iOS can't play some music anymore...

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#1 Posted by MirkoS77 (8585 posts) -

Many of my tracks are now not playable after the latest update. These are tracks that I've imported on CDs or have not been obtained through iTunes which are now all unusable. Is there something I'm missing? Many topics on Apple's forums about this. Has anyone else had this problem and if so is it a known bug?

I'm quickly on my way to Android, Christ because I can't even play my music.

Apple is going down the gutter.

#2 Posted by chaplainDMK (6948 posts) -

The modern music industry sickens me. I have about 10 CD's out of 130 that I can't rip into iTunes because they have stupid DRM. Seriously retards, I'm not going to buy a digital pos MP3 version of your song just for my iPod, I bought the blasted CD or Vinyl or whatever, the songs are mine.

#3 Posted by Evdne971 (296 posts) -

@MirkoS77: try re-downloading/ripping.

Never had an issue at all.

#4 Posted by MirkoS77 (8585 posts) -

Yea, tried as much but it's not helping. I was able to chat with Apple tech which helped resolve a few things, but am mostly waiting for an iOS. Thanks.