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Anyone Guitar Free is featured by App Store (US) in Game/Music subcategory currently.

Anyone Guitar Free is a rhythm music game and supports iPhone & iPad.

The idea is from Guitar Hero but the way to play is totally different. It's more like playing a real guitar.

You can simply touch, strum and tremolo strings to play the virtual guitar with wonderful music as a guitarist.

1. Gaming

The gaming UI is as left figure, blue "Notes" moving from right to left. When they arrives the pickup blue circle, player touch, strum or tremolo strings accordingly.

When play it right, real time guitar sound track can be heard. If you miss a note, the guitar track will not be played, same way with Guitar Hero. This game uses multi-track music. Currently most music games on App Store can only use single track music.

That's why the user experience is better than those. It is quite like playing lead guitar with a band of drum, bass, piano and other instruments.

If playing really good, the game will change to "Rock Time" status as above figure. During this time, player can gain more scores and coins. If miss a note, the status will be stopped immediately.

After finishing, 10% scores will be number of coins gained. The coins gained during "Rock Time" is extra. So keep as long as the "Rock Time" you can.

Demo Video:

2. Music

This game used high quality musics (44100HZ 32 bit) which was well selected from the works of indie musician and bands like Josh Woodward, Shearer & Mad Mav.

There are 20 songs in current version covering music genres: pop, rock, blues, funk, metal, punk, grunge, folk, surf and classic etc. The song list UI is friendly. if you touch a song, it will stretch like above figure. At the same time, the preview music will be played. Players can listen and chose music they like.

Each music has single difficulty and the list is sorted by it. Hard music contains more notes and usually need to play faster.

3. Guitars

6 most popular guitars can be used: Les Paul, SG, StratoCaster, TeleCaster, Flying V, Explorer. They are designed exactly according to real electric guitars.

The store UI is as above figure. Guitars can be unlocked with coins gained during gaming. Unlock a new guitar can change the virtual guitar played during gaming.

What's more, current selected guitar will be displayed on main menu UI.

Please try, it's really unique and fun.

We will rock you!

Now it's Featured as New Music Game on App Store

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3D MVP Lacrosse is a new game my company has been working on for iOS and Android phones and tablets. We just launched our Kickstarter and are looking to spread awareness about the game and our campaign! You can see some gameplay footage in the video on our Kickstarter page. Take a look at the page for more info about the game, pick a reward if you like, and please help get the word out by sharing our page with people you know that might be into it! :) Thanks very much!

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Hi everybody. I want to inform you that Zombies: Run or Kill has been updated (gameplay improved, no more push notification ads, bugs fixed). So, if you give it a try, please tell me your opinion, what do you like and what you don't like. We're currently working on graphic and animation improvement.

Requires: Android 2.2 and above

Size: 22 MB

Current Version: 2.3

Average Rate: 4.0 from near 1K downloads

Price: Free

Google Play

Facebook App Page

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MONSTER MASH GAME - A new FREE game from Mokool Apps

Download Monster Mash at

Monster Mash is an out of this world brain tickling fun game. This uniquely addictive monster puzzle, link crazy monsters in a chain reaction of great popping fun. Monster Mash gives you endless levels of challenging entertainment – while you try to figure out how to pop all the monsters on the screen.

Stuck on a few tricky levels – use a hint and keep on playing. These monsters are strangely addictive and the cutest little critters in the app store, Today!

This is loads of fun, So what are you waiting for. Download and play Monster Mash, Live in the App Store! And give us a 5 Star Rating if you love the game. We would really really appreciate it.


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IT'S TIME! The MOST ANTICIPATED classic style role-playing game is now available in Canada App Store.

Go to and download the client now!

Grand Gaia, a land hidden away by the gods

Legends speak of a great power hidden there...

Lucius' Gate, doorway to Grand Gaia

And what awaits beyond...

Venture forth into "Grand Gaia", the world of the gods, and unleash your summoner powers to save it from corruption and darkness.

  • Summon and form the most powerful squad from more than 200 legendary heroes and ancient beasts, mastering their elemental strengths of fire, water, nature, lightning, light and darkness!
  • Engage with beautiful pixel-crafted units and intensely animated battles!
  • Storm the arena and rise through the ranks! Cut down your opponents and become the most powerful summoner of all!
  • Upgrade and harvest resource fields in town and synthesize potions and equipment!

To watch the trailer, go to:

For news and updates, you may visit the following:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Plurk:
  • Wiki Page:

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Hello, i wanna present you my first mobile game, Breakout Duel for Android:

Thats a breakout for one or two players on the same device !

you can download it here :

google play

thanks for your attention :)

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Mystery Castle HD - Episode 1 - The Fortress Underground

The award-winning Mystery Castle series has arrived on Android!

