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#201 Posted by JenoGame (1 posts) -
[size=20] Jeno : ep 1 Bionic Menace [/size]  Jeno is an old school shooter with many gameplay twists, featuring: * 6 upgreadable weapons with an unique special attack each * 12 (for now) perks to equip , enhancing the gamestyle that you prefere * sword & shield fight and juggling combos * 7 different areas with 4 level each ,with puzzle solving a lot of mid-bosses and boss fights * survival mode and unlockables to increase the longevity of the game * customizable buttons layout * hidden easter eggs ;) Check out the gameplay video and feel free to tell us your opinion :), its really important for us Gameplay-first teaser : for updates check out our FB page :) :
#202 Posted by dart_nikitos (1 posts) -
Hello I am representing my game - "Protect the Cat" Description: A poor cat needs your help! It became the victim of crazy rats. The only place it can be safe in is a bunch of discarded things. Create for the cat a safe place so the rats can't bite it. Use 9 kinds of items (including space black hole) with different characteristics in the confrontation with the rats. Main Features: - Multiple solutions for the one level - Colorful graphics - 32 different levels - Constant updates - Regular addition of new levels and new worlds - Nice music The game genre is physical puzzle which will give you many hours of gameplay and will help to improve logical thinking. Gameplay trailer: App Store link
#203 Posted by hungrylizards (6 posts) -
I just made my game FREE to celebrate 1,000 downloads at 99 cents. It's free from August 15th to September 15th. Hungry Lizards is a retro arcade re-make of the Atari classic "Frogs & Flies".  DOWNLOAD for free:
  • 3 Playable Modes: Versus the AI, Against The Clock, Consecutive (Until You Miss)
  • 3 Ways to Play: Multiplayer Real-Time VS, Multiplayer Real-Time Co-Op, & Single Player Campaign
  • 10 Levels, 10 Bosses, & Unlockable Bonus Rounds
  • Original Soundtrack, Original Artwork, & Custom Game Engine
  • Connect Through Bluetooth, Game Center, or Invite Friends Through Facebook
  • 35 Achievements & 15 Leaderboards on Game Center
  • Earn Stars on Each Level & In-Game Statistics Stored Locally
  • Universal App - Optimized for iPhone 5 and iPad Retina (HD)
  • No in-app purchases, ever!
  • New levels, Characters, and New Features are Free Updates, no DLC!
  • Post Your Scores In-Game and Invite Your Friends from Facebook & Twitter
  • Blast Processing!
    "Addictive Bug Catching Fun with Hungry Lizards" - How-To-Geek "To sum it all up, the gameplay in Hungry Lizards is on par with most arcade games out there, but all the different playing modes it what makes it different." - 148Apps "Hungry Lizards is a really fun little game. If you like cute critters and games with a high replay value, this is worth your time and attention." - Tapscape Trailer: Website: DOWNLOAD for free:
#204 Posted by ComboApp1 (11 posts) -
Save mankind against the alien hordes in this groundbreaking new experience in tower defense! Get ready to repel their invasion using a vast arsenal of towers and fire-powers at your command! Perfect your genius defensive strategies with different tower upgrades and specializations! Fight on the colony planets, from deserts to jungles. Rain fires upon your enemies, summon reinforcements, command your troops, and assemble the elite forces and face the apocalypse. Key Features: Intense defensive battlefields with tons of levels in a 20+ hour campaign! Command your heroes and see them engage in battles! Over 30 power abilities, 20 specialized tower upgrades to customize your strategy! Over 50 different enemies, from beast to cyborg each with their own skills! Epic boss fights never seen on a defense game! Challenge your tactical skills with over 50 achievements Endless replayability with the extra game modes. App Store link:
#205 Posted by Ledicek22 (7 posts) -
Cinematics preview from latest Beta
#206 Posted by mokoolapps (18 posts) -
DOWNLOAD CRAZY BALL -  Super Crazy Ball! - is an crazy, amazing, fly by the seat of your pant mobile app game for you phone or tablet. Super Crazy Ball! is nail biting good fun, extremely addictive and keeps you coming back again and again. Crash and explode through a challenging maze of construction obstacles and dangers. Collect coins and fly as high as you can up a construction site while you avoid many danger. This is an explosive game and tons of fun. And as an added bonus, if your getting close to a new high score or achieving a difficult mission, use the Save ME! feature to keep you going longer. This is loads of fun, So what are you waiting for. Download and play Super Crazy Ball! Coming to an App Store soon! And give us a 5 Star Rating if you love the game. We would really really appreciate it. DOWNLOAD CRAZY BALL -
#207 Posted by Happymagenta (1 posts) -
Hi, everyone! We, Happymagenta team, are really excited to share with you the new game we are working on right now - Joan Mad Run! What would you do if you woke up in a jail cell? You don't know how you got here, you can't tell who you memories, no stuff, no nothing. The only thing you are sure of is that you have to get out to find out the truth...even if that means destroying everything on your way. Would you have enough courage to take the challenge and find until your very last breath? Meet Joan and see how far the desire to know the truth can lead you!  Click the pic to see real pixels The game is still in its early stage of development and everyday we create something new to make it even more enjoyable for you. We thought of many ways of showing Joan's current health condition and decided to use an avatar that shows how Joan feels and whether she uses some power up or ability. It also displays ammo levels and cool down times for both the primary and the secondary weapon shots. Have a look at the animated picture below and trace Joan's condition, starting from absolutely healthy, then getting Bloodlust power up, getting damages and dying.  Prepare for seas of blood, since your escape would be far from easy. And for now we hope you'll enjoy the screenshots of some locations and of course bosses: Click the pics to see real pixels    This was only a small amount of what we want to share. New locations, new bosses, new guns and new challenge are waiting for you! So stay with us and we will surprise you. Your opinion is crucial for us, so if you have any thoughts, ideas or wishes about the game (even the craziest ones), feel free to let them out! They are heartly welcome! Please share your ideas about who Joan is or just anything you have to say in the comments. Find more info about Joan on our blog: and Facebook:
#208 Posted by Thoopid (4 posts) -
 Description Snailboy is a unique physics based puzzle game, with rich in graphics, killer sounds and over 40 levels of intoxicating game play. Features * unique slinging and slapping movement mechanism * a quirky, cheeky main character * over 40 beautiful levels * high quality visuals and animations Releasing for iOS and Android late September 2013. Teaser Trailer Screenshots    Contact Email: Snailboy Facebook Page Thoopid Facebook Page Follow Snailboy on Twitter Follow Thoopid on Twitter Thoopid Website
#209 Posted by christianhaley (1 posts) -
Hello! I have a new game that's going to hit the app store some time in the next 2 weeks. It's a physics shooter with some pretty unique challenges. I wanted to have a ton of customization of game assets, so you can swap out most of the game elements to suit your mood / style. The "shop" is the place to go for that. I have a lot more ideas for new upgrades & I'm going to encourage people to e-mail suggestions for the mods / updates that they'd like to see. I'm going to work on a trailer I think, but in the meantime, here are some screen caps. I'd love to hear any feedback anyone has for it. Cheers! -Christian
