Are there any completely free games out there?

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I know there are a lot of games that are free to download. It seems, though, that even those that have banner ads (which I don't mind) have some hint or help system that drains your coins or lives away and then hits you with in-app purchases in order to keep going.

Which do you know that are free to play, all the way? And are actually good games?

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D&D: Arena of War is just released (Board-like battle game) - Review

CSR Classics (no steering for racing fans)- Review

Batman: Arkham Origins (free for iOS)-

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@barnstable: nothing worth anything in life is free dude. That includes games

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Im amidst reviewing hero gladiator, its a pretty mediocre game but has no invasive ads in game only when you first launch the game.

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@mystic_knight Have to try the Hero Gladiator.

@roulettethedog I didn't realize TR did not have banner ads; how do they make their money? In-app enhancements?

@eagle63 You may be a bit too pessimistic. There are a few good suggestions here, and my game also only has banner ads, no in-app purchases, so no crippleware or limited play.

It's interesting to see how app devs deal with revenue models. It's the Wild West right now, lots of different schemes

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Talk about bad advertising haha. @ssword567

Going on-topic, though, which one do you mind? The ones with ads, the ones that pump you with in-app purchases or...? I'd like to know what sort of "completely free" game you're looking for.

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Plants Vs Zombies 2

Angry Birds

Temple Run 1 and 2

Marvel Avenger's Alliance (needs internet connection, though)

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Castle Clash

Clans of Clash