Android 4.0.4 Game Loft Problem!

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#1 Posted by Mixi360 (170 posts) -

Why Android 4.0.4 Cant Run Game Loft HD Games?!

#2 Posted by awptical (835 posts) -

works for me, what phone are you using? Works in my Galaxy Neuxs on 4.0.4

#3 Posted by Gambler_3 (7582 posts) -

HD games work fine on my nexus S with 4.0.4, currently I have 9mm HD and asphalt 6 HD and they both work without any issues.

There are only 2 phones currently running this version of android. If you dont have a nexus phone then you are running a custom rom which could be the reason for the problem.

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Talking of gameloft why is it they don't release half their game through the market or say it is incompatible with phone that runs it fine? It's almost like they don't want my money.
#5 Posted by Mixi360 (170 posts) -

my phone is nexus s and cant run Nova 2 bust 9mm run fin

#6 Posted by imprezawrx500 (19187 posts) -
I bet it can run it but they have blocked it in the store. If say asphalt 6 works pretty much any of their games will just for some reason they don't let you buy it., but if you find the apk for the app you can find out.
#7 Posted by Gambler_3 (7582 posts) -

Yes but it's the unsupported games that can have performance issues. They may or may not run fine. 9mm and asphalt 6 run very well on my nexus S but there a few games that dont like GTA3 and six guns. Haven't tried nova 2.

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true, but if shadowgun and modern combat 3 works there is no way nova 2 doesn't. It's like steam not letting you buy a game because you computer has a amd gpu and it was made for a nvidia one. I might have to find a nova 2 apk to see if it is bs.
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mine is Galaxy S2 with android 4.0.3, i tried the splinter cell, spiderman total mayhem and brothers in arms, you can proceed in the game but the graphics is just all white. then my phone will hang (all black) then after a while it will display the game stops responding...... i thought my brand new phone have a problem, but when i try other games (non-gameloft) it works just fine.