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Hi everyone! :)

Peaksel has developed a new action game for Android platform - Monster Killer: Shooter Mayhem. It is totally free and available for download on Google Play!

We hope that we have created one of those addicting, cool shooting games which make your time go by faster when you're bored. This time, we have a couple of legendary action heroes (it's on you whom you're going to choose) who are supposed to save the world from a monster invasion. The mission is simple - kill or die hard!

The game play is available here.

As mentioned, the game is completely free, so feel free to tell us what you think about it and send some feedback. We would really appreciate it.

Thank you! :)

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Nick and Jane HD

Hey guys! This is my very first post here at Gamespot, just wanted to announce the release of my studio's first game, Nick and Jane HD!

The world has been thrown into the future where every apocalyptic scenario has occurred simultaneously! Its a Runner, Action/Adventure game where you can play as either Nick or Jane to smash, bash, punch, kick, shoot, swing, and ride your way through 5 unique worlds all with specific game mechanics and rewards!

There's also an extensive in-game store where you can customize your characters and buy fun, powerful world-suits that change how the game is played! Unlock a 3rd playable character when you find all 5 pieces of eMan the robot, who is upgradable to unleash godlike power!

Hope you guys enjoy the game, its free to play on iOS now! Optimized for the iPad 2+, iPhone 4s+ : (it plays on the older devices, just not as buttery smooth)


Here's the gameplay trailer I just made:

More info on our website:

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Hello everyone, it is my pleasure to introduce you

The Great Wobo Escape

The Great Wobo Escape is a story driven action puzzle platformer centered on a group of mining bots escaping from a maximum security mining colony.

You are helping the main character, a cute little robot named Wobo and his enslaved assembly line buddies, small mining bots – Woblings to escape from a mining colony.

The Great Wobo Escape is shaping up to be an epic success! -- A Punching Beta Preview

Key Features

  • Fast paced platforming game full of action, puzzles, enemies, traps and hazards
  • Rewarding logical and action oriented puzzle solving
  • Unique visual style – play as futuristic robot, fight steampunk/mechanical enemies
  • Various environments – escape from an asteroid mining colony, hide in a space station, fight on an asteroid surface, survive through factories and assembly lines
  • Rich story in detailed sci-fi world, told from robot’s perspective – e.g. will Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics be applied in future? Will robots have feelings? Will intelligent robots create their own myths and legends, will they want their own freedom?
  • Unlock additional bonus content and new modes or characters through optional mini-game puzzles between levels
  • Approachable by young audience. Robots won’t die, only turn off in many funny ways.

The Great Wobo Escape - TechDemo Trailer #2

The Great Wobo Escape - TechDemo Trailer #1

Find the way

Wobo's journey starts with figuring out the right path (leading towards the end of each level – to an exit) through platform-like levels. Not every walkway is solid enough to walk, not every elevator gets you closer to the safety. Large level can be a maze - locate and switch the correct levers, use elevators or assembly lines, turn on bridges, hack computer terminals, open the right doors, but most importantly don’t get lost a keep running… time is running and the fate of robots depends on you!

Save your buddies

Optionally, Wobo can choose to find and save other small robots called Woblings. The more Woblings you save, the higher score you will achieve. But more importantly, the positive impact on an entire robot population will change the game ending. Scattered throughout each extensive level, ‘hack’ them first so they start to follow Wobo. Unfortunately, ‘hacking’ corrupts their security protocols so they will require your full care and their every movement must be controlled by the player (make sure they won't fall down or get hammered!). This side objective in every level brings even more action and adventure, introduces new approaches to the gameplay, requires different puzzle solving patterns, as well as, creates additional set of challenges.

Face or outsmart enemies

Letting Wobo escape is just too risky for the H.A.R.M. corporation, the owner of the mining colony, all the robots and Wobo as well. They will try to stop him at all costs. As Wobo is unarmed, you have to choose to either face enemies by turning their own guns against them or to avoid and trick them. Robotic security guards, flying drones, mobile sentry gunners and many other evil robots will try to find and shut down Wobo. Can Wobo die? Not really, he will be just powered down, his internal memory will be erased and circuits will be recycled. Which is basically a death, right?

Stay hidden

Make sure he will stay undetected by security cameras and turrets to avoid alarms. Use the environment to your advantage - stay hidden or outsmart enemies, otherwise your escape will be quickly compromised. What is more, dangerous traps will make the route even more difficult.

Solve puzzles, avoid hazards and traps

Get Wobo in one piece over the landscape full of enemies and hazards, eliminate traps, clear obstacles and solve various puzzles to create a safe passage for him and his fellow robots. The greatest journey ever taken by mechanical creature can change the fate of all robots.

More info on Steam Greenlight.

Or follow the game progress through: Web I Facebook I Twitter I YouTube I DeviantArt I Steam Greenlight

Our previous games: Portfolio

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Undersky: The Eternal Saga

Genre: City-building arcade

Platform: iOS

Game page:

Undersky: the Eternal Saga is a free-to-play genre-mixed game: city building, role-playing arcade and strategy.

Game features:

- fantasy plot with epic Good vs. Evil confrontation

- variety of turn-based battles against supernatural creatures

- army of battle units featuring human beings and mythical creatures

- 4 unique battle unit types

- a pack of 54 collectible cards designed for characters' upgrade

- unlimited storyline, open ending

- game mechanics mixing: farming, card fusions, battle mode with animated units

Download on the App Store:

Get it on Google Play:

Available for Windows Phone:

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My name is Yuval Cohen and I would like to introduce you guys at to our new game SQUBAttack, Here is a short video of our game:

The game is an action game for both kids and adults.

