Blood Brother !!!

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Hey guys i have good news There is a game for your smartphone that you will love It is called Blood Brother a RPG game It makes a lot of fun to fight against monsters and duel with other players. Find new supporters who helps you fighting And now the best part: its completely FREE Start the game and enter this code 72u9yQ then u will get a cool starter pack for better leveling log in and play with us !! We look forward to you
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Played it a while ago and the game was crap. It does have great visuals and presentation, but the entire game plays like it's on auto. All you do is customize your deck and start a battle...then the game runs for itself.
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mh sure it isnt an action game its more like a card game its always exciting when u get new monsters well is just a matter of opinion some like it and other not Some like it the other maybe not
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I played it and it sucks.
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I played it and it sucks.AmazonTreeBoa
i actually love it.. poison is another man's meat i guess.. just that the loading times are horrid..
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it is quite fun just that their events are not that interesting and the game gets stale after a while :(