Join Monty the wizard on his first adventure as he explores a fortress deep inside
a mountain that is under siege by one of the evil Monster Barons. Monty will have to
outwit Fire Golems, watch his step on burning lava, discover magical passageways
and push bombs to clear obstacles, as he makes his way deeper into the fortress
and the showdown with the mysterious Monster Baron invading the castle.
And be careful not to fall into the bottomless abyss!

Can you solve all the puzzles, defeat the boss and master this Castle of Mystery?

Mystery Castle: The Fortress Underground is suitable for players of all ages with
sharp wits that enjoy brainteasers, puzzles and adventure.

• 36 stages of puzzles and exploration.
• Gradually introduces players to the gameplay aspects.
• Hint system to help players progress further.
• High Definition graphics designed for Android devices and the Kindle Fire.
• 4 bonus stages from Episode 2 - The Frozen Citadel

On Google Play

On the Amazon Store

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Dragon & Shoemaker

Dragon & Shoemaker is a challenging and extremely addictive arcade game based on one of the most popular Polish legend about Shoemaker.

Game offers you five different and exciting locations. Hidden traps are waiting on your way, you will fight with dangerous enemies – all leads you to your main goal – collect enough sheep to reach the Dragon's Cave and defeat him. Use your skills and cunning, buy extra equipment in a shop for the money you've collected on your way and become Cracow’s legend Hero – the Dragon slayer.

• 5 Locations (Meadow, Village, Town, Castle, Cave) with 10 Levels each

• Beautiful, three – dimensional graphics

• Vibrant world, full of animated detail

• Great music and rich sound effects

• Diverse and challenging opponents

• A shop with extra equipment like cloths, weapons and elixirs

• Will be available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone

• A surprising finale of the whole game

Follow Us:

Like Us:

Dragon & Shoemaker is available on Google Play.

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Din-Dong Adventure is available in Appstore now. Din-Dong Adventure is a hide-and-seek-puzzle game available for iOS.

We are proud to say that the "Din-Dong Adventure" is the one of the rare iOS puzzle games that introduces a well-known local comic character, created by local comic artist, from comic book into a game world. The Din-Dong that is a silly pet cat, loves eating, joyful and full of dreams with positive energy, is a well-known local comics character in Hong Kong, created by "Postgal Workshop (貓室)". Its animated cartoon has an Jury Award in the Tokyo Asiagraph and screened on Japan BS TV Station. And it has been honoured Famous Animation by Hong Kong International Film Festival. Its 3-meter statue figurine is featured at the Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui Comics Star of Avenue. The theme song of the game is composed by the well-known local indie band, "the pancakes".

For your best gaming experience:

◎ iOS 7.0 or above

◎ iPhone 5 / iPad Retina / iPod Touch 5 or above

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Burst is a brutally quick reaction game using just a swipe to control the character's movement to dodge and attack. In the campaign, you are given an unbelievable amount of 100 lives to beat twenty six levels,

Do you think you can do it!?



- Action

- Arcade

- Brutal

- Reaction

Other features:

- Endless Mode

- Time Attack Mode

- Online Leader boards


- Android (this november)

- iOS (this december)


Friend us on Facebook for more updates :

Subscribe to us on YouTube:


Credits to:

Tin Nguyen - Concept, design, art, animations, programmer.

Arthur Papadakis - Programmer, sound designer (music composition), design.

Pat Whelan - Design

Kevin Akom - Art and animations.

Sound effects from:

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Dots Adventures is out now for iOS and Android with other platforms coming very soon!

A free to play game by EMV Software based on an old Amiga game called Platman. (ipad version) (iphone version) (Android version)

Dots Adventures is a classic retro style room based platformer. Dodge the enemies, find the keys and collect the pickups to score big and progress. Complete rooms quickly and cleanly for extra score bonuses and star awards. More stars means more points and higher rankings. Like all EMV Software games we have worked hard to make the game slick, fast and great fun to play. (This game comes from EMV Software, maker of Deluxe Galaga on the Amiga and Warblade, its sequel on PC and other platforms among many other titles.)

You can play the full Retro map for free. You must help Dot find his golden joystick so he can play his favourite game of all time, Warblade, and reign supreme in the world rankings. You can also buy the added adventures to get huge new maps with hundreds more rooms, all new graphics, new music and tougher, longer challenges. In Robozone you must defeat the droid army and in Lazerquest you must escape the digital world he is trapped in. Halloween sees Dot trick or treating at the witches castle and she has captured him and thrown him in her dungeons.

