Cleaning the home screen

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#1 Posted by unrealtron (3148 posts) -

Hello, is there a way I can wipe out the the home screen? Because, for some reason, some of the blank spaces in my homescreen are ocuppied, I can´t put any apps or widgets on them, even when they are blank. Thanks.

#2 Posted by WiiRocks66 (3488 posts) -

:? That's very odd. I don't know of any ways to do that without root, unless you switch launchers.

#3 Posted by Fandangle (3430 posts) -

Thats weird, maybe you have widget that looks like it only takes up a tile or 2 but is longer?

What phone and version are you running?

#4 Posted by unrealtron (3148 posts) -

The widget that was in the space was the Youtube´s. I own a Sony Xperia Arc in 2.3.3. I already tried uninstalling the youtube app, no avail.