Can't play the game anymore?

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I downloaded a flappy bird style game.. then I used a small cheat program, because I only reached 9. Now when I start the game, I get this image here:

I started my smartphone 3 times. It's always the same. I get this image.


what can I do now?

What is now with my google account? Can it be closed?

edit: here's the game link

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Get a new phone,sorry.

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shouldn't have cheated

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do people still play flappy bird?!

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ok. I've found, that my google account is not closed. That's good. But I can't start the game anymore. That's not good.

Then I play it with my four year old smartphone. Screen is smaller, but OK. My fault. No more cheating.

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Moving to mobile discussions...

.......why did you have to do that..... -_-

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@musicalmac: wrong place? Tc should get some notification when we do such things. :P

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@horgen: lol, no you were right to put it here. I was just being spicy.

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Flappy Bird :) so old