What PC strategy game would you play on mobile device?

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I mean which game would be comfortable to play on touch pad? Would you play your favorite strategy on mobile device (if no then why, is it all about controls)?

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I've tried playing statergy games on a smartphone, RPGS, Simulators etc - I realised that sometimes the hardware and system just isn't geared for playing certain games. Its like taking a mini cooper to the grand prix, sure it can go round hte course, but not compete.

Gaming on a mobile device should be enjoyable, it shouldn't be a chore jus to be fiddling with the controls and trying to work out what pixel on the screen is your enemy and what is not. Or even worse, having to deal with gimped onscreen controls which end up covering half of the screen or fighting mechanics that are limp and unintuiative because of concessions to the device and how it is limited.

For me, the best games on a mobile device are the simple ones, the tried and tested game that are geared to mobile devices. I've seen awesome looking games on a smartphone, but never enjoyed them as much, say as, Bejewelled or a space invader game or Bingo Bash game, rather than one which struggles to entertain by doing something its poorly desgined to do.