You drive a Scuba vehicle in an underwater monster infested world.

This is not a hard game to play and the player can easily earn enough coins in order to buy an upgraded vehicle. This game is totally FREE.

We are a new company and we make our own graphics, and most of our music and effects are made in house as well.

You can download our game here:

Attached are some preview screens of the game:

We hope you will enjoy the game and review it on your web site

Thank you Jason,

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Yuval and Itay Cohen

Zemagen Studios with IC3D (still under constraction)

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Mystery Castle HD - Episode 4 - The Mystical Pagoda

Join Monty the wizard on yet another adventure as he explores an ornate pagoda, which is being shattered to
its core by lava and ice. A nasty Monster Baron at the centre of the pagoda is responsible for all the havoc
and destruction. Monty has to stop him!

Monty will have to possess the golems and ghosts and control them to do his bidding, as he battles his way
through the crumbling castle. Walk safely on lava as a Fire Golem or fly through the air as a ghost. At last, you
can use the monsters to your advantage!

Can you figure out all the puzzles and vanquish the Monster Baron before the pagoda crumbles to smithereens?

Mystery Castle: The Mystical Pagoda is suitable for players of all ages with sharp wits that enjoy brainteasers,
puzzles and adventure.

  • Designed both for new players and those that have played through other episodes.
  • 36 stages of excitement and awe.
  • Unique to this episode: take control of the monsters roaming the Pagoda, and let them do your bidding.
  • Hint system to help players progress further.
  • Humorous dialogue
  • 4 bonus stages from Episode 1 - The Fortress Underground
  • 4 bonus stages from Episode 2 - The Frozen Citadel
  • 4 bonus stages from Episode 3 - The Enchanted Tower
  • 4 bonus stages from Episode 5 - The Tomb of Fear

On Google Play

On Amazon

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Hey all!

Digi Sky Games is proud to release our second game on Google Play. We're wondering if we could get your opinion on it and get some feedback so we can make the game even better! We used Spriter and Corona SDK to make the game.


Addictive, Innovative, and FREE Match-3 Puzzle Gameplay with lots of RPG fun! Play as a powerful Valkyrie on a quest to rid you homeland of monsters!


Little Valkyrie features:

Super responsive Casual game play.

Simple and engaging action!

Super cool power-ups to help you in your quest!

Beautiful scenery, Animating characters and backgrounds

Daily Rewards just for logging in.

Playable offline.

Plays well on a small screen. Looks fantastic on a tablet.


Little Valkyrie is a different take on the normal Match-3 Puzzle Games. If you like candy crush, puzzle and dragons, pet rescue, try this game out!

Download on GooglePlay

Video of Little Valkyrie

Like us on Facebook

DigiSkyGames Home

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Gargula Bloodrush the 2D infinite runner that throws you into a nightmarish retro style world of horror and gore. That combines fast action play and a darkened, high contrast colour scheme. Along with its hard hitting soundtrack and renaissance setting.A side scrolling arcade action infinite runner that throws you into a nightmarish retro style renaissance world of horror and gore. Combining fast action play, upgradeable abilities, an ominous art style influenced by comics horror, and 16 bit games of the 80's/90's. And to top it off the soundtrack by the most influential death metal band ever, DEATH(Official).

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Home Sweet Trolls, Lemmings like

Help your tiny little trolls going back home ! inspired by the famous Lemmings game from the 90's.

Reflexion/action based game

80 new tricky minded levels over 4 originals worlds !

Pixel retro style

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Ninja Chaos, a real Action ninja game with simple tap and swipe control in beautiful 3D world

Available on Apple app store, Ninja Chaos is compatible with iPhone 4 and newer, iPod touch 4 and newer, iPad 1 or newer.

Download from App store

Coming soon to Android app store!!

Game Description

It's you versus an endless onslaught of ninjas. Move fast, dodging and flipping around countless ninja stars. Counter-attack with your own weapons using your lightning reflexes. This addictive game with simple to learn touch controls lets you gracefully roll, flip and double jump through ninja stars with simple tap controls. Attack and perform super moves by simply swiping.Battle in various environments ranging from temples, jungles and beaches. Each setting contains unique traps to keep you on your toes.


  • Multiple characters to unlock
  • Battle it out in a variety of locations with different environmental traps
  • Combo point system
  • Advanced graphical shader effects with retina support
  • Upgrade your character stats
  • Multiple power ups

Social gameplay

Ninja chaos fully supports Apple Game Center leader boards and challenges. Also compete with your friend's scores on Facebook and post custom Ninja Card stats to show off your skills.

Ninja Chaos Screenshots

Ninja Chaos game trailer

Facebook page

Twitter page

Website and feedback page

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by Damon Mathews

price: FREE

Bounce or Roll is an all new uniquely designed accelerometer arcade game that offers an innovative one of kind game play experience that has not been seen on any game on any system. What sets it apart from other games is the way the main character bounces to obstruct your view of the game board, the ability to roll like a marble, top down perspective game play, and characters that offer special powers in addition to alternative graphics. Bounce or Roll is filled with progressive level game play, progressive enemies and enemy squares, bonus and boss levels, as well as numerous available power items and upgradeable features. Because of the sheer awesomeness of this game and the completely new way of game play, there is a small learning curve as you become aware of the board and what Bounce can do. You will not beat this game in a day or even a week, but you will get addicted and it will challenge your patience. Enjoy!

How to Play

Knock out as many colored squares as you can without falling off the game board. Collect coins along the way to purchase power items from the shop, or use gems to continue your progress after falling. Each level is progressively more difficult than the last. Have Fun!