#210 Posted by GollieGosh (2 posts) -
Linking Word, from App-Easy, is a new indie-developed word game for iOS. It's dead simple to play and is both addictive and fun! Each puzzle shows two words, for example, 'motor' & 'ward' - your challenge is to find the word that fits correctly between them - in this case, 'way' to make 'motorway' & 'wayward'. The paid game ($0.99/£0.69) has 5 levels, each with 100 puzzles. There's a post-to-Facebook feature if you're stuck, or you can use your bank of clues for help.
#211 Posted by bogarti (1 posts) -
Hi, I am a developer of this game - Space Wings - I made this game by myself and It's my first game. My career was not concerned with game industry and I was not a programmer. (I was a DBA) so, Making game is very hard to me , especially design. Space Wings is Sci-fi Action Shooting Game. You can start this game instantly, No load times. Powerful special weapons by InAppPurchase or earning coins by gaming. These weapons are available for only 1 game. Space Wings have a unique combo system. You can combo by touching off at blinking red combo zone. Tips: Don't hide your spaceship by fingers to easily avoid enemy missiles . Touch anywhere, You can move the ship. DOWNLOAD for free:    Trailer: Website:
#212 Posted by carolinecary (4 posts) -
CornRider - Most Whimsical Endless Runner Life is just a journey of endless running full of obstacles. Way to go through it, you need to use powerups or count on good luck, while most of the time you can only depend on yourself alone. The result does not matter, what matters is your determination to move forward.  You run until you die, as the concept of an endless runner. Despite its simplicity, endless running games are among the most ubiquitous and popular games in the App Store.  CornRider is just kind of such game, dislike famous Temple Run or Ski Safari, it makes up for what it lacks with whimsical graphics and an imaginative storywhich makes it worth exploring. With its super cute roles, fresh graphics and lots of optimized appearances, it adds a reason to come back besides the high score chase.  In this game, players must guide an old man and his trusty red truck through various landscapes in order to save all the left-over corn from natural disasters and quirky enemies. Chased by back enemy such as sun, frost, boar or cloud, the player collects corns, jumps over obstacles with a swipe of their finger. The goal is to get as far as they can before succumbing to the inevitable, while also getting farther than the player they're competing with at the time.  Beyond the whimsical gameplay, login reward, free powerups and limited privilege bring consecutive surprise to your journey. Players can also share nice scenery, cool equipment and amazing achievements with friends via multiple platforms anywhere. A relaxing endless runner game with excellent graphics! CornRider is a game that you can't help but fall in love with. CornRider Genre: Casual Developer: Ruankosoft Technologies (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd. Platform: iOS Price: $0.99 & $2.99 Link for iPhone: Link for iPad:
#213 Posted by mokoolapps (18 posts) -
Download Star Quest - -  STAR QUEST Star Quest - is an amazing, fly by the seat of your pant mobile app game for you phone or tablet. Star Quest is nail biting good fun, extremely addictive and keeps you coming back again and again. Crash and explode through a challenging maze of meteor rocks and asteroid fields. Collect coins and fly as high as you can up into deep space while you avoid the many dangers of outerspace. This is an explosive game and tons of fun. And as an added bonus, if your getting close to a new high score or achieving a difficult mission, use the Save ME! feature to keep you going longer. This is loads of fun, So what are you waiting for. Download and play Star Quest, Live in the App Store soon! And give us a 5 Star Rating if you love the game. We would really really appreciate it. Download Star Quest - - Check out images from the game      Download Star Quest - -
#214 Posted by globexdesigns (0 posts) -
 Tesseric Tesseric is the first true 4D arcade/puzzle game that is sure to challenge even the most skilled of gamers. Coming soon on iOS and Android, the game gives you the ability to wield the power of a real 4-dimensional tesseract to destroy any Orbs that dare stand in your way. If you like Tetris, SameGame, Bejeweled or Snood - youll love Tesseric. It has long been our dream to create a game with real, 4-dimensional objects that stay true to physics and geometry, and after many trials we believe weve created something truly unique with Tesseric. Not only is it fun to play, quick to learn and addictive, but it gives you a first glimpse into the crazy world of 4D hypercubes and how they would interact within a 3-dimensional world. Tesseric puts the 4th dimension into the palm of your hand! With Tesseric, in order to get your name into our public high score chart youll need to not only challenge other players, but challenge yourself. Youll have to test yourself with our unique Go For The Record mode: set your own points target, beat the game, and hit your target - only then will your name be added to our player chart. If you miss your goal - youll have to try again. Start practicing! iOS: Android:
#216 Posted by FouriOS (0 posts) -
Four: The Space Fight - an iPad multi-player space shooter Hi All, I've developed a game for the iPad. Friends around, and you only have one iPad? No problem, Four allows up to four players to shoot each other on a single iPad! Boring commute? No problem, Four has a single player career mode, with 16 unique achievements organized into four increasingly difficult levels! Four is not the usual shoot 'em up type game, you can steer your ship anywhere on the battlefield, and shoot at your enemies with bullets or missiles. All that with just two fingers. Complete the single player levels, and you'll be a worthy opponent! I've put a lot of love and care into the game design, the stars of the show - the four spaceships - restlessly demo features in the main menu, and they fly from one-menu to the other. Menus are displayed in a circular pattern rotated to each player, and at the end of the match everyone gets his own scoreboard and statistics table. The game features my own rock music compositions. You can get a taste from the YouTube trailer I made: For more information and screenshots visit (and like if you will) the Facebook page: or follow on Twitter:  Best regards, Balázs Korossy-Khayll
#218 Posted by pyrausta (0 posts) -
New FREE game released by CPA Australia called BoardRoom Tycoon, which is like a business simulation game. NO-in game purchases - ALL FREE TO PLAY! Take control of your company and work your way to the top by building your company assets, doing deals and targeting other companies in corporate takeovers. Operate in up to four sectors including Finance, Resources, Travel and Media. Buy assets ranging from diamond mines to investment houses in your bid to increase your revenue and drive your share price through the roof. If you like business simulation games, you are going to love this one! Super addictive and you have a lot of fun trying to takeover the competition! If this sounds like your kind of think, download and try it out! 1. Download here: 2. Like the FaceBook page: 3. For help/support/info when playing the game:
#219 Posted by assedo11 (5 posts) -

