[GAME][FREE] Gooboids - A classic arcade style survival game

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I've just published a new game for Android called Gooboids. It is a fun and frantic game all about surviving an onslaught of 'Gooboids'. It is a difficult game, as it tries to stay true to the classic arcade style, but I hope you guys enjoy a challenge! The game also features some innovative controls, in that you can control your Gooboid without watching where your thumbs are, and without obstructing gameplay.

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I made to choice to publish it for free, and without ads because I don't like the approach the most mobile developers/publishers take to monetise their apps, so the game will be free until I find a nice, unintrusive to make some money from it :) (probably buying hats).

I'd love to hear any/all feedback you guys have about the game, and I am open to all feature requests!

Gooboids is available now on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kbdev

Visit the Gooboids website for more information.