We have more maps in development too and they will be available to buy ingame soon...

This game is great for all ages, we hope you enjoy it and have lots of fun!

- RETRO map complete and free. Download the game now! No obligation to buy.

- 3 extra (much bigger) maps available to buy right away.

- and at least 1 more map already planned and in development.

- Slick gameplay, every room is unique and challenging.

- Loads to find and collect including secret rooms and hidden extra lives.

- Branching paths to discover, decisions to make, lessons to learn.

- Earn up to 3 stars in every room for big bonus scores.

- Minimaps with players progress shown (PC, Mac, Linux and iPads).

- Secret rooms filled with goodies.

- Collect posters and fruits for giant scores.

- Supports the iCade and 8Bitty controllers (iOS)

- and much more…


Check out our first promo video -

And our Promo video for the Halloween map -


Retro + Robozone + Lazerquest + Halloween

You can find more info on the EMV webpage

Or from the Dots Adventures Facebook page

Until we release the games on PC and MAC (very soon) there are a couple of demos available...

Dots Adventures for PC -

Dots Adventures for MAC -

All the latest news on Dots Adventures, including news about new maps, will be posted to our Facebook page.

Try the game and get yourself some good old retro platforming fun… Enjoy.

EMV Software are...

Edgar M Vigdal - Code

Simon Quincey - Game Design

Kevin Saunders - Graphic Design

personal note...

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BEAM TEAM - iOS and Android - OUT NOW!!

Embark on this brand new story-driven action puzzle adventure that will keep you engaged for hours on end. Help our heroes on the journey of their life. Will they be able to complete one last assignment from their shadowy employer? Test you reflexes, your nerves, your coordination and your patience and be ready to discover more than you bargained for...

Full game features:

- Story mode: 100 levels of frantic knackering action. Warning: You'll find it hard to put this down!

- Co-op Mode: Too hard? Not tough enough? Don't worry... Get some help from a friend and complete the story mode together. The ultimate social gaming experience: Co-op on the same device!

- Versus Mode: 50 levels of epic 2 player-same device competitive blasting action!

- Colourful eye-popping retro pixel art from Stickman

- Soundtrack by Chimpkin

Try it first... Taste something new, see if you can handle it... then unlock the full game and experience what Beam Team has in the bag for you.

Another Fun game from the creators of DogIsGreat.


Appstore link


Google Play link



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Carnies: they hypnotize…they steal…they leave. They call it “burning the lot.” But something else is going on. Something that reeks of a plan and carnies don’t plan. Now’s the time to put the hurt on ‘em, before things get out of hand.


Stopping interstellar carnies from taking over the galaxy is your job. That means finding the weapons and tactics you’ll need to get the job done. Fight your way around three different planets. Collect coins that lead to better gear. Better gear leads to bigger bangs. You get the idea.


  • Dual-stick, third-person shooter. Dance. Dodge. Destroy.
  • 30 story-driven levels with multiple objectives. Help out natives, recover artifacts, take down Carnies in new ways.
  • 12 enemy types + 9 bosses = total Carny carnage.
  • 17 different melee and projectile weapons. Barbell? You bet. Flame gun? Fun.
  • 3 uniquely themed, planet-shaped maps: Wild West, Miner, South of the Border.
  • Upload/download game progress to the cloud and play on multiple devices.
  • COMING SOON: survival mode, more planets, more weapons, more enemies.


For more information, visit

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Hello, I am small indie developer. I would like to invite you to a new game, The Edenscaper. A story tells about a devil Lilith, who is so bored with the good&evil war that she escapes from the trap of heaven. It is compilation of beat'em up and arcade run through 3D unrealistically connected world. Unusually, there is NO joystick steering, you just tilt the device. So, if you like the concept, the game is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

It looks like on this screenshot:

It moves like in this trailer:

It is available on the AppStore:

Edenscaper on the AppStore

More info on


Best regards,

Michal Butterweck

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There are several games in the market which tried to make the Monopoly thingy in mobile version, but I wasn't been satisfied - often, their tokens(or characters) did not seem that appealing nor distinguishable, board design was not suitable for mobile devices...

But this one was different.

You can even play this game with small sized screens (but not in iphone yet!) with clear visual of the board. Game play speed has been fitted for mobile devices, I've measured while playing, and it took about 5 ~ 10 mins even when playing with others.

If you have played Monopoly style board game once in your life time, you'll get to know how this game works even without any tutorial. They do have short but effective tutorial, so anyone could actually start the game with less than 5 min's adaptation time. You can even play with friends (Who are in your Google+ Circle),or you can also play with random user around the world.