Bad Day

Bad Day mobile first person shooter, powered by Award Winning Unreal Engine 3©.


-4 Maps with high detailed environments.

-5 different characters skins.

-7 different weapons.

-2 types of game (DM & TDM).

Price: 0.99$

Device Requirements:
* iPhone (4S, 5, 5C & 5S), iPod touch ( 5th generations) or iPad (2 , 3, 4, mini)
* iOS firmware 4.3 or higher
* 382MB free space






#220 Posted by FreebordMAD (1 posts) -
Here I want to introduce my newest Game to you. Any feedback is highly appreciated! :) Mad Freebording is a skating game featuring the new sport Freebording. It feels like snowboarding the streets. This game offers over 30 missions on 18 levels, large variety of clothes and items, realistic levels and pure fun. Ride, level up, improve your skills, customize your clothes and get involved with the world of freebording! Here some pictures:
#221 Posted by projectmwgames (0 posts) -
Eternal Pain free on the App store: Squirm your way past gigantic demons who want be to be entertained - at your expense. Aim to land on the sizzling platform so you don't melt in the lava.   * Fast paced action, facing gigantic demons * Over 30 levels with more being added * 4 different powerups to help in your struggle * 1 on 1 multiplayer and leaderboards via Game Center * Colourful graphics and funky music
#222 Posted by sbandl (0 posts) -
 Why not for Friday Fright night play....Draw of the Dead!
#223 Posted by lilu99 (0 posts) -

Baballooon ! Available now on Appstore .

