What are you playing?

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#102 Posted by ispaans (221 posts) -

Currently Final fantasy 5 worth the £10.99 after that will start bastion and then lili. Lili has some awsome graphics :)

#103 Posted by JasonDarksavior (9323 posts) -
Downloaded Dead Ahead ... Pretty fun zombie game to play.
#104 Posted by sirk1264 (5629 posts) -
Playing AVP: Evolution and the amazing Spider-Man. Finally made a good aliens and predator game.
#106 Posted by Frank_Boi (2 posts) -
Love zombie games. i just got Zombie Smack, that's a really fun, highly recommend.
#107 Posted by spaceninja818 (425 posts) -

I'm playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. It was my favorite xbox game. Can't wait for xcom port. 

#108 Posted by atobe29 (35 posts) -
I am now playing Temple Run 2.
#109 Posted by rz2games (6 posts) -
The latest physics based game Boat Load a thoroughly entertaining,challenging and good time pass game for all ages. Plus it has my favourite animals :):) Must Checkout https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/boat-load-the-game/id585139484
#110 Posted by VisionaryVGamer (3 posts) -
I like action games, right now: Infinity blade 2, Fighter Attitude
#111 Posted by web360top (37 posts) -

Candy Crush Saga

#112 Posted by Davidwilliam06 (159 posts) -
Trending these days is the epic adventure game The Last of Us. I got the game for my PS3 as soon as it came out in June and I have since, built some crazy addiction. The fine graphics and amazing gameplay will draw you into the game and get you to live the adventures fully. Ive been playing for hours on without tiring myself and I seriously do not think I will ever get tired. If there is one game that I could possibly recommend you all right now, then it cant be anything else but The Last of Us.