Those cutesy characters and dices are not just for decoration purposes. It DOES work in game. They have some powerful skills which lead you to enormous amount of money after winning the game, so you can strategically make the character stronger - by purchasing dices with special function, or getting Star Cards (The more higher level of Star cards you have, the more powerful you become in game)

You can check download link for this game with following URL :

This game's launched in New Zealand, Canada and Austrailia,

and US launch is scheduled verrry soon.

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Evilibrium – Demon Hunter Adventure (RPG/CCG for iOS)

[B]Evilibrium[/B], a mobile-first RPG developed specially for pleasure of everyday mobile users, is easily accessible anytime, anywhere and plays as a mix of RPG and collectable games.

You are invited to take part in an epic campaign exploring dangerous dungeons, developing party members, collecting artifacts, and fighting in dynamic battles. The game story is set in the world of Mystland, which has been recently invaded by the forces of Chaos consuming minds of the world’s inhabitants. Along the way of the story line, you will battle with both forces of Chaos and other players.


• Plays seamlessly both online & offline

• Features an original adventure mode

• Cutting edge parallax design and art


• Up to 10 heroes on the battlefield

• Tactical battle phase & combo abilities

• PvP leagues & tournaments


• A wide range of tactics and party combinations

• Innovative character upgrade system

• Unique abilities for most characters


• 31 story adventures with its own history, inhabitants and rewards

• Super bosses and special events

• Inifnite replayability


• First Special event to launch on October 9

• PvP Elimination Tournaments

• Zone contest & rewards

• Multilevel dungeons


[CENTER]Adventure Mode and Character Display


A typical hero when viewed from different angles:



[IMG][/IMG] [B][URL=""]Evilibrium[/URL][/B] is available in English and Spanish for free through the following link:


[CENTER]Download now (Price: $0,00)


Tags: ccg, rpg, multiplayer, free to play

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Match Fast - 2 Player Reactor Game for iPod, iPad and iPhone - free on the App Store

Hello everybody!

Peaksel team has just published one fun multiplayer game on the App Store. Match Fast - 2 Player Reactor Game pits 2, 3 or 4 players against each other and tests their reflexes. It is free to download and it requires iOS 5.1 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and optimized for iPhone 5.

[U]FEATURES of the game:[/U]

* 3 different modes of playing – 2 players, 3 players and 4 players

* Vivid colors and HD graphics

* Interface suitable for kids of all ages, teens and adults

* Available for iPhones, iPods and iPads

* Numerous different symbols – from hearts and stars to fruit and candy

* Animated symbols bring even more confusion in this 2 player reactor

* Invite your friends from Facebook to play together

* This cool game develops mental processing skills for both kids and adults in a funny and interesting way

* For every correct match, you get +1 point, and for every mismatch you get -1

* The main goal is to score 10 points first

Check out the game here it's free and let us know what you think - we are open for all kinds of suggestions ;)

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Evilibrium – Demon Hunter Adventure (RPG/CCG for iOS)

Evilibrium a mobile-first RPG developed specially for pleasure of everyday mobile users, is easily accessible anytime, anywhere and plays as a mix of RPG and collectable games.

You are invited to take part in an epic campaign exploring dangerous dungeons, developing party members, collecting artifacts, and fighting in dynamic battles. The game story is set in the world of Mystland, which has been recently invaded by the forces of Chaos consuming minds of the world’s inhabitants. Along the way of the story line, you will battle with both forces of Chaos and other players.


• Plays seamlessly both online & offline

• Features an original adventure mode

• Cutting edge parallax design and art


• Up to 10 heroes on the battlefield

• Tactical battle phase & combo abilities

• PvP leagues & tournaments


• A wide range of tactics and party combinations

• Innovative character upgrade system

• Unique abilities for most characters


• 31 story adventures with its own history, inhabitants and rewards

• Super bosses and special events

• Inifnite replayability


• First Special event to launch on October 9

• PvP Elimination Tournaments

• Zone contest & rewards

• Multilevel dungeons


Adventure Mode and Character Display

A typical hero when viewed from different angles:

Evilibrium is available in English and Spanish for free through the following link: boom

Official web site:

Official Facebok:

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Skull Legends - Combining Tower Defense and First Person Shooter (PlayShore)

Coming out in the second half of November, Skull Legends features attacking hordes of warrior skeletons that the player can delay with barriers, reduce with well placed towers of different types and also kill personally by pointing and shooting arrows at them.