Here are some important links:



Twitter: @bounce_or_roll



Here is the iTunes Description:


Presented by

BOUNCE high into the sky!


ROLL carefully from square to square.

Don’t fall off the board as you help Bounce find his friends lost in a giant purple storm.

Bounce or roll through level after level of colored squares, coins, gems and more!

Beware: Coin stealing critters will try to impede your progress.

- Uncover treasure chests!

- Dodge bomb carrying killer bees!

- Special power items and characters!

- Bonus coin levels!

- Fast paced accelerometer based controls!

- Exciting HD retina display graphics!

An iPhone App with hd optimized graphics for retina resolution.

Bounce or Roll is compatible with iPod 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPad Air.

iOS 7 or later OS version is required.


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World of Cheese is logic puzzle adventure game where you visit 7 different locations and solve the problems in 35 levels. You will play in role of little mouse which has to face the danger of hunger.

You control the game by easy point-and-click system and you can challenge your friends in Top Players chart. Less taps mean higher position in Top Players chart.

The game is available for:


Google Play:


- 7 different locations

- 35 levels

- Logic puzzle game

- House full of adventures

- Easy to control, just point-and-click (or rather point-and-tap)

- Cute cartoon graphics

- Catchy music

- Family fun game

We will appreciate every feedback :)

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Jigsaw Puzzles & Dragons Game

Let the dragon mania begin! If you are one of those people who like comical and charming characters, if you like dragons, or you are just a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast then Jigsaw Puzzles & Dragons Game is made for you.

How to play Jigsaw puzzles & Dragons game:

♥ Download the game

♥ Press “PLAY” button to start

♥ In the upper part of the screen you will find the menu in a shape of a dragon`s tale. Available features in that menu are as follows:

-On/Off music sounds

-Choose the language of the game. The game is translated to English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español, Português, Русский, Polski, Čeština, Svenska, Nederlands, Srpski, Hrvatski, Türkçe, 汉语/漢語, عربي, Bahasa Indonesia, 日本語, 한국어, ภาษาไทย, Ελληνικά.

♥ Choose the difficulty level. There are three levels to go: easy, medium and hard.

♥ Choose the puzzle you want to solve and click on the picture to shuffle pieces. Move the pieces to the right position to recreate the image...

Download for Free on Google Play: Jigsaw Puzzles & Dragons Game

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This game is on App Store NOW:


#### FEATURES ####

- Retro Arcade Jewels Match.

- The most ADORABLE & FUNNY & EXCITING & ADDICTIVE jewel match (color match) type game. If you like jewel games, YOU MUST HAVE THIS!!!

- Solid gameplay, delight in skills.

- 5 difficulty levels could be chosen. ( 3 will be unlocked if you get up to some high scores and skills. )

- Funny special events will happen when level goes up or LOVE HEARTs collected!!

- All features are UNLOCKABLE BY YOUR SKILLs, you don't need to pay money if yours are good enough!!

- Always AUTO SAVE game when you have a phone call or exit the game by the Home Button.

- Game Center Leaderboards & Achievements.

- iCloud for Game Setting & Saved Game, and continue on other devices anywhere. (Requires iOS 5 or later.)

*** NOTE ***

Please notice this game is DESIGNED FOR USING 2 THUMBS / FINGERS TO PLAY. If a player just use only 1 thumb / finger, he will lose control definitely. (Only when you are trying to be a SUPER CLASS player, you can use only 1 finger to challenge yourself.)

I do such design since I want it to become a ACTIVE & EXCITING game, more ACTION feature within.

1 FINGER CONTROL may NOT manage the action of "Interchange & Target column position" as well IN THE SAME TIME.

Try it using 2 thumbs of 2 hands, DECIDE TARGET COLUMN & SEQUENCE BEFORE IT DROPS, you will be so excited and having much fun with HIGH SCORES.

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Zombie Vault is now avilable on app store and can be downloaded from her:

Players use tilt control to move hero and dodge zombies. Power-ups appears on left wall to freeze the zombies or covert the player into invincible ninja or red zombie.

Compete with players around the world for highscore on Game Center.

App is optimized for iPhone and iPad resolution.

Please download and rate us.

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Doom by Eltechs

I would like to share with you our app "Doom by Eltechs" available on Google Play:

We launched Original DOOM in the last week of 2013 and got 40k+ installs only in 10 days! Unfortunately Original DOOM was suspended on Google Play. But we have fixed all issues and now we are back in the game with new name Doom by Eltechs!

Our mission is that we are bringing original desktop applications to mobile devices. In this case it's Doom. Players could relive the original DOOM experience and fight their way through hordes of demons from Hell - just as you did in the good old days!

So if you like old school shooters this is the game for you!

And what's more interesting is that under the hood there is a sophisticated virtualization engine that allows us to run desktop apps "as is" (i.e. without recompilation) on mobile devices and a lot of old games is coming soon!

Hope you will like it!

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Online Radio Free!

Online Radio Free app allows listening to stations with or without the headphones, which makes it possible to listen to radio in any situation.

Available features:

- Listening without headphones

- Set timer and sleep timer so that radio station turns off itself

- Save or share app on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter

- The widget of the app will appear in the notification so that you could control radio streaming even when the app is turned off

- Use widget option to set your favorite radio station as a shortcut on your home screen.

- Set favorites to create a list of favorite music channels for quick access

- Choose ‘more’ button to research other apps

- Set a radio alarm clock

**NB. For this app to work, internet connection is required. In case there is no internet connection and you have set alarm, you will be woken up by the default alarm from your mobile phone.