It's a fun game to play! it's simple and enjoing . All you have to do is blow up balloons with some kind of shuriken called The Bashuriken .

You got a power up balloon that gives you 10 points and one that increses your time but you also have a balloon that drops you 5 points .


download link :

#224 Posted by theappdemon (0 posts) -
 Brave Bit is a Challenging Die & Retry Micro Platformer, which would put your skills to the test. You simply need to navigate through the platforms, collect the Orbs one at a time in order to open up the Portal and advance through the levels whilst dodging the various hazardous objects which include Saws, Stompers, Cannons, Falling Spikes, Electric Fences, Machine Guns, Position Sensing Rockets, Spikes, Gears and Much More!!! Legacy Device Features: - 30 Mind Challenging Levels!!! - A NEW WORLD ADDED EVERY SEASON OF THE FIRST YEAR Coming Soon To Legacy Devices: -GameCenter Achievements -GameCenter Leaderboards iPhone 5 & iPod Touch 5G Features: - 30 Mind Challenging Levels!!! - A NEW WORLD ADDED EVERY SEASON OF THE FIRST YEAR - GameCenter Leaderboards - GameCenter Achievements Supported Devices: iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 4G and iPod Touch 5G  iTunes Link - Website - Facebook - Twitter -
#225 Posted by Yvivar (0 posts) -
 Spelling Millionaire 2 Spelling Millionaire 2 is a Trivia - Words game with the feel of a TV game show. The player, as the contestant, must answer if words of increasing difficulty are correctly written or not in a given time. It is a simple and familiar concept that proves surprisingly addictive. With the cash or diamonds obtained from answering correctly, the player can buy public consultation or extra time, and unlock different game modes, like expert, fast or infant. Finally you can get your name in a local or international public high score chart. For Spelling Millionaire2, we have built on the success of the first Spelling Millionaire game for Windows mobile, improving every aspect of the game and giving the game a TV show atmosphere, that makes it a completely new experience. Price: 0.99$ iOS:
#226 Posted by OnlyDW (0 posts) -
I have got a few messages for voucher codes for my app, so I'm going to Post some more up here, and now I have a promo video. Youtube Promo: Bird Tap Deluxe (iPod/iPhone/iPad) K6TXP6WYW7YH R7L93HRANPHR 96LMNRH7HHY9 96AKL74RJF7E Try the demo?
#227 Posted by GoGamesDev (3 posts) -
Hey fellow Game Spotters! I'm a Game Developer currently working at UK-based independent game studio GoGames and I'm here to share with you our latest project! [COPS: Criminal Takedown  COPS: Criminal Takedown is a 3D driving game for the iOS and Android. The player takes on the role of an expert vehicle patrol officer who has to catch up to and take down escaping criminals across three diverse stages. The player will have to think fast to dodge speeding traffic, bullet fire, oil slicks and other obstacles to make the arrest and clean the streets! Cops and Robbers aren't all fun and games! Core Game Features
  • Tilt-Controlled Steering
  • Jumps
  • 30 playable levels
  • Three different vehicle types: Power, Speed and Balance.
  • Collectable Boosts
  • Unlockable Paint Jobs
  • 9 Different Car models
  • Vehicle to Vehicle road battles
  • More to come!
The game is currently in Alpha stage so we're not looking for beta testers just yet, however, we felt we had enough to start showing people what we're working on - as well as answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to take a look at our Alpha album below. Bear in mind that all current in-game assets are work-in-progress and much of what you're seeing will be altered and improved by the time we reach release. Alpha Album GoGames Website Thanks very much for your time and take it easy :)
#229 Posted by Anna-007 (0 posts) -
Burt Destruction is an action packed side scrolling plat-former. Join Burt against the evil Yeti, as he goes out on a killing spree, stomping on ugly wicked manimals, punching down fat fairies and beating the evil Yeti who has obnoxious plans to use a ray gun to turn the entire world into hairy beasts and monsters. The more wicked the beast will go; the more bold Burt will grow. Burt Destruction is a free to download 4 star rating adventure game with 0.5 million downloads on iOS. FEATURES OF THIS PLAT FORMER: § Fully animated cinematics to guide you through Burt's epic adventure. § Awesome Plat former Action with simple and intuitive controls. § In-game tutorials at each step § Innovative wicked creatures and hilarious voice overs § Upgrade your character with power-ups and allies to unleash even more destruction! § Hidden Artifacts, missions and fights on the intense Difficulty Modes § Unlock Crazy Costumes and play as Ninja Burt, Zombie Burt, or Cupid Burt! More: The little dynamite Burt will chase Dr. Dodos vision to stop Yetis wicked plan of domination. Will the world turn out to be hairy as the evil dominator Yeti wishes or will it be BURT who will be the ultimate champion? Mind it, the chase for survival is not as easy when Evil Yeti is full of rage. Watch out Yeti and his wicked troops conspiring against Burt and his ally Big foot. The ultimate tally of rage and anger compounds the essential characteristic of Burt with the power destruction gene. The giant Burt can dodge any beast with his power pack punch. Big foot: Burts ally of all time enfolds some of the most amazing fun. Burt with Big foot will flip Yeti and his wicked world upside down. Jump into the bold and crazy world of Burt, Burt Destruction takes you through an adventurous journey of good, bad, wicked and evil. Crush evil enemies and fight for your survival with thrilling animated sequences and the popular big Burt smack. Dodge the manimals, chase your goal and sprint through this roller-coaster life of Burt. And during this rage-filled journey, Burts allies - Bigfoot and Dr. Dodo, swoop in for some bold and dynamite action, causing a little destruction of their own. Witness how Burt sprints over Yetis vision to be an evil wicked dominator. iTunes Link- Website link-