Each type of skeleton is best killed by specific types of arrows or towers, and the player can equip more powerful bows, different magical bracelets that can summon forces to the battlefield, and use potions to increase strength or recover health.

Check out the superb 3D graphics and animations and the great music score in the promotional teaser

More info:

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Introducing Calvin's Coins!

Help Calvin recover his lost coins!

Jump, bounce, float, build and spin your way through 50 levels to help Calvin gather his lost coins. There are multiple ways to solve many levels so try to get 3 stars on each!

Enjoy! Available on Google Play

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Puzzled Nightmare (Free): Generate puzzles using your facebook pictures!

To celebrate Halloween and the Day of the Dead, we have just released Puzzled Nightmare for FREE!

- Solve puzzles by moving, rotating and/or flipping the different pieces.

- Use your own facebook pictures to generate puzzles!

- Introducing the Weeklys. challenges that will allow you to compete against our team members. A new Weekly every Friday!

- 300 puzzles over 6 difficulties!

- A beautiful interface to celebrate Halloween and the Day of the Dead!

Available on Apple devices here:

and Android devices here:

We are 2 independent developers: a programmer and a student in 3D arts who have decided to have our passion be our main focus, We are always looking for comments and criticism to make our game the best in its category, so if you have ideas, don't hesitate to share them with us by commenting here or by contacting us at

We hope to hear your opinions!

Join us :




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Download this game at

Zombie Knockdown! is the latest game by MoKooL Apps. Zombie Knockdown! is a amazing fun, extremely addictive game and keeps you coming back again and again. Blowing up as many zombies as you can, trying to beat your highest score.


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Hello everyone, developers and gamers,

I have just finished a new game for iPad:

It is a castle builder strategy game, with skirmish battles, online challenges, cannons and castles. You can build your own castles, post them on our servers and let others challenge it! You may find a couple of screenshots below and gameplay videos, please let me know what you think, any feedback is more than welcome!


Lehel Medves

#276 Posted by MauiMauo (6 posts) -

I would like to invite to download my first game, Greylo 2D – Simon Game FREE


Greylo 2D – Simon Game is a memory game like the retro Simon Says games. You control Greylo and have to follow the color and sound patterns for as long as you can. You earn coins for playing, and then you can buy other outfits to dress up! While you play you improve your memory skills!

- happy 2D-character and 2D-world

- customize your character with funny outfits

- smooth animations

It's like the retro Simon Says game, just with a bit more happiness =)


Google Play:


I will be grateful for some reviews, opinions and ideas.

Please consider rating my game, thank you !

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Hello everyone,

I would like to present you one more game that Peaksel team has just released - Math Claw Machine: Sweet Games. This is a game that will make all the kids in the world love math.

This sweet game for girls and boys is a mixture of a candy claw game and a cool math game for kids and adults. This fantastic combination brings so much fun to all the people around the world and makes math workout easier and more interesting.

Welcome to the Candy World!

Playing educational math games can take you to the places you have never been before, and your mathematical skills will lead you to Candyland among hard candies, lollipops and icing. Very soon, after collecting all the candies and answering correctly to the given tasks, you will experience many adventures by reaching other amazing places such as Chocoland, Cookieland or Jellyland with gummy bears. Each destination brings something new to this brain game and it’s on you to explore it.

Download for FREE:

#278 Posted by maxaon2008 (7 posts) -

Dream: Hidden Adventure is nice and funny hidden object game. So many things can be told about its atmosphere, but nothing examlifies it better than this video:

Watch it and try Dream out! It is free to download on the App Store:

A three-leveled game world contains more than a dozen of dreams, with more to come. Each has its own story and is inhabited by fairy-tale characters. Your aim is to help them find missing objects by names or silhouettes. By the way, don’t forget to keep some of the artifacts for your own collection. Insidious phenomena may at times infect a dream: try hard and you’ll get more ‘sleepiness’, XP and coins than expected. Collect as more of these resources as possible to unlock new levels and keep the adventure going!

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Rippln: Future of Mobile Gaming Apps?

Hey guys! A company called Rippln just launched their App Share Catalogue yesterday!

Amazing game apps like "Game of War" are available for iOS.

The cool thing is that when you share free games through Rippln you get paid.

This is going to revolutionize how quickly word gets out about amazing games.

Hundreds of up and coming app developers are getting on board with Rippln

because this is going to change how we consume apps.

Check out a couple of the new apps for free from the links below if you have iPhone and then enjoy.

Please post back guys with feedback questions and comments.

>> Game of War

>> Dragon City Mobile


PS. Don't forget to let me know your thoughts. I'll try and answer them all.