Google Play;

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Hello, I am indie developer from Taiwan. Rune Clash is my first game.

I appreciate any comments and suggestions.

iTunes Link:

Game Video:

Rune Clash is an iPhone game. Player collects and enhances various runes and choose proper combination to defeat powerful enemies.

Combat System

Six runes can be equipped and use in combat. Since the each monster's behavior are different, player should select runes appropriately according current enemy to against.

Character screen, runes can be equipped to six slots of screen

There are five types of rune

Each runes have different function

When rune is selected in combat, random symbols will appear at center of screen. The number of symbols are equal to “Activate cost” of the rune. Tap same symbol button on both sides of screen to eliminate the symbols. Rune will work after all symbols are eliminated.

Tap the previously equipped rune to activate it

Tap buttons according the symbols at center of screen to finish the activate of rune

Combat is real-time, enemy still attack when player activate the rune and therefore fast&correct symbol elimination brings advantage in combat. Based on character’s ability, critical hit and block sometimes happen in fight. Critical hit only happens when activate an attack rune. A sword-shape count down timer will appears when critical hit occur. If all symbols are eliminated before countdown finish, the attack becomes critical hit and do double damage to enemy.

Tap all symbols before the sword disappear to make a critical hit!

Block only happens when enemy attack. A shield-shape button will appear on random position of screen. If player tap it in time, enemy’s attack will be blocked. Because the shield button only appears for very short time, whether can block successfully depends on player reflexes! Besides, block only affect physical attack and no way to against magical attack.

Tap shield button to block to attack

Selection of Runes

Runes must be chosen according to enemy to defeat. For example, Goblin Warrior could activate “Shield” rune to increase block ability and “Counter Attack” rune to damage opponent when make a successfully block.

Runes of Goblin Warrior

Player can choose magical attack rune to avoid that combo, or activate “Defense Break” to decrease the block ability of Goblin Warrior before a physical attack.

“Defense Break” rune

Besides, one more rune of Goblin Warrior is “Backstab” which will cause damage if player is in rune activate(symbol input) phase. To prevent the damage, player can hold in rune selection when notice Goblin Warrior is activating the “Backstab” rune.

Patience is a virtue

Take “Ghost” for another instance, it will activates “Disappear” rune when life is low. Attacks may miss and Ghost’s life will restore continuously if player does not equip a hit rate-increase rune.

“Disappear” rune

Adventure and Loot

Adventure begins automatically after select a stage. No addition control is necessary during adventure screen.

Stage selection
Adventure screen

Different events happen during adventure such as combat, treasure chest, and life recovery. New runes, gold, or rune shards also can be found in adventure.

Life recovery

Treasure chest

Gold can be paid for new rune in shop. Rune shards are necessary to enhance rune level in temple.

Heal rune is important!
Enhance the power of rune

Monster Collection

After first combat, enemy’s runes, abilities, and loots will be added into monster collection. The information is indispensable for adventure.

Monster collection
Detail information

Plan and Price

First two areas are free. Three regular and two hidden stages in each area. Two more areas can be explored via IAP. More areas and PvP combat are planned in future version.

First two areas: Abandoned Mine and Troubled Wild

3rd and 4th areas: Pale Swamp and Orc Fortress

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Hi all,

This is my second game, first with the Unity platform, Doomsday Asteroid.

An asteroid we've been mining has taken a course for Earth! Your mission is to destroy the core power generator, which is constructed inside the asteroid. If you can destroy the generator the asteroid should brake up and no longer be a threat to Earth.

I will continue adding new content, levels, etc.. So if you pay for version 1.0, check back in on version 1.2 or so and see what's new. There will never be in-app products.

Link >>

Thank You,


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Days of War is a third-person shooter in which players assume the roles of members of an U.S. or Terrorist Player engage in multiplayer

matches with up to 8 players. The online multiplayer mode of Days of War retains a unlockable reward system as

that of Armed Conflict: Free to play, with game modes that include Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch and Territory.

Players use machine guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles to kill enemy soldiers throughout the battlefields.

You can level up your soldier to unlock over 20 different weapons like M16A1 or AK-47 and customize your soldier with equipment

like scopes or larger magazines.



- Multiplayer with 2 to 8 players

- Many different perks

- High quality console graphics

- Unlockable reward & level system

- Right and left handed control

- Realistic sounds

- Precise touchscreencontrol

- Offline-Mode

Link: iTunes

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Hello, i`ve just published Tetris 3D free puzzle game on Google Play! Have fun with this interesting game!



I was inspired to create Tetris 3D free puzzle game by listening to Betamax defender music.

I wanted to visualize it in a game. I heard it hundreds of times to make good synchronization.

I think it`s good enough so check it out.

I wish Tetris 3D free puzzle game would never die so please help it be alive by telling friends about it and giving a rate.

Artur Urbański


Single tap or tap on button with an arrow - the block falls down.

Swipe in any of 6 directions on one side - the block rotates..

Swipe in any of 8 directions on the other side - the block moves.

Swipe down slowly - the block goes down.

Swipe using 2 fingers -the camera view changes


* Missions

* 3 sizes of scene

* 3 types of modes

* Animation fits to music.

* View from any direction.

* 27 different shape blocks.

* 7 kinds of special powers.

* 6 diffrent ways to rotate blocks.

* Battle with others on 9 leaderboards.

* Moving blocks fits to the actual angle of looking.

* You can change colours and shapes of the cubes.

* Averages on the diagram help you check your progress.

* You can change headstart from 0% to 80% of average score.

