Amazon is releasing a new product. Is it a phone?

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What else could it be?

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This is likely their new phone.

A prototype was spotted a few months back:

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It makes sense that Amazon would release a phone, they've poured many resources into their own OS of sorts. Though, Amazon has made some decisions recently that caused the brand harm.

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Hi there! Thanks for posting! This might indeed be the 1stever 3D phone if I am not wrong?! I really do not know how this is going to look like or feel, but it’s sure that Amazon is ready to hit the mobile market hard with this device. I found this video and it’s all about folks gasping for air using it! You might want to check this out;

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Such as?

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@topgunmv said:


Such as?

Their very public ongoing dispute with Hachette. Bully tactics.

The DoJ is going after the wrong bookstore. Amazon should be in their crosshairs, not Apple.

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It is logic, because they've started to sell apps on their website :)