Game downloads available for Android & iOS over at the App Share Catalogue

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Hey, everyone! We’re Room 8 and we’ve almost finished working on our latest endless runner game for mobile - Riot Runners. We are very happy about the fact that even before the official release the game has won the Indie Prize Audience Award for the best game in show. We did our best to make it as fun and unique as we could by taking the best from this spread and popular genre, and adding some cool stuff, such as ever-evolving difficulty and diverse robots with their unique special powers.

So here’s the concept.


In the world of steam machines little robots are enslaved by giant mechanic overlords. They have to do all the hard work and obey their evil masters. But one day a brave robot rises against his masters and starts a rebellion, inspiring all the other robots to do the same. They need YOU! Lead the riot and help them escape!

Game mechanics

You have to run through an endless course of dangerous obstacles, while getting away from the evil enslaver. The game world is ever-evolving - it transforms as you play, becomes harder and harder, changes the looks and colors of environment and adds more and more enemies that want to catch you.

Playable characters

There are seven playable robots for you to unlock. Each one of them has his own unique special ability, so the playstyle changes significantly, bringing a different game experience. You can jump higher, fit smaller gaps, glide, shield yourself, start further away from the enslaver…Pick the one you like and feel the most.

Main Features

- Atmospheric runner with stylish steampunk design

- Various customizable robots, offering unique game mechanics

- Increasing difficulty from easy to bone-breaking

- Dangerous Saws & Gears to avoid

- Diverse daily missions

- Highly immersive audio-visual experience

- Leaderboards to compete with Facebook friends

- Game Center Leaderboards



Earlier this year Riot Runners was softlaunched onto the German and Canadian App Stores. We’ve been working hard on it since then, polishing the game to make it compliance with users demand and we’re about to release it globally with some major improvements. We expect the worldwide release in a few weeks at the App Store, a bit later to Google Play.

I’ll be happy if you could share your thoughts of what you see and leave us your feedback here or on Riot Runners Facebook page!

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SYMMETRAIN - iOS Universal

Symmetrain is a beautiful action puzzle game. Choose a train and spot the differences in the passing landscape. The landscape left and right of the train tracks is mirrored. Almost. Find as many hidden differences as possible and restore the symmetry. Tap the correct object and reveal the missing counterpart! Use the emergency brake when it gets too tricky. Master faster and more difficult trains and unlock many new beautiful landscapes.

  • A game for for the whole family
  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics
  • A wonderful guitar soundtrack
  • Eight trains with varying difficulty
  • Random generated – no play is the same
  • Game Center and iCloud Sync

Requirements are an iPhone 3GS, iPad 1, or iPod Touch 4th gen or newer.

Available now for iOS on the APP STORE

“It’s an ingenious concept, and it works well in practice. The controls are simple and responsive, and the whole thing is lifted by some excellent, picturebook-style hand-drawn artwork.” Rob Hearn –

Checkout the website:

Follow me on Twitter: @danielgoffin

#282 Posted by EggSeedGame (6 posts) -

Single Hexdame [Universal IOS]

Single Hexdame, an unique and simple addicting puzzle game!

"Today's Best Apps" in AppAdvice


"Single Hexdame" is a simple, addictive and relaxing puzzle game.

Inspired by Chinese Checker. The objective of Single Hexdame is to clear the board by jumping over pieces in the style of "Fast-paced Checker". Use one checker to capture others by combining chain of hops continuously to solve each puzzle.

Free to play through hundreds of levels with different board sizes. Gameplay ranges from simple and relax to challenging.


- Drag and move the checker to jump and capture

- Jump continuously to capture all checkers until one left

- Jump by combining a chain of hops

- Solve the puzzle with one remain

- All puzzle can be solved in a single move


- More than 300 levels free to play

- Hints in case you get stuck

- Different board sizes

- No advertisement, no distraction

- More level packs available for purchase


- Smooth touch interaction

- Colorful UI

- Great sound effect

- Gorgeous graphic

***** Try the fascination of Single Hexdame! *****

iTunes AppStore:

Youtube :

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Hi all, check out my climbing game, Furious Climber. The only climbing game for mobile phones. Currently available only on Android and Amazon. Please let me know your feedback, I would love to hear it.

Game can be downloaded here:

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[Android-iOs game] LuckyMonsters – Funny puzzle monsters game

Lucky Monsters is a puzzle game produced by Studio Allstars. Gameplay is a combination of Line and Bejeweled, but instead of candy or diamond is the adorable little monster. With fun sounds and the sudden appearance they will make you confused. Try to collect as many monsters as possible to the maximum number of points scored. The game has three game modes Classic, Limited and Challenge. Each mode has a specific characteristics that you need to take advantage of to achieve the highest score.