* The actual position of the block is marked on walls and bottom.

* Blocks move only one position so it counteracts moving them too far.

* Your fingers don't have to aim at buttons to rotate and move blocks. All u need is swiping and tapping.

* The first mistake doesn't end the game. You get a warning about it and two exclamation marks appear on the screen. Only the second penalty causes the end of the game.


- Help yoursef by using specials.

- Play every day to get more coins per piece.

- Beat your averages to get more coins per piece.

- Complete missions to get more coins in each game.

- Look at scene from a diffrent angle (even from under the bottom) to find gaps in your construction.

- Care when 2 red exclamation marks are on the screen because the next penalty can cause game over.

- Observe gap indicator on top of the screen. U will easily know about almost completed layers.

1 gap - green

2 gaps - yellow

3 gaps - orange

>4 gaps - red

#374 Posted by eserendib (1 posts) -

We present a new application of storytelling for children. Our first application of 4STONES GAME STUDIO.The application is free and can be configured in English and Spanish, both narratives as subtitles. For children to become accustomed since childhood to hear two languages both as to read it. Who did not learn English through video games in the 80s and 90s? We think that you can learn by playing. We have devoted special care to design stories. We value the artistic design, each page has been penciled on paper to keep the stroke and the original and traditional style of our artist. We offer Free tale, The Pied Piper to assess the quality of their stories.The full list of stories is:The Pied Piper (Free)The Steadfast Tin Soldier The Princess and the PeaThe Magic grinderGoldilocksthe Little MermaidThe Ugly DucklingOur first job was this application, but we plan to continue improving the storytelling , making different versions of Tiny Tales and go into the world of video games. We leave you with two versions, a light of about 70 Mb and HD version for tablets and high-end phones more definition and weight.

Promotional video:

Links to Google Play,Normal version: HD Version:

Thanks for your attention :)

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Word Mash

A great game for those who love word puzzles! Can you find the 15 words hidden in the grid of letters? How about the special nine-letter word?

All of the letters in a word are connected on the grid, either horizontally or vertically. Traverse the grid and find all the words - each will be noted on the list below. Simple!

Word Mash contains 100 hand-crafted puzzles, each containing 15 words that need to be found for a total of 1500 words and hours of fun.

Are you a brilliant Word Detective able to track down every word?

A puzzle may be paused and resumed at any time, and the player's progress on each puzzle will be saved. A hint mode is available if you need a little

help finding the last few words in a puzzle.

If you are a fan of word games you must try this game! Try it now for free!

- Features a Hint mode

- Hours of fun: 1500 words that need to be found

- Casual fun: Easy to pick-up and play, even for just a few minutes.

On Google

On Amazon


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To view and download the app just follow this Address:

To try out ME Math Challenge on Facebook, do a search for ME Math Challenge on facebook or click https://apps.faceboo...=0&fb_bmpos=2_0

To try it out on the web, you can go to the Melero Education website at

We have a Facebook: https://www.facebook...memathchallenge

and Twiiter:

Preview of our next version:

If you have any questions or suggestions please post them. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you,


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Hey, let us introduce you Shadowmatic! It's a meditative 3D puzzle game of finding shapes hidden in shadows.

The player rotates seemingly abstract three-dimensional objects in spotlight, making their shadows form familiar silhouettes relevant to the surrounding environment

Check out this gameplay preview and let us know what you think!

Game features:

  • Over 70 unique levels
  • 9 distinct environments
  • Photorealistic real-time 3D graphics
  • Non-linear level progression
  • Intuitive and responsive multi-touch controls
  • Tilt-enabled 3D parallax view

In this project we're focused on delivering immersively photorealistic graphics across iOS devices, combined with gameplay that’s stimulating, challenging, and relaxing at the same time. The player experiences 9 distinct environments, with a unique soundtrack for each.

Currently the game is in the final development phase and the release is planned on the beginning of March 2014.

We are Triada Studio Games, a new division of Triada Studio (Yerevan, Armenia), which is a computer animation studio with over 20 years of history. Shadowmatic is the company’s first attempt to combine its vast computer graphics experience with an experimental in-house 3D engine.

Find us on: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

Sign up for updates on

Comments welcome!

#379 Posted by bernbraga27 (9 posts) -

Hi everybody!

If you like puzzle challenges with numbers you might like this app available on the App Store for your iPhone/iPad/iPod and Google Play for your Android device.

Try it and have fun!

Android Version:

iOS Version:

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MEG: RVO is a top-down, online multiplayer game that combines action and strategy for an intense and addictive gaming experience. The initial version will be for iPad 3 (retina display) and up.

Download from the App store here:

Game play videos:



Game Description:

MEG: RVO allows the player to remotely operate a vehicle through a rugged and desolate landscape littered with unfamiliar technological artifacts, which players can scavenge and sell. The game is similar to other current games in the sense that players may explore their surroundings, battle enemies, build structures, upgrade their materials, and generally compete or cooperate with other players. In MEG: RVO, Skunkwerks Kinetic combines all of these game elements into a unique, real-time networking game in which up to 16 players can engage in a match simultaneously.

Why we love it:

Many games on the iPad, while accessible and entertaining, lack long-term replay value. Skunkwerks Kinetic aims to combine the casual accessibility of these more disposable games, with the depth and player-retention of MMO/RTS games such as World of Warcraft. There are currently no games on the market which combine all the unique aspects of MEG gameplay.

The ultimate goal for the MEG franchise is a near-infinite, open-world game, with no well-defined start or end. Skunkwerks Kinetic seeks to build a community of players who will enjoy spending time inside the game, interacting with the game environment and with other players, and contributing to in-game commerce.

