Tetris 2D + Tetris 3D free puzzle games

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Do you remmeber ours of excitement playing on old video console in original Tetris? Do u? This app will help back in time. Try this old school game.

Link:Tetris 2D free puzzle game

Have fun!

Artur Urbanski

Tetris 2d free puzzle game FEATURES:

- You can move and rotate blocks in the same time

- Works fine in all orientations of the device

- You can choose a mode with classic 4 brick shapes of the blocks and a mode with 15 different blocks

- Customizable layout of buttons

- Customizable main color

- Customizable headstart

- Customizable moving speed

- You can undo last changes

- You can swap the current piece for the next one

- You can see the next piece

- You can check your progress at diagram

- You can remove adds for free just get 1000 points or 900 and share app on facebook. (why 1000? becouse my best is 966)

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For more advanced players:

Tetris 3D free puzzle game

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Which app is being talked about here? I see no link to it anywhere and nothing about a certain Tetris 3D can be seen on the web! Moreover, I am pretty sure gamers have had their share of Tetris by now, well apart those who doesn’t know it yet I suppose! On the other hand, a game like Numbs https://itunes.apple.com/app/id674456722 is a number game that surely has potential and it is really presenting itself as a challenge! If ‘Tetris 2D free puzzle game’ found on play.google.com is what you are talking about then, it’s amazing how much you got me searching! Posting the links https://play.google.com/store/app-detail.id=com.arturUrbanski.tetris2D would definitely help next time! All the best!