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if ep will go cheaper if cards plz try to match prices evenly thanks:} covert A+ unforgiving eifu x 2 dream breaker priest maxed mad lion barbarian meal shell seeker covert A plague dragon x 2 quetzalcoatl x 2 frenzy dragonite hell sythe mantis dashing mantis x 2 flame eifu x 4 lightning bug x 2 psycho A+ barrier artist iris x 2 white silver dragon evil moth snowstorm dragon lvl 42 armored roc lvl 29 torrent rusalka lvl 40 fafnir psycho A grand demon warrior chalk dragon rampage gargoyle stream rusalka punisher sphinx death call covenant blue steel devil child of pure x 2 gigas evil moth lord of massacre white wing colossus sin A+ crimson lion guardian dark elf berserker sin A shadow soul knight ebony demon cruel black wings if your interested plz talk to me on ds or just send trade my id is 2230027275 i have open ally spots and will always i also have a few more not listed cuz there bs and there skills or offered on auctions so i always have new monsters:}n remember ep is cheaper and monsters plz try to match the value 2230027275