The ability to play in large, online multiplayer matches on your iPad makes for an intense and addictive gaming experience. Combined with an original and evolving backstory, the launch of MEG: RVO is just the start.


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Hi all,

My little brother and I have a passion for the sudoku and also computer programming.

Lately we have made an application called Sudoku Solver & Generator on android and we wish to present it to you (

Our application will allow you to resolve the selected cell, random cell or all the complete grid.It can also generate as many grid as you desire with 3 difficulties; you can play the grid generated and/or email for printing... =)

And if you wish to change your mind, you can play the sudoku with the pictograms instead of numbers.

So if you have few minutes for us to give a try; it would be nice!! =3

And please, do not hesitate to provide us some feedbacks that will let us improve our application.

Kind Regards ♥ o(^^ o)(o ^^)o ♥

P.S.: If you like words and letter puzzle, you would maybe like to try also 5 Word Search & Puzzle Games

Thank you for reading ♥

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Hello all!

I would like to introduce you to a new game we, at Game Cooks, have just launched entitled Escape From Paradise!

It's a super fun adventure/puzzle type game about a little bouncy character called Devi who finds himself stuck in

Paradise after biting on a poisonous mushroom and is desperately looking for a way out!

Would be great to get your feedback on the game!

Escape From Paradise is available for iOS and Android. Here are the links below:

iOS Lite Version:

iOS Full Version:



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Graveyard Shift


I would like to introduce you all to my new game Graveyard Shift. It's a puzzle/logic game. Match 3 or more objects to clear the scene. You can slide objects left, right, up and down and you can even blow up TNT. there are currently 100 levels spread over four sections with more to come. Enjoy it's completely free.

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iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
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Hi guys,

This is an app game me and my team had been working on for the last 6 months, It is our first title.

We are awarded 2nd place for the Apps of the year 2013 on!

The Game is now at it's first release and it is available for download on Google Play Store.

It is also available for IOS device.

(Free Version for IOS is currently still waiting for apple's approval and will be available shortly).

Due to the nature of this being our first release, I would like to apologise beforehand if there is anything not up to standards.

Feel free to give feedbacks, suggestion or concerns on either our facebook page, SlideDB forum or contact us at

I would highly recommend you to download and try out the free version first to be sure that it's running smoothly for you device.

If you like what you seen so far, consider supporting us by purchasing the pro version of the game.

We will have more exciting features in the near future.

Thank you for your time.


Follow us on various platforms to receive information and updates.


Twitter: @LittleWispGame



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Pizza Maker - Cooking Games

Pizza Maker – Cooking Games is a brand new game for Android OS. This free educative game for boys and girls teaches the kids how to make pizza in the Kitchen, it practices their motor skills in Cooking Academy, and it works on their reflexes in the Supermarket. Pizza Maker- Cooking Games is now available on Google Play Store, and it’s completely free!

How to play Pizza Maker - Cooking Games:

* Download the game

* Choose the building you want to visit (Kitchen, Supermarket, Cooking Academy)

* Each building is a mini game that helps a player collect stars, 1 000 stars are needed to become a masterchef

* After finishing each game, a player wins 1 to 5 stars

* While playing, a player keeps all collected stars which help him to become a master chef

* The Supermarket is the place where a player matches the same ingredients from the shopping list

* The Cooking Academy is the place where ingredients are to be guessed as quickly as possible by connecting stars...

Download for Free on Google Play:

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Hey everyone!

I would like to share about the upcoming game that WhiteSponge is working on - Small Chronicles!

What kind of game is it exactly?

Super small stages + Turn-based Strategy JRPG? That’s what Small Chronicles is!

Defeat monsters, gain experience! Learn new skills and acquire items to power up your characters! Plan your moves wisely as each wrong move can result in a defeat! As you progress through the game, you will unlock new worlds, new monsters, new bosses and new power up items!

All of these are in the attempt to help your main character, Kon, save his sister who has been abducted by unknown evil monsters!

Small Chronicles Chapter 1 – Key of Light and Darkness will be available in both English and Japanese for the initial release!

Key Highlights

Ω Venture into the world of Arystonia as Kon or Lyea, each with their own unique skill sets and story that intertwine with each other

Ω Engage in combat against other players, win trophy stars and for a spot in the top leagues for the awesome ruby rewards!

Ω All-New equipment growing system that allows your equipment to become better as you use them more in your journey throughout Arystonia

Ω Unlock easter eggs for hidden secrets, characters or new perspective on the story and lore behind the world of Arystonia

Ω Enjoy the original Japanese voice-overs while the characters tell their perspective of their journeys

Sneak Screenshots

Additionally, Duncan McPherson, the sound designer and composer of both Terra Noctis and Spell Sword, is also the music composer for Small Chronicles!

What's the status of the game right now? [Updated May 30th]

Alright v1.01 is out now! You can get it free now from:

Besides the mentioned reset stones and skill changes, this small update also fix some of the bugs such as:

- Lyea's flame skill causing the game to stop changing between enemy and player turns

- character stats going below their base values (such as 80HP for Kon)

- choosing story mode will occasionally display nothing in the next screen

Some items (such as those that add evasion/critical rates) have also been balanced. No more OP evading!

Chapter 1 is available now!

Get it for FREE now from ! Remember that only the first 888 people to download the game will get FREE 500 rubies!

Questions asked

Please feel free to ask questions or share opinions as it is also a learning journey for me too. I will consolidate the questions asked (and my reply to them) here so everyone can view them easily :D


Follow @SmallChronicles on Twitter or like Small Chronicles at Facebook for up to the minute updates on Small Chronicles!

