Best arcade game emulator on android

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337 Game Master is the best arcade game emulator on android!

Got time to be kill while waiting for bus,coffee,ect.?

Wanna have fun with little time but gain huge happy experience?

Still remember called arcade games?

Just join 337 Game Master, enjoy happy 'little' time!

337 Game Master will offer you a great experience of arcade games! If you are at the generation after 80s, I can ensure you that it will call back your childhood and teenage memories! For me, I still remenber those years I was very addicted to KOF series, Street Fighters series, Metal Slug series. I was master-hand in my little friends. Do you remember the special move of IORI YAGAMI?

Let’s recreate the look of the past with 337 Game Master

Note:The golden age of arcade video games lasted from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s. While arcade games were still relatively popular during the late 1990s, the entertainment medium saw a continuous decline in popularity in the Western hemisphere when home-based video game consoles made the transition from 2D graphics to 3D graphics. Despite this, arcades remain popular in many parts of the world as late as the early 2010s.

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Today I downloaded amazing rescue from android store. It's amazing to play.