your journey.


★ Appealing power up system

★ Exciting ship upgrades

★ Classic space shooter game mechanics

★ Achievements to challenge your skills

★ Leader boards to take on the world

Zim to Neptune is also compatible with many older devices.

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Hi there,

My name is Annabel and I am the developer of the Trunkie Game. Trunkie is a first person shooter game. In the game, you help Trunkie shoot peanuts out of his trunk to the mice who are invading his world. It is a simple game and if you have some time, I hope you download and have fun playing it and I would appreciate any feedback. The free version of the Trunkie Games can be downloaded from the App Store here:

iPad download:

iPhone download:

You tube link:

Facebook page:

Trunkie's home page:

Here is a picture of Trunkie:

Thank you,


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Hi guys and gals. I'm making this game Dungeon Bash for IOS and Android.

You get to control a team of three different characters every time you play, from about 30 playable characters. Like team could be an acid blob, a troll and a cave lion, for instance.

Im happy to answer any questions and would love any feedback. A bit about the game and a screen shot after the link. Obviously the game is for mobile sized screens so the GUI on the right looks largish, but for a small screen its nicely finger-sized.

Dungeon Bash is a roguelike with a pure squad-based tactical focus. The player takes control of three weird and wonderful creatures and has to learn to use them effectively.

The emphasis is on devising a strategy based on the most effective way to use each of your team members, given their skills, abilities and equipment, in each new tactical situation they find themselves in.

This is no 'keep walking your one character into things until they die and hope you find a killer weapon somewhere' type of roguelike. It's constant planning, tactics, positioning and reassessment, with very little downtime in the form of wandering aimlessly.

You can position your party members to tank or flank.

Marching order in corridors and when descending levels matters

At each stage, you will be distributing your limited equipment resources between your team members to make them more effective for the roles you assign

Do you go for your specializing each character for a particular role, or do you make them more adaptable? There are so many type of enemy, with so many different strengths and weaknesses - there is no one 'one size fits all' solution.

The big bad guy is really bad. By the time you get to him, you better have your team honed to a razor sharp edge.

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Hi guys. I'm new here on the forums. I've been working on a couple of games for mobile phones for a couple of years now (or close to it) and we just began our 2nd game. I was wondering if you guys might be willing to give some feedback. The game is a mixture between sim games and 2d action side scroller with an open world element. During the day you send your character, that you create, to work in order to earn in game currency which you can then use to buy upgrades for his/her apartment or new outfits. They also own a smart phone. So with that currency you can also purchase minigames for the character to play while they're at work. At night though, when the player puts them to sleep, they dream. The dreams can be nightmares at times, survival horror, or other times you may lead armies into battle. We're putting a huge emphasis on choices. So depending on the choices of the player, the game worlds can change drastically. We're hoping to add in game romances that the player can choose to follow through with or not. We're also focussing on a pixel art look. You can check out our facebook, link below, to see the art style that we've developed. And of course, if you like what you see please help support us by giving us a like/share. Any input is greatly appreciated guys [​IMG]

Our first trailer!


Screenshot of one of the many dream environments to explore.


Screenshot of our inventory system. Lots of customization options coming!