#230 Posted by arcanise517 (0 posts) -
The long anticipated release of the single player game, "OffWorld Tanks" is now available on the App Store. OffWorld Tanks is a First Person Shooter game based on hover tanks. It is set in the distant future on the planet of Venus. The player is enlisted by the Rebel Faction to destroy the mining facilities constructed by the I.M.I. and stop the flow of Venite to earth. The first release of OffWorld Tanks takes the player through three maps on Venus; Mead Crater, EMZE Mine, and Baltis Vallis. There are several varieties of tanks, gun towers, and turrets used by the I.M.I. to protect the mining assets on Venus. The player must destroy two gas pumps and the main generator on each map, within the time limit, to win the match. However, these assets are heavily defended. The Clubber Tank and the Mako Light Tank are just a few enemy vehicles that patrol the areas around the mines, protecting the mining facilities. The Emze Mine features a massive Laser Drill Rig that is in the process of mining the Venite/Bionite from the core of Venus. The players vehicle, the Bayonet Light Tank is equipped with a Pulse Weapon that fires an EMP and shock wave, used to temporarily stun the enemy vehicle, giving the player a temporary edge for targeting or escaping. The game ships with all the content available with no in-app purchases. Due to the nature of the game, we recommend that the iPad device be used to run the game app, as the iPhone tends to shrink the user interface to a degree that makes the game difficult to play. The game is optimized to run on the iPad.  Link to YouTube Trailer: Link to Game: Link to Facebook:
#231 Posted by rjnox (0 posts) -
Maze Mirage, the mind-bending puzzle adventure game inspired by Antichamber and Portal has its own twist and is now available for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. This 3D clouded game will make you wonder and wander through various unpredictable puzzles within a mysterious maze. Discover a maze of your imagination constructed of five zones with different symbolised areas. Each can be accessed after striving past another challenge of your subconscious. Dreams are built from random impulses puzzled together, thus expect the unexpected. Mind control Interact with objects in the maze by swiping them along their paths. Move it out your way, use it to pave your way, or maybe you shouldn't use it at all. No control Dare not wander in one direction before the other as things could change in a blink of an eye. You could be running round in circles before you know it, staring at yourself in the face, or watching everything disappear in front of you... Trailer: Follow us @MazeMirage Like Us:
#232 Posted by dart_nikitos2 (0 posts) -
NEW FREE GAME - Protect the Cat A poor cat needs your help! It became the victim of crazy rats. The only place it can be safe in is a bunch of discarded things. Create for the cat a safe place so the rats can't bite it. Use 9 kinds of items (including space black hole) with different characteristics in the confrontation with the rats. Main Features: - Multiple solutions for the one level - Colorful graphics - 20 different levels - Constant updates - Regular addition of new levels and new worlds - Nice music The game genre is physical puzzle which will give you many hours of gameplay and will help to improve logical thinking. Gameplay trailer:   AppStore
#233 Posted by martinsmith21 (0 posts) -
Solitaire 3D (FREE GAME) Solitaire 3D You all know the rules already; ideal time waster when waiting for buses, trains and partners who try on hundreds of pairs of shoes then buy the first pair they saw! It takes just seconds between opening the app and playing the game. Easy to use press or drag controls. WARNING: Can be very addictive! Download free from iTunes We are desperate for
#234 Posted by RatorRadio (3 posts) -
ARMED CONFLICT 2 goes free-to-play NOW! We are very pleased to announce that ARMED CONLICT 2 goes free-to-play! Download the game and start playing Multiplayer for free! Level up your soldier to unlock 15 different weapons like M1918 BAR or PPSH-41 and customize your soldier with equipment like boots, scopes or larger magazines. Fight on 9 varied Maps and 6 different gamemodes like Team-Deathmatch, Free for all and Territory! Join the fight and prove your superiority on battlegrounds all around the globe in World War 2. Want more game details, screens and videos? Like 'armedconflict' in Facebook for more informations and follow us in Twitter #ArmedConflict tweet us your questions! iTunes-Download: Facebook: Twitter: #armedconflict #eggcodegames
