which android should i get?

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hello, i recently returned my iphone to the sprint store (i dont really need a contract)... im looking at unlocked android phones. can someone recommend me one? i was looking at the s2 i9100 international version but i also saw that their coming out with a s3 soon... im not sure what i should too. my dad keeps talking about the sony xperia arc neo or arc s. thanks.

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The galaxy s2 is a very good phone with a nice high quality amoled screen and very fast and one of the better camera's on a smartphone but the resolution is 2 steps the curve at only 800x480 when you have alot of quarter HD phones out there including the iphone and with high end phones moving towards 720p as a standard this year. If your willing to spend as much as a unlocked galaxy s2 currently cost which is close to $600. Defiantly go for the Galaxy Nexus or the Galaxy Note both are better speced phones and have 720p resolution. Its really a matter of how big of a phone you want the note is a massive 5.3" screen and the nexus is still a very big 4.65" screen. I wouldn't even consider the sony phones unless you absolutely wanted a small phone with a decent amount of power in the case of the neo but there overpriced for the specs at that price point you could get the Motorola Atrix 2.

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The galaxy s2 is a very good phoneDJ_Headshot

I agree on this. If you're looking for a gamer phone I highly suggest Xperia Play yet there are a lot of other choices as well. If you're unsure I suggest you Google for some benchmark tests or look at XDA-Developers which is the biggest place for Android (also other phone PDA) customization which is the top advantage compared to iPhone. And remember high user customization leads to better end-user experience

I'm using HTC Desire and I'm very satisfied.

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Start with what carrier you want to put it on and go from there. You can't buy an Xperia Play and put it on T-mobile, for example. If you know you want to go with, say, AT&T, then you can work your way from there.

However, your best bet will always be a Galaxy S 2 variant, or the Galaxy Nexus