Android play store end of summer sale.

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#1 Posted by Gambler_3 (7548 posts) -

Lots of paid apps are up for sale guys, time to check out those apps you were hesitant in buying due to the price. I'll recommend beautiful widgets for just $0.88, quite a deal.

#2 Posted by flipin_jackass (9726 posts) -

The sale was on for a few days and seems to have ended. Some of the apps are still on sale though, like Beautiful Widgets.... maybe they'll go back full price tomorrow - so hurry peeps! Link

#3 Posted by Gambler_3 (7548 posts) -

Hey what you you guys get in the on going 25 cents sale? I got nova launcher prime, camera zoom FX, wheres my perry and ski safari absolutely amazing value all for just $1 total. :D

#4 Posted by awptical (835 posts) -

Nova Launcher, Great Big War Game, and Haunted House HD wallpaper, best live wallpaper, its great.

#5 Posted by mjc (12629 posts) -
Batman is the only one I've purchased for 25c as I've already got most of the others I would have purchased. These ~2GB games are killing the storage on my Nexus though!
#6 Posted by mystic_knight (13801 posts) -
I bought mass effect infiltrator, Broken sword, COGS, gravity guy and office suite pro.
#7 Posted by flipin_jackass (9726 posts) -
Batman, Broken Sword and Zombie Smash.