#235 Posted by banikou (0 posts) -
Hi, Our new game Mana Defense has just landed on the mobile market . Its a new concept combining arcade and defense modes. The player controls a wizard and combine elements to create spells in a magical universe through a fantastic and 3D world. Spells are special weapons using two of the six elements. The player has to defend his Mana Stones and defeat monsters wave. The player has only 10 Mana stones, if monsters catch all of them, game is over. There are 6 spells available, which allows 15 combinations. For example, if you combine fire and earth, you will create a meteor shower. Trailer is available on Youtube: iOS - appstore : Android - Google Play : Mana Defense will be available on Windows mobile during the month of october. We are participating at the Windows Built Competition. Then, the game will be updated with new maps and new characters for each platform. Keep your Mana Stones ! GOOD LUCK Regards, Guillaume Faia
#236 Posted by StockPointGames (0 posts) -
Dear Friends, We are a small developer studio from Poland and our first game has just hit the App Store. We are very proud fathers of two lovely bears that one thing treasure the most honey. So, why don't help them to fill their tummies? ;) Honey Bears is arcade game in which you take control of two bears. Sam is slow and clumsy, but with his picnic basket he is perfect for catching beehives, Buzz is agile and fast, that's why his task is to climb trees,and knock down beehives with his stick. Bears have the whole day to gather honey. They have fun from early morning, to late night. But they have to be careful too. Further into forest, more animals will try to disturb them in their quest. Flying birds, malicious Wily the Squirrel, crazy Hary the Hare or beehives full of furious bees. Our forest is not that safe place, isn't it? We hope you will like it. This is our first game, but we put a lot of heart in it. If you will have any questions or suggestions, we will be more than happy to answer, please, just let us know.
Features: * nice, colorful graphics * 5 unique chapters * 30 different levels * challenging gameplay * happy and relaxing background music * LOTS OF FUN Gameplay/Trailer video:
Facebook page: iTunes link:
#237 Posted by Appimize (0 posts) -
Animal Dungeon is an exciting new game developed in cooperation with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). The game aims to educate children about animals, be addicting & fun and create awareness about poaching & illegal wildlife trade. The game takes you through endless traps and encourages players to use investigative strategies to help animals in trouble. Additionally, the game offers a highly detailed learning experience for kids through the interactive Animal Dungeon's Zoopedia that provides information about animals of different continents and also entertains and educates your kids with animal sounds and images. FEATURES: Compatible with iOS 6.1 and higher. Incredibly fun and informative with dazzling stages keeping kids and adults engaged through a "just one more time" endless game play! Available in multiple languages. Comes packed with Zoopedia with educational information about animals in different continents with animal sounds and images. Free Voucher coupons for USA players only, who become victorious in defeating the Evil Poacher as they conquer through various stages of the game. Our iTunes link is This is our first game, so do suggest us with some positive tips. Thanks
#238 Posted by TorchtheBear (0 posts) -
BATTLEPILLARS Introducing BATTLEPILLARS for Apple's iOS! Customize your Battlepillars and conquer single player and your friends in multiplayer! Features Include: Campaign mode with 50 levels! Multiplayer mode Endless mode Thousands of variations!    Check out BATTLEPILLARS beginning October 3rd, on the App Store! Requirements are iOS 5 or higher.
#239 Posted by Won-O-Soft (0 posts) -
Game: "Fox Tales: The Skeleton King" Imagine sneaking around a haunted palace avoiding skeletons and ghosts. Enter a dark evil forest filled with zombies and wolves. Why would anyone be foolish enough to do this, you might ask? It's all because our little fox is a self styled hero, who thinks every damsel in distress needs rescuing. Consisting of 30 levels, a unique stamina system which constantly keeps you on your toes, cute cartoony graphics and lots of catchy tunes, "Fox Tales: The Skeleton King" is loads of fun. The gameplay mixes crafty strategy, patience and skilled reflexes. Help Kizu, the fox, save the damsel in distress and defeat the Skeleton King! Be warned, this game will test your skills as an adventurer. Are you up for the challenge? Features: -Cute Cartoony Graphics -Lots of Catchy Tunes -Challenging Game Play -Unique Stamina System -30 Levels with 3 Different Themes/Environments -2 Difficulty Settings -Video Replay and Upload -Game Center Integration -Online Leaderboards Useful Links: Company Website: Game Specific Page: Game Trailer: iTunes Download Link: Android Download Link: Price: Free to play (10 levels) In App Purchases: 0.99$ for additional 20 levels 0.99$ for 750 Gems Available for: iOS 6+ (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th Generation), and for touch devices running Android Jellybean 4.3+
#240 Edited by Embiema (3 posts) -