You can also follow @WhiteSponge on Twitter or WhiteSponge at Facebook for up to the minute updates on WhiteSponge!

I will also update this thread regularly with Small Chronicles' development and design progress!

For now, check out the official teaser trailer for Small Chronicles!

And also here's the launch trailer for Chapter 1 (Kon's version)! Enjoy!

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Zeus vs. Monsters - Math game [FREE]

Peaksel LLC has released a new math game. The goal was to prove to parents that gaming can be fun and educational. By playing Zeus vs. Monsters, everyone can practice math, learn about Greek mythology and train their brain. All that mixed with intense action!

Another new feature is the section "For educators", where all the scores can be monitored, so you can keep track which math operation is your weak/strong side.

The game is free, so give it a shot by downloading here: &hl=en

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OS: Windows Phone

Game Download:

Windows Phone Marketplace:

Game rule:

Meet the epic adventure of Olinki, it will face Miquiztli, the evil high priest who wants take the Quetzalcoatl fire and master the Aztec civilization. Make the most of the intensity of this game and help the brave little hero to escape from the clutches of the high priest that will do everything possible to retain the fire. Travel to the impressive world of Aztecs, while you fight the epic battle between good and evil, the struggle between two of the greatest Aztec Gods.

Innovator Gameplay.

Olinki, implements a new gameplay for a "runner" that generates intensity as you've never felt in your device. Miquiztli, is using his magic to bewitch the world and thus achieve his goal, you must run, jump, avoid obstacles and confront powerful enemies, influenced by evil, which will test your skills as a player.

Power ups

If things get more difficult than imaginable, you can use power ups that allow you to move where it would seem impossible!

Survival Mode.

Think you're the best? Then try this game mode where the only obstacle is your skill. Shows who the best runner is and publish your score on Facebook to challenge your friends. Besides allowing you to earn cocoas buy power ups and special content.

Story Mode.

Know the history behind the hero. Visit / olinkigame to learn more and be a part of this great entertainment experience, along with Olinki. You will love the story mode with its 4 chapters and 50 levels; you can also unlock extra game content.


Both survival and story mode, let you collect cacao coins that you can use in the store and buy power-ups and accessories to help you on this epic battle.


- Mode “end-less” to beat your own score.

- Amazing Power ups will help you in your fight against the dark forces.

- Dress Olinki, pick his costumes and prepare him for the battle.

- Beat your friends off on Facebook and prove that you’re the best.

- Beat the evil forces that will try to beat you down whit their black magic.

- The more you play the most you win, obtain the gold cocoa, and make power ups’ trade and get new costumes that help Olinki to escape.

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Mystery Castle HD - Episode 5 - The Tomb of Fear

Join Monty the wizard on his fifth adventure as he unearths the mysteries inside a skeletal tomb and
brings to light the invading Monster Baron.

Monty will have to find potions to shrink himself down to size or turn himself into a hulking fireproof brute
in order to survive the monsters plaguing the tomb. Tricky new floor switches and Fire and Ice Golems will
have to be overcome before Monty can discover the identity of the Monster Baron and his vile plan for the

Can you solve the puzzles and unravel the mystery of the Monster Baron in this castle of the dead?

Mystery Castle: The Tomb of Fear is suitable for players with sharp wits that enjoy brainteasers, puzzles
and adventure.

  • Designed both for new players and those that have played through other episodes.
  • 36 stages of mystery and mayhem.
  • Unique to this episode: drink potions to walk on fire or shrink to a fraction of your size.
  • Hint system to help players progress further.
  • Humorous dialogue
  • 4 bonus stages from Episode 1 - The Fortress Underground
  • 4 bonus stages from Episode 2 - The Frozen Citadel
  • 4 bonus stages from Episode 3 - The Enchanted Tower
  • 4 bonus stages from Episode 4 - The Mystical Pagoda



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ScavengerZ for iOS

Download ScavengerZ today and join a community of scavenger hunters aiming to capture the next great hunt, gain points and level up!

With ScavengerZ, users race against the timer to capture predefined hunts via their camera phone. Once the timer hits zero, all hunts go through a voting phase where you, as a fellow Scavenger, get to decide on how well you think others did within a particular category. Once voting is at an end, your picture—or captured hunt—will finish with a numerical score based on an average of others’ votes. These points will contribute to your total level and ranking among all ScavengerZ!

So what are you waiting for? Join other ScavengerZ from around the world and start hunting!

  • Capture hunts using the camera on your phone
  • Level up and compete with both friends and strangers
  • View friends’ captured hunts, level and rank
  • Vote on others’ hunts
  • Build an entire album of captured hunts
  • Share pictures to Facebook

Get ScavengerZ Free here:

*Buy the full version of ScavengerZ to remove ads and be allowed to take two pictures per hunt.

*A Facebook account is REQUIRED to play ScavengerZ.

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Hello. We have just released a new game for iOS market and are excited to present it to you.

Monster Killer: Shooter Mayhem is a fun shooting game for children. Yet, it is addictive enough to be played by everyone and anyone who loves shooting monsters.

You need to fight weird, never-seen-brfore monsters through 11 levels until you get to the last one which is a never-ending mode. The developers were kind enough to help you out with three boosters, but you really need to work on your strategy to stay alive. So, are you ready to face all the monsters?

Download the game from iTunes and start your monster mission!


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Take The Cheese is an awesome game which tests your attention and agility in the nobel mission of saving the poor cheeses which simply began to fall from the sky.

