apple in a bind.. ipad ram maker files for bankruptcy

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apple is in a bind folks.. elpida the company that makes the ram chips for the ipad (possibly the iphone idk) will be filling for bankruptcy. a representative for the company has stated that due to growing costs of doing buisness in their home markets and an outstanding company debt that is projected to hit 4.8billion before by the start of 2013 can no longer sustain operations and will be filing for bankruptcy

while it isnt clear what the future hold for them due to buisness laws regarding bankruptcy in the rep. of korea their larger buisness partners (like apple) will more than likely be drawn into a situation where they would need to cease buisness dealings or risk getting hit with major financial fallout.

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Guess Apple will need to use someone else. With all their money, they could easily bail these guys out or buy them.
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Apple already acquired an Israeli company that specializes in cheap, advanced flash hardware. This happened a while ago, signaling Apple knew the end was near for one of their former suppliers.
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Flash != RAM.