Play Lucky monsters with your friends for hours of funny relax :3.

This game is free.

Link iTunes:

Link Google Play:

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Monster Monster - Save the Kids from the Cute Fun Pet Monsters

Download this new game at

Monster Monster! – Cute, Adorable Colorful Monsters pop-up on your mobile phone and tablet. Monster Monster! is amazing fun, extremely addictive and keeps you coming back again and again. This is the funnest monster tapping game and it is at your finger tips.

Collect these cute colourful monsters. There are 3 games to choose from. Easy if you want to play it safe, Advanced when you are looking for a great challenge or play the Timer version against the clock. But watch out for the kids in costumes. See the Monster Monster circle, click on it like crazy to earn bonus tap points.

This game is loads of fun, So what are you waiting for. Download and play Monster Monster! And give us a 5 Star Rating if you love the game. We would really really appreciate it.


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Racing Heritage3D is an amazing racing game with incredibly interesting plot and outstanding graphics which combines elements of game and comic book. Racing Heritage is a story about mafia world and gang wars where dangerous and mad chases interweave.

Game storyline is set in open world, where two gangs: Trimaf and Black Blade, battle over connections and money. Your task is to complete missions from one of mafia bosses which will help you build mafia force by his side. Some missions, except for showing your extraordinary race driving skills, require solving vicious riddles.

Grab the steering wheel and be part of this mysterious and dangerous story!

Google Play link:

Game features:

- OPEN WORLD – large city with road traffic,

- outstanding 3D graphics combined with comic book elements,

- very REALISTIC DRIVING MODE, dynamics and speed which allow to DRIFT car,

- absorbing plot consists of various missions,

- due to high quality and advanced game optimization you can play on older devices.

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Jump and perform amazing tricks to woo the crowd in this stunt bike action game!

Casual games developer and publisher Go Games are proud to announce the Worldwide release of Stuntman Eddie' for iOS (Apple App Store) and Android (Google Play and Amazon Appstore).

‘Stuntman Eddie’ is an addictive and challenging stuntbike game that will test your skills and reactions as you pull off amazing stunts and tricks to amaze the crowd!

So rev up and start your daredevil journey! Jumping cars, trucks and buses before progressing and performing even more daring jumps across canyons, city rooftops, shark infested waters and more! Skill and timing is of the essence as you manoeuvre Eddie through rings of fire, panes of glass, over helicopters and perform mid-air stunts such as the Coffin, Superman and the amazing Whirlwind before nailing that perfect landing to maximise your score!

Challenge friends to a Stadium 'stunt off' to see who is the greatest stuntman and get instant replays of your amazing jumps and share them via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter!

Featuring over 100 exciting levels plus Stadium, Challenge and Tour modes...'Stuntman Eddie' will keep you entertained for hours!

Check out the amazing action packed launch trailer:

Join the Facebook 'Stuntman Eddie' Community page:-


• New Fun Controls: A unique new stunt bike experience!

• Career: A highly addictive 3 Star level based mode (100+ levels)!

• Social Stadium: Create your own jumps and show off on the leaderboard!

• Daily Challenge: A chance every day to earn bonus rewards!

• Tours: Compete with friends over 5 consecutive jumps in an effort to beat their scores and take their trophies!

• 8 Upgradable Bikes: Upgrade your bike (Power, Suspension, Grip and Weight) and purchase new bikes as you progress.

• 10 Stunts: Learn and unlock ever increasingly impressive stunts as you progress including the Superman, Coffin, Tsunami, Whirlwind.

• 75+ Missions: Complete missions to gain extra rewards.

• 6 Fun Power Ups: Including the Rocket, Parachute, Slow-Mo and more.

• Challenge Friends: Post a challenge to beat your score on any level and you both gain coins when they do!

• Achievements to earn!

• 5 Leaderboards.

• Share Videos: Share your best jumps via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter!

All game assets, including the trailer, are available to download here:-

If you are interested in more information, additional assets or want to review the App, please contact Jim Scott (




About Go Games Ltd

Go Games is a publisher and distributor of fun, social, addictive and engaging video games for all digital and mobile platforms. We like to make games that can be enjoyed by all and played with friends either competitively or co-operatively. We are passionate about creating great games and we like to engage with our players to create new games and improve existing ones.

The team at Go Games have been developing and publishing games in the video game industry since 1989 and have many years experience in publishing and developing games from home computers, consoles and mobile platforms.

Please visit our website and Facebook pages for more information.