Take the opportunity to grab "Spelling Millionaire 2" for FREE for a limited time at the App Store:

It is a very polished TV-Show-like Trivia Word Game where you have to try if you can successfully spell 15 words consecutively to obtain the ultimate prize. Each round presents you with a word, and you have to decide if it’s spelled correctly or incorrectly. If you guess right you’ll move on to the next round, otherwise it’s game over. The game includes four modes, more than 2,000 words, lifelines, word definitions, and online leaderboards and achievements.

It also has four levels of difficulty so kids can play it too.

#241 Edited by peaksel (16 posts) -

Kitty Cat Dress up - Pet Salon Games for Kids on the App Store

Hi guys!

I am Milica, and I am part of Peaksel team of Android and iOS apps developers. :)

Here is one of our games, that is really popular among Android users, and so we have decided to launch it for iOS as well.

Kitty Dress up is a game for kids, especially for girls who like cute kitty cats and like to change their clothes and different outfit styles all the time! The age isn't important as nowadays kids have become digital natives, I believe ;)

The game, however, has parental control option, so that it prevents the youngest ones from entering the world of social networks on their own, at least!

Try it or give your kids to try it and let me know what you/they think about it ;)

Download Kitty Dress up:

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Hey gamers

We're three friends from Copenhagen Denmark who've created a cute and challenging puzzle game for the app stores.

We have created a game with puzzle mechanics different from what we've seen on the app stores yet, on a-zero-dollar budget and with gameplay we think rivals the top puzzle games out there.

Youtube Gameplay Trailer


In Draw the Line! the player uses free-drawing to solve geometrical puzzles. Each level presents the player with a unique shape consisting of several walls.

The player must draw a line through all the walls of the shape to solve the puzzle. As the game progresses new mechanics, like directional wall, portals and finishing levels with honors, are introduced. This helps to keep the game exciting to the end.

You can try it out in the browser here

Draw The Line! Webplayer

Or get it on Google Play or Apple App Store.

Google Play:

Apple App Store:!/id707429966

Your feedback is very welcome, and I will try to answer it as fast as possible


Andreas Krogh

Arctic Light –

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Beekyr: playtested by my dearest mother-in-law

We are KaleidoGames, a new intercontinental Indie development team consisting of three professionals:

Myself - a programmer with 8 years of experience in the industry and gamer since the mid-80s when I discovered MSX and Konami.

- an artist and lover of video games since the Neo-Geo System.

- a music producer and gamer since he got his first BBC computer with Chuckie Egg, and Repton.

Don’t be fooled by its happy graphics, It can be as difficult as you like.

Beekyr uses a classic shoot’em up format with power-ups, bosses and many different kinds of enemies. The insect theme provides a visual break from other games in this genre which are commonly set in space or at war. The environment has been produced in detail to show the scale and give depth, with flowers that are larger than the player, hives that seem like planetary caves and trees that never seem to end. Don’t be fooled by the bright and colourful graphics – its made for adults and children alike.

Beekyr has been created with all players in mind: from the novice* gamer to more hardcore players that want a ‘bullet hell’ experience.

The touch control system - after passing through several models during the development process - has been designed to be simple and easy to use. Players can use one finger with auto fire on, or opt to use two fingers, one for movement and one for fire. Sensitivity is also adjustable.

Levels are in 2 different formats: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal levels work in a classic R-type format, scrolling from left to right.

Vertical levels require the player to collect pollen by killing enemies, which then fill up a pollen count bar. There’s a mini boss at the top of the screen who can only be defeated by filling up the pollen bar within the time limit.

If you're ready to spend a few hours to complete all 23 stages, you will unlock modes (one each time): 'very difficult', 'bullet-hell' and 'madness'.

Beekyr is available for purchase from the Google Play store for £0.69 (or 1US$)

For game updates follow us on Facebook:

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Figure O'Speech--New Free Word Puzzle Game for Kindle Fire and Android!

Do you want to stretch your brain, test your creativity and lateral thinking? Are you a puzzle solver? Then check out the all-free, all-fun challenge of Figure O'Speech, available on Google Play and Amazon.

Figure O'Speech is an uncommonly challenging, fun and free visual puzzle game from App-titude Games. It looks and plays somewhat like many popular guess-the-picture apps, but this one calls for an added dose of lateral and visual thinking. What do these pictures mean? Why are the words and graphics arranged the way they are?

Each puzzle represents something--a phrase, a proverb, a title, a name. Some may be easy to see; others might have you scratching your head for a while, and calling your friends over to see if they can "get it." Solve enough puzzles and you will unlock new sets of puzzles, each with its own theme (Movies, Famous Names, Proverbs and Idioms etc.).

