what makes mobile not a good gaming platform?

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Poll: what makes mobile not a good gaming platform? (7 votes)

touchscreen controls 57%
library full of freemium games 29%
phones is just not powerful enough 0%
game developers using it as a moneygrab 0%
other (post below) 14%

i really wondering why good indie games are overwhelmed by freemium games and game clones that just not enjoyable at all in this platform

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#2 Posted by curiousarman (48 posts) -

@farrell2k: yes, exactly, and that is why free to play rule the platform, it generate more revenue, so other developer do the same thing and generate more revenue, and so on. and, it's much harder searching for good free to play games than searching for good paid games.

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#3 Posted by da_chub (3123 posts) -

touch screen controls are terrible for almost anything but a game like angry birds, plants vs zombies, candy crush. but try playing a FPS, or mega man style. they suck. the wii u gamepad is perfect, or even 3ds, vita, that incorporates strengths of both, buttons and touch, and motion if you want to add that in.

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#4 Posted by Sefrix (1393 posts) -

I put other because it can be none of the above or all of the above. Honestly I view it like the indie scene on PC because really that's what it is. Sure you have a few big name companies, but the gems come from the small guys. Of course two thirds of it is crap and that's just something we have to deal with. When ANYONE can make a game you get some gems, and lots of coal. Just the nature of the beast.