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Real Time Strategy: "SWORDY"

This one is pretty different from the others. You don't care too much economy, just gather your swords and arrows, and you fight.


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Hello :)

Check out my new game on apple app store and please like my fan-page.

Thank you for your time :)

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Bear Dress up

Bear Dress up is a cute game for kids, and especially a game for girls! This pretty pet salon game for toddlers features four cute teddy bears and those are panda, polar bear, grizzly and brown bear.

If your room is crowded with these cute animals, then don't wait any longer and put them on your phone as well. Whether you are a boy or a girl, you'll most definitely like this free game. This is a real machine for creating different fashion outfit combinations and that's how kids can spend all day long trying to find the perfect clothes for teddy bears. There is an extra cool option for all the kids here - to take a picture with their favorite teddy bear creation and share it with their friends.

Download for free:

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Hi, all!

Today we've released our next iOS game: Super Hammer


You control Super Hammer in a generic endless runner game! Generic? Yes...
However, you can equip yourself with more weapons than John Matrix, John Rambo and John McClane can wield together!

Do not only move, slide and jump, but also fire (dual) pistols, hand cannons, machineguns, grenade- and rocket launchers. Of course, Super Hammer can also be equipped with a range of stupid, cliche 'endless runner'-themed gadgets, outfits and upgrades! Like uppercuts, kicks, slow motion, etc. Just as you would expect...

Here is some visual stuff:

Image pack:

And here is a promo code: 7AMRPTPJWFNX
First come, first served!

Super Hammer is an universal app for iOS, inc. GameCenter support.

Optimized for iPad2, iPhone4s and up! It will sell for $0.99 and doesn't contain any stupid IAP and advertisements!


Pieter / Xform Games

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Dark Frontier

The game will be available worldwide for Android and iOS in 18 nov 2013.

More info and contact

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Hey all,

I have published my first app, anyone who fancies a challenge should check it out

Triple Teeter is a maze game with a twist. You have three balls and one goal, navigate through the labyrinth and score at least one to progress to the next level. Avoid spikey pockets at all costs, and beware of the small ones, they have a certain bang to them .



-- Three balls, not one.

-- Control the balls by tilting phone.

-- HD Graphics.

-- Spikey pockets hurt you.

-- 60 intense levels with increasing difficulty.

-- 15 unlockable textures.

-- Adjustable speed to suit play style.


Any suggestions/comments would be most appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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The most highly anticipated game in the Monkey Goes Bananas series is NOW HERE TO PLAY!!! Monkey Jump! has hit App Stores and you are literally going to Go Bananas over this game!!!

You favorite Monkey, Mojo is back at it again in a new game that jumps and leaps bounds. Mojo jumps up a giant beanstalk that stretches high into the sky, collecting bananas while avoiding obstacles and hidden dangers.

This is an action packed adventure that you and Mojo will enjoy time and time again.

This game is loads of fun, So what are you waiting for. Download and play Monkey Jump!, LIVE in the App Store, TODAY!


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Cuebox : The Real 3D Pool

Hi guys, :-)

I’d like to present a mobile game im working on:

Cuebox: The Real 3D Pool.

It’s a billiards game in three dimensions without gravity. The balls are floating inside a box instead of a flat table. I’d be glad for some feedback.

What do you think about this concept? ;-)

Cuebox will be released for iOS , Android and probably Windows Phone.

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Its time to clean your soul! The Sha Man is coming!

Slip into his role and battle through a horde of inner Demons. Good reaction and well timed actions are needed for success.


Demon after Demon appears in front of you. Block their spells and use the available time in-between to get your own attacks off.

Unlock Mini-Games by reaching the next Goal Score. Solve the Mini Games to get more Spells for your Shaman.


-A window to a colorful unique World

-Defeat the shamans crazy inner Creatures

-Pure Skill based gameplay every move matters

-Master a set of Magical Mini-Games

-Learn new Spells and become more powerful Social Media

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Download this game at

Pop A Birdy! – Cute, Adorable Colorful Birds pop-up on your mobile phone and tablet. Pop A Birdy is amazing fun, extremely addictive and keeps you coming back again and again. This is the funnest bird tapping game and it is at your finger tips.

Collect these cute colourful birds. There are 3 games to choose from. Easy if you want to play it safe, Advanced when you are looking for a great challenge or play the Timer version against the clock. But watch out for the sneaky cats. See the Queen birdie, click on her like crazy to earn bonus tap points.

This game is loads of fun, So what are you waiting for. Download and play Pop A Birdy! And give us a 5 Star Rating if you love the game. We would really really appreciate it.