Anyone else loving their Ouya.

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I have to say I'm very impressed and seem to always be able to find a fun game to play. My son and i have been playing many games with 2 player modes and have had a ton of fun. I hope to see the dev community grow because this device while sometimes clunky is a blast to play with. I was hesitant at first before buying it but am now glad i did.

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I've tried a few games and have got into Final Fantasy III, which I've tried to start on a number of other devices (iPad, Nexus 7, Gameboy...). I think it's worth the $99, but I wouldn't say I'm loving it. I hope to see more improvements to the UI, the connection issues resolved (takes multiple attempts to buy a game) and some quality exclusive games in the near future.

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I haven't plugged it in since a few days after I got it.
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I'm out of the country for a while but planning on getting one when i get back home in late august.  The system looks fun, good games, and the price seems right so we'll see...

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Do you have any emulators on it, do they work ok?
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 I do! For the $129 I invested on kickstarter (I got an extra controller) Iam infinately happy with my little silver rubics cube sized machine. I reccommend shadowgun, stalagflight, super crate box, hidden in plain sight, and also saturday morning RPG if you get 80's/early 90's pop culture references. I have a few brief reviews of games up on my profile page. Hit me up if you want a game reviewed or an opinion on anything ouya games or otherwise!

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Yeah I love it.

Bomb Squad, Towerfall, Nightmare Tower, Vector, Nimble Quest, Dub Wars, Ice Hockey, Hidden In Plain Site are all fun cheap games. Love the emulators also. Especially NeOGeo and PS1.


LOL lately I been playing OUYA with friends and family more than my PS3 or 360, Bombsquad and Towerfall are some of the best Couch Games Ever made.

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Just got my OUYA last week and it's awesome! Aside from the controller taking a bit of time to synch its a great little device. As the console matures I think it will become a real player in the market. I also believe it has raised some eyebrows at Sony and MS about the openness of console development to indie developers. So all in all, it's good for everyone.
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Hello there mate! The Ouya is surely not a match for the big consoles out there and might even come across as a rather gimmicky Rubix cube. I have been hearing stuffs about the consoles controller. I have personally met with few gamers who have actually had to get a $40 Sony stick to replace the actual controller. Bit of a shame really, even if we are only talking about a $99 console! :)