A New Beginning for Dragon Cavalier

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Hello, fine folks of the Gamespot blogs, and greetings from Japan,

I'm here representing Super Appli, a small developer with a modest portfolio of mobile games that's thus far struggled to get much of a hold back in the States. If you haven't heard of our lone title released in the US market, Dragon Cavalier, I don't really blame you. What manages mass appeal in Japan often only finds niche appeal everywhere else.

The developers behind Dragon Cavalier are seeking to find ways to make the game appeal more to you guys, and I've been hired as the company's single American employee to do just that, talk to people back home about the game and see what they like and don't like. Now I'm sure the word "freemium" triggers all sorts of negative emotions, from distrust to anger and everything in between, and those feelings are well justified. But I fully believe that the concept of freemium, once separated from every flawed or insidious execution, is not, in itself, inherently flawed or insidious. With your appreciated feedback, we can hopefully make freemium a better experience for everyone involved.

And now for the game itself.

Dragon Cavalier is a game about questing, both in teams and alone, and while its interface is relatively simple, it offers quite a lot of complexity and depth for games of this genre. As a defender of Trent, humanity's final stronghold in a world overrun by monsters and dragons, it's your task to venture beyond the safety of your home to defeat the legions of monsters and villains allied with the Anfour, a mysterious and deadly force determined to annihilate mankind.

The game incorporates Dragon collection to empower your character, and loot drops are common enough that your play time should hopefully feel rewarding. In general, there are plenty of options to enhance, outfit, upgrade, and strengthen your character.

We're also determined to keep the flow of new content coming, as new events and equipment are created regularly, which we'll keep you posted about as it comes.

If this seems like something that interests you, we invite you to try the game out and tell us what you think! It's available for free on both Google Play and the iOS App Store. If you really like what we're doing, check out our Facebook Page, which we try to update pretty regularly.

Again, I'm here to attempt a discussion about what works, and perhaps more importantly, what doesn't work with this game. Even if you were completely turned off by the concept, and have no desire to even try the game, I'd love to know why.

This is Travis with Super Appli, signing off for the day.