It's up to you, brave warrior, to save them from the cruel fate of smashing themselves on the ground. So, what do you think? Are you ready to make your good deed for today? LET'S SAVE THE CHEESES!


☛ 3 kinds of cheeses worth different score points + 1 bonus-cheese

☛ Access to the ranking of the greatest cheeses saviors of the world

☛ 40 achievements to be unlocked

☛ Feel free to share your scores with your friends on Facebook and Twitter

☛ Translated to portuguese and english

☛ Nice to pass time

☛ Updates

One tip: Don't you dare to TOUCH THE STONES!

Have Fun!

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The world's first sneaker game for Sneakerheads Candy crush with air Jordans!

Welcome to the world of Sneaker Match Mania DOWNLOAD FREE

Sneaker Match Mania is fun, addictive and challenging - match three sets of sneakers and clear the grid - do you think you have what it takes to become a Sneaker Match Mania master?

So, you love snakers, right? So do we, and that’s why we created Sneaker Match Mania! Match identical sneakers and work your way to the top... but watch out for the infamous Hypebeast John!


Sneaker Match Mania is a game with a kick - play endlessly when you get bored and join the craze wherever you go - with dozen of levels and three addictive game mode, Sneaker Match Mania will keep you entertained for hour on end!


All you need to do is match three identical sneakers in a line or row - which should be an easy task... if it weren’t for Hypebeast John or the mysterious sneaky sneaker!

In each addictive level, Sneaker Match Mania will leave you at the edge of your seat as you match sneakers and raise your score - how many tokens can you collect?


Sneaker Match Mania features some of the coolest sneakers imaginable - it’s an adventure not to miss! Getting ‘cold feet’? Use a hint tool to find a place to match the sneakers or use a raffle ticket to match a sneaker that you need!

Capture Hypebeast John and obliterate the grid. Match up more than five sneakers and get the magic shoebox to get rid of Hypebeast John in a flash!


Now with game center you can play your friends & see who is

a bigger Sneaker Match Mania sneakerhead, also post your score on your Facebook!

- Match three or five identical sneakers to clear the grid!

- Collect awesome powerups or buy them with your tokens!

- Use helpful hints to fly through the levels!

- Avoid Hypebeast John, and other enemies!

- Fun and addictive gameplay that everyone will enjoy! DOWNLOAD NOW


Raffle ticket- Create any sneaker to help with your Matching kicks

Magic shoe box- eliminates all of one type of sneaker with one big blast!

Hypebeast traps- Catch Hypebeast John get rid of him on the screen.

Clues- Find elusive matches and solve the puzzle

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I am a developer from Australia and I just wanted to share my idea that compliment the use of Oculus Rift as a whole.

Imagine that if you could watch a live concert anywhere, anytime, in your own personal computer and have the experience of watching it like you are there.

Imagine that if you could watch a sport news from your country and you can tune in like you are watching from the stadium itself.

Imagine that if you could watch a TV news and feel like you are there at the scene, watching the entire scene using your own very eyes.

Imagine that if you could watch game tournaments like Dota 2 Championship and cheer like you are watching it on the venue itself.


Me and my friends are developing a website where people could share their panorama videos and users can use their Avegant Glyph/Oculus Rift/ other HMD to watch these videos like you are really there!!

The idea itself could potentially attract many other media community to use this website as a platform to reach other people easily giving them a near real-life experience of watching live events and so on.

Feeling hype about the chance to watch live events without having to be there? Want to watch acoustic/pop concert at time suitable for you, in the best place of the stadium and can potentially be a lot cheaper (even free)?

If you guys think that this idea is interesting, would you mind helping me to show your support by clicking on this link

Every sign up is important for us as the more support we get, the better chances that we can get our project funded and get realized :)


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Merc – Free commodity trading game.

MERC is an economic simulation game that demonstrates the ups and downs of trading. It’s different from other trading games, because it's based on commodities not stocks. There are two different gameplay elements to make it more dynamic and unpredictable for the player. Money in this game is a tool for buying and selling, but there are also game cards for influencing commodity prices. It's important to use the right strategy to manipulate commodity prices to your advantage and to have the biggest amount of cash and commodities at the end of each game.

This game will be interesting for both strategy and economic game fans. Anyone can improve their strategic thinking and knowledge of trading by playing Merc.

Challenge yourself in Merc!


Game features: Single player/ online multiplayer

Game options:


Pro Mode



About Us

We are a mobile app development team which specializes in apps for iOS and Android platforms. Our team consists of passionate software developers and designers, who like to transform ideas into applications for mobile devices.


Gameplay video:

Twitter profile:

Facebook page:

Merc homepage:


Download link:

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I’d like to introduce to you Epic Dragons, a tower defense game for Android and iOS devices that let’s the player hatch and upgrade dragons on the battlefield. On top of being a highly polished game with a funny story-line, many dragons, enemies, level themes, and special abilities, Epic Dragons will be the first tower defense game to allow players to create and share their own levels on their phones using the same in-game tools that we, the developers, use. Furthermore, in order to add fresh gameplay to an already established genre, Epic Dragons will have dynamic environments that change based on enemies reaching triggers on the map, opening new pathways and enhancing strategy and excitement in the game. Our purpose in creating Epic Dragons is to build scalable dragon brand that is backed by a large modding community that is constantly adding new content to the game. Because players can upload their own levels for others to play and rate, the game is self-updating and will always have fresh content. This concept has proven successful in many games in both increasing the player base of a game and extending its lifetime.



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New paper plane android game on Google Play, lot of challenge in endless race !!

any feedback or improvement you can suggest are welcome !!