With hundreds of puzzles, evocative hints, interesting music, and a guessing system that rewards you for getting close, Figure O'Speech is a great casual gaming experience, whether you play for a quick minute or for an hour. See if you can solve puzzles and unlock new sets before your friends do.

Check these screenshots:

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Our new game--RoboMouse finally lives on the Store.

It's a really cool and addictive tower defense game that needs your great strategies.

The game is about the Robot Mouse to resist the invasion of Evil Rabbits.Many many years later, resource starts drying up in the planet. At the critical moment, Robot Mouse Family finally find a way to grow crops. However, Evil Rabbits know about that

Download the game from App Store,

Watch the game showcase

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A charming white-knuckle underwater platforming adventure quest - launching 100% Free on the iPhone App Store, November 5!


Puffy's best gal has been fishnapped! Stolen away in a jealous rage by the dastardly Count Eelsworthy.

To get her back, you'll need to journey to his dark abode far across the ocean, collecting enough gizmos along the way to build the dirigible you need to fly to her rescue!

THRILL to an epic deep-sea adventure as you brave an adorable old-timey world of traps and treasures along the ocean floor to save fair wormina!


- The world's simplest one-touch control scheme. A second to learn, a lifetime to master!

- A panoply of bonuses to collect such as the PROSPECTOR and INVINCIBUBBLE

- Collect shillings to arm yourself with the tools to prevail, such as the BRINE HAMMER, SEA-N-T, deadly POX or revitalizing SEANIX DOWN!

- 24 fiendishly challenging levels beneath the waves

- Spectacular cinematographs of Puffy's heroic story

- A full score of hot, hot rhythms to underscore the action

- Are you puff enough? Make no mistake, Puffington's journey is not for the feint of fin. You will be tested. Only the greatest will prevail.

- There's also a beret. So that's pretty great.


We say Tish Pshaw to such flipsy. Puffington is our gift to you, and won't cost you a penny. All items you purchase in-game must be earned by the sweat of your gills alone!


Launching 100% FREE on the App Store November 5 for iPhone.

For promo codes, interviews or to learn more:


or visit:

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Jump and perform amazing tricks to woo the crowd in this stunt bike action game!

Northampton, October 17th 2013. Casual games developer and publisher Go Games are proud to announce the Worldwide release on the 24th October of 'Stuntman Eddie' for iOS (Apple App Store) and Android (Google Play and Amazon Appstore).

‘Stuntman Eddie’ is an addictive and challenging stuntbike game that will test your skills and reactions as you pull off amazing stunts and tricks to amaze the crowd!

So rev up and start your daredevil journey! Jumping cars, trucks and buses before progressing and performing even more daring jumps across canyons, city rooftops, shark infested waters and more! Skill and timing is of the essence as you manoeuvre Eddie through rings of fire, panes of glass, over helicopters and perform mid-air stunts such as the Coffin, Superman and the amazing Whirlwind before nailing that perfect landing to maximise your score!

Challenge friends to a Stadium 'stunt off' to see who is the greatest stuntman and get instant replays of your amazing jumps and share them via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter!

Featuring over 100 exciting levels plus Stadium, Challenge and Tour modes...'Stuntman Eddie' will keep you entertained for hours!

Check out the amazing action packed launch trailer:

Join the Facebook 'Stuntman Eddie' Community page:-


• New Fun Controls: A unique new stunt bike experience!

• Career: A highly addictive 3 Star level based mode (100+ levels)!

• Social Stadium: Create your own jumps and show off on the leaderboard!

• Daily Challenge: A chance every day to earn bonus rewards!

• Tours: Compete with friends over 5 consecutive jumps in an effort to beat their scores and take their trophies!

• 8 Upgradable Bikes: Upgrade your bike (Power, Suspension, Grip and Weight) and purchase new bikes as you progress.

• 10 Stunts: Learn and unlock ever increasingly impressive stunts as you progress including the Superman, Coffin, Tsunami, Whirlwind.

• 75+ Missions: Complete missions to gain extra rewards.

• 6 Fun Power Ups: Including the Rocket, Parachute, Slow-Mo and more.

• Challenge Friends: Post a challenge to beat your score on any level and you both gain coins when they do!

• Achievements to earn!

• 5 Leaderboards.

• Share Videos: Share your best jumps via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter!

All game assets, including the trailer, are available to download here:-

If you are interested in more information, additional assets or want to review the App, please contact Jim Scott (





About Go Games Ltd

Go Games is a publisher and distributor of fun, social, addictive and engaging video games for all digital and mobile platforms. We like to make games that can be enjoyed by all and played with friends either competitively or co-operatively. We are passionate about creating great games and we like to engage with our players to create new games and improve existing ones.

The team at Go Games have been developing and publishing games in the video game industry since 1989 and have many years experience in publishing and developing games from home computers, consoles and mobile platforms.

Please visit our